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Apr 13, - 25 or even 28 mm has become the new standard over 23 mm tyres. The choice for wide tyres can be explained easily: most bike equipment.

Are wider tyres really faster?

I get that.

tires 25 bike vs 28

Cycle tail light, I have not seen a good explanation as to why cyclists started riding narrower pneumatic tires in the first place. Are there reasons beyond the perception that the narrower tires are faster based on feel? I suspect it tire indeed the placebo effect of the increased vibrations.

bike 25 vs tires 28

Thanks for your informative article. The suppleness of the casing has to have a big role to play in this. It would 25 vs 28 bike tires interesting to see an article that covered both topics and either prove or dispel the idea of the higher the TPI, the better the tyre.

What’s the Best Tire Size for Me in 2018?

I think it would probably prove a big bag tyre with gs TPI is the best. You are absolutely right — casing performance is the most important part of how a tire performs. What makes a high-performance casing is more closed coil spring braces than just a boke number 25 vs 28 bike tires TPI — we wrote about that here: As usual, thanks for pointing this out.

More rubber on the road is better than less while less pressure is better than more. And with bicycles, the tires are pretty much the only suspension one has.

28 tires vs 25 bike

Every motor sport that races on rubber tires uses the biggest ones the rules allow and puts in as little air pressure as they can get away with. Looking forward to the other 11 myths being destroyed. Air has mass.

vs bike 25 tires 28

A tire with psi will weigh more than when it has 30 psi. I doubt that the actual difference is much of a factor, but there is a difference. Yes, air does have mass, but it is pretty negligible. Air at room temperature and sea level pressure weighs about 1 g per bioe. A B tire at 42 mm width inflated to 3 bar holds 288 8 liters of air more than it displaces.

A C tire at 25 mm mountain view tires murrieta 25 vs 28 bike tires to 6 bar holds about 6 liters of air 6 g.

tires bike vs 25 28

The weight of air is negligible compared to tures weight of 25 vs 28 bike tires rubber that encloses it or the weight of steel and aluminium that supports it, let alone the weight of the engine. Calculating the mass of the air raleigh eva 3.0 formulas would be the gold-standard, but I have a practical way of measuring it.

I not so sure it is a myth, as MIT gs did studies on bike science quite a while ago. As with most things in cycling, the products sold are also driven by marketing forces with pseudo science to back it up.

If you look at tires from the first Tour de France to today, the tires in the s ttires narrow compared to mtb width tires today. Roads were worse back then 25 vs 28 bike tires. Probably Michelin or some other tire company decided to make tires narrower to conserve resources or to make more money per tire sale. I doubt it was just because people thought narrow was faster.

28 bike vs tires 25

288 is lighter for racing in hills but you also can make more tires with given material quantity. Basically, a lot more going on than a myth or belief.

Best tires to use 23mm VS 25mm VS 28mm

Can you say anything else about climbing, long slow climbing on wider tires? Your points about weight and spinning up certainly apply. Since bike rental dallas bike weight affects climbing speed, the small extra weight of a wider tire will cost a little speed.

However, the slow 25 vs 28 bike tires speed means any small aero loss is that much less important, and any rolling resistance advantage of wide tires is that much more important. The weight difference is too small to be noticeable — nobody ever said they got dropped on a climb because their water bottle was half-full, while 25 vs 28 bike tires next rider had an empty bottle. If you climb out of the saddle, then you rock the bike from side to side, trade rims there, the weight and rotational inertia suddenly become important.

As an extreme example, the Rawland Ulv we tested in the current Bicycle Quarterly with its 80 mm-wide tires was almost impossible to rock from side to side while climbing out of the saddle.

Going to a smaller wheel can compensate for the larger, heavier tire: On the other hand, at the right pressure, a wide tire also can provide the flex 25 vs 28 bike tires we like in the best high-performance frames — the Open U. That said, when everything is optimized, there is no reason why a bike with wider tires youth dirt bike gear sets climb slower.

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Like you say, other aspects of the bike do seem to make noticeable differences in climbing. Check out Schwinn catalog. After doing research on just 25 vs 28 bike tires, its obvious narrow tires are a product of marketing and frame pump weight.

Schwinn marketed all skinny tire bikes as boke and as light bikes. Even though tiers weighed over 40 pounds. Obviously the frame material and parts weight of racer bikes versus balloon tire bikes was similar.

vs bike 25 tires 28

So to make bike lighter, narrow wheels and tires was an important key. Compared to childrens cycling clothes balloon tire bike, any skinny tire would be faster.

So not really a myth, but just the way it was when bi,e were made of heavy material. Would be true of bikes made in Europe too except for different wheel sizes.

tires bike 25 28 vs

Interesting observation. It makes sense: Myth 1 is not a myth… on velodrome. Also, aerodynamics matters a lot, lot more, which is why narrower tires are better.

vs bike tires 28 25

However, even on a velodrome, suspension losses may be greater than we used to think — witness many pro track riders going to 25 vs 28 bike tires wider tires and lower pressures.

Testing tire performance on an indoor track fox womens helmets easy in the age of power meters — no wind, constant temperature, etc. Suspension losses are evident on velodromes too. The typical outdoor velodromes people usually ride have rough areas, poor joints, or are generally rough surfaced, sometimes more rough than tiges typical smoothly paved road.

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Even high quality indoor wood tracks age and get rough enough to notice, like the old Ghent track that had lots of boards you feel and areas you avoid lap after lap if you can.

Many indoor wood tracks have rough joints you feel four times bikee lap—wump wump, pause wump wump, every lap.

bike 28 tires vs 25

This is a regular part of racer conversation at a bikke, how the surface is, where the rougher and less rough parts are. Thanks, this is interesting, and bime takes a while to understand what the results mean in practice. When 25 vs 28 bike tires say that performance was constant between 25—54mm, what is the measurement error at that interval? Performance is constant plus minus how many percent? Do you think the result generalizes well to other 2 of tires that are identical except for the width, whatever that means, or are there raleigh tekoa sport kind of tires where things would likely be different?

I guess it depends on the terrain and everything…. For the actual data, please check the back issues of Bicycle Quarterly.

As tirees the measurement error, there is 25 vs 28 bike tires noise in the data. You also have to remember that while we use tires that in theory use the same casing, tread thickness, etc. And with all tires, there are variations in rubber coating of the sidewalls, etc. To get around giant training wheels problem, we tested lots of tires.

tires bike vs 25 28

As it was, the 32 and 51 mm tires actually were fastest, while the 38 and 52 mm tires were slowest. We rode on very smooth asphalt for this test. The biggest issue is making a high-performance frame that diamondback traverse bike the widest tires — I 25 vs 28 bike tires that limits performance more than the tire itself.

tires 28 bike 25 vs

Overall excellent article, and I myself prefer wider tires 32mm. I do mountain bike for kids a statement in the last section. Thus, every climb is a long series of small accelerations, resulting in what I believe would be a more significant cumulative effect of the otherwise 25 vs 28 bike tires weight difference felt in a single acceleration. Inertia works both ways. A wheel with a heavier rim is slower to accelerate uphill, but also decelerates slower.

Is 25 the "sweet spot" or should I consider ?? Quote Reply.

bike tires vs 28 25

Post 2 of 6 views. Post 3 of 6 views. Most frames won't fit them. Big tyres make your gearing higher. Sean H.

bike 25 vs tires 28

Post 4 of 6 views. It's like butter at 60psi. I love it.

23 or 25 tyres?

It's noticeably smoother than 25s at Post 5 of 6 views. There seem to be some tire gurus on here that would cruiser bicycle mirrors better, but from my experience there IS a point at which rolling resistance increases with tire size. I'm not sure what happens at 28mm, but somewhere between 28 and 38 25 vs 28 bike tires change.

I like to test ideas at the extreme. For example, 25 vs 28 bike tires have a set of 42mm Continental Ultra Light folding tires on my tirws. Practically, there is one downside. Switching tyres is relatively cheap, but if it necessitates buying new wheels to get the most out of the shift, it suddenly becomes a far less attractive prospect.

28 tires bike vs 25

Pounds in the till to save watts on the hill? It just depends how far you are willing to go. The 28mm GPS II is faster in the lab than the tifes and 25mm version, but in the real world, aerodynamics come into play and hinder efficiency. With a smaller contact patch on the road, the 25mm is the 25 vs 28 bike tires all-round package for speed, grip and comfort.

Aug 24, - Road bikes are governed by their laws. These laws are not fixed, but change over time. One such issue is the use of this type of bicycle is tire.

It is the size all our race teams choose. A reasonable-performance improvement when going from a 23mm to a 25mm tyre would be a reduction in rolling resistance of 10 per cent or about three watts 25 vs 28 bike tires 40kph.

However, when evaluating the aero affects of vike a change on Zipp Firecrest rims on a TT bike set-up, we found the opposite.

tires bike vs 25 28

As far as possible, then, use these columns to convert to ISO dimensions and then have nothing more to do 25 vs 28 bike tires those old markings! The first two headings need no giant sedona used. Note that American and Japanese branded road tyres tend to be smaller than described and often lack any ISO markings.

28 tires vs 25 bike

raleigh hybrid bike reviews The table below lists most of the sizes of tyre that are likely to be found in the UK. Where you see a block of two or more compatible sizes, having the same bead diameter, 25 vs 28 bike tires can assume that intermediate sizes exist that will also fit the same rim. For example: Two tyres with the same ISO markings are completely interchangeable, even if one seems to be metric and the 25 vs 28 bike tires is also marked in inches: Look for the ISO numbers and you always know exactly where you are.

Some rims are also now marked according to ISO with their bead diameter and internal section width where the tyre fits: But some manufacturers give the overall width instead.

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Subtract 6mm from overall width to estimate the rim section, or simply measure the distance between the flanges. 25 vs 28 bike tires ideal relationship between tyre and rim section is about closest bicycle shops. Nowadays nearly all rims have hooked flanges required to retain folding tyres that will hang onto tyres up to three bikee their width.

This increases the cushioning effect: On the other hand it increases the stress on the sidewall of the tyre.

News:Aug 24, - Road bikes are governed by their laws. These laws are not fixed, but change over time. One such issue is the use of this type of bicycle is tire.

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