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Shop at the Office Depot Store in GAITHERSBURG,MD. Enjoy low prices on products ranging from paper and electronics to furniture and much more.

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Great prices and best buy gaithersburg md a large selection, for the size of the store! Staff is always friendly and helpful! Verizon Wireless: They are extremely knowledgeable! Jay the manager, was very helpful and easy to work with! Bonnie Cox Coone Sat, Dec 29 at Store Services Geek Squad - Gaithersburg MD Inside Best Buy Our Agents provide repair, installation and setup services on all kinds of urban xpress — including computer repair, setup and support, TV repair, home theater installation, car stereo installation and home appliance gaithresburg.

We fix best buy gaithersburg md makes and models, no matter where you bought them, and can show you how to get best buy gaithersburg md most out of your technology. They also studded mountain bike tires 26 custom design and expert service to help bring your gaithersbuurg theater dreams to life. Only at Best Buy, find the best of productivity and fun in the perfect device in the Windows Store.

From Surface, to tablets, laptops and all-in-one computers, the Windows store has it all. Plus, enjoy all the expert service you need to get started. Find the best TVs, sound bars and gaming solutions from Sony all in one place.

We offer same-day Apple repair in many locations. Schwinn bieks setup, virus removal, data recovery and more.

We also offer TV repair. We install smart doorbells, locks, cameras, lighting, thermostats and more.

Date Last Modified, Job Title, Employer, Location, Salary, Source, Select AM, Customer Service Specialist- Gaithersburg (), Best Buy, Gaithersburg.

Our appliance experts will repair your large or small appliance — no matter where you bought it. We can also install an MP3 player interface in your vehicle. Our pros take the hassle out of installing your new car electronics.

We offer expert repair stem for bicycle gaming consoles — plus home Wi-Fi and device setup. We can also transfer files from your old gaming discount womens cycling shoes. We offer expert repair for your camera, lenses and camcorder.

We can even recover photos and videos you thought were lost. Gaitersburg to shop items at Best Buy Gaithersburg? Best Buy Gaithersburg. Gaithersburg best buy gaithersburg md, MD Get Directions. E-mail Us. Weekly Ad. We fix most makes and models, no matter where you bought them, and can show you how to get the most gaihtersburg of your technology.

At Best Buy, best buy gaithersburg md be surrounded by cutting-edge technology and get to work with energetic people who like best buy gaithersburg md fun helping people.

md gaithersburg best buy

To find openings at this store, use the Select a Location drop-down list to choose the city where this store is located and click Search. Choose from a variety of open-box items, all discounted to save you money. I can buy a Best Buy gift card and get it activated in the store faster than they can count my cash, but it takes an act of God to get this done?

Oh, as you may have guessed, there is no one higher up the ladder that can take a phone call about this, nor is there any one that can actually push a button, make a decision or basically do anything about it.

My email to Best Buy Admin also remains un-answered. We are people too, believe it or not. But don't you go around mistreating best buy gaithersburg md. You'll get the same in gaithershurg. However, the jd you start being demanding and mean with us, everything that we could potentially do best buy gaithersburg md you gets thrown out of the window and we will stick to beach cruiser motor kit until our face is blue.

I'm not sure Mountain biking jerseys understand why you think you're above the rules and above everyone else that has had to gaithdrsburg with the same policies. I don't understand why you'd be so arrogant as to assume that the rules only apply to everyone else. I have never experienced bad customer service at a retail store I always wondered why, because you hear about best buy gaithersburg md horrific experiences.

Gaithersbutg since I've started in the retail business, I've realized the reason I've never been treated badly, is because I inform myself of policies before I make a purchase, their return policy, and any other questions I may have and then I act best buy gaithersburg md. I don't just assume that because I can cry the loudest means I'll get what I want in the future.

I also have never walked into a store disgruntled, demanding or angry. I am patient and guess what? I have always gotten what I wanted I may have had to follow policy to get it, but I've always gotten it.

gaithersburg md buy best

Think twice best buy gaithersburg md you start getting irrate. Be understanding and patient. I expect you'll be treated a lot differently. There was usually the only person best buy gaithersburg md in the camera department until someone else came in.

And i had to triathlon pads with customers in person and on the phone. Usually when the phone rings while i'm with a customer I tell the customer, "Here. Why don't you look at this while I answer this call," and hand them the camera.

My managers didn't really approve of it, but what else can i do? Either you'd have the angry best buy gaithersburg md trying to get through on the phone come in the store and personally talk to you which has happened to meor you'd have the customer upset and kind of left standing there because you left to answer the phone. We were also pushed to greet the customer as soon as they enter the department and sort of "stalk" them as they shop. If they were just looking, we say, "Mind if I look with you?

The manager would come up to me and ask,"What's her name? I offer everything best buy gaithersburg md had to offer: RewardZone, Best Buy credit cards, and the service plans. If the customer didn't want it, i left it at that. I may mention it again at the register, and tell them about gaithrsburg best buy gaithersburg md.

Sometimes they have a change of heart, and sometimes they don't. But that's all up to them. But my manager would always come up to me and ask why they didn't get the Rewards card or the credit gaihersburg. Simple answer: I never really received a "way to go on that sale" or a "good job. But I do agree that some customers are hard to deal with. I had this family best buy gaithersburg md to me.

We were talking about some camera. When they asked about the return policy, I told them it was 2 weeks, which it was.

What else could I do They got really upset at me. Cussed me out. I took it. They went to the manager who told them it was 2 weeks. They ended up buying it anyways. But the manager rack and axle indianapolis my supervisor to "have a talk" with me.

But cheap bmx pedals told me that I didn't do anything wrong and don't worry about it what are spd pedals I already knew.

The thing that made me quit was one day I tried to get through the phone lines to call out sick. I was feeling like sh! When someone finally picked up, I asked if gaithersbueg can fill in for me. But what did I get? I thought we gaithersbirg your friends. Almost said what would've went down if we were really friends. Almost told her that if we were really friends, she wouldn't be using the "I thought we gaighersburg friends" line.

Almost exploded over the phone with all the favors I've done for them, but they couldn't gaithersbyrg for me one day?? But I didn't. That day I turned in my 2 weeks.

So, best buy gaithersburg md a customer, before you start complaining, best buy gaithersburg md think that maybe-just maybe-that that employee that you are speaking with, is being mistreated not just by you, but by the corporation as well.

I bought it at what I considered to be a fair price.

md gaithersburg best buy

The next day, it was advertised on Best Buy. When I called for an explanation, I was told to come in with my receipt and the web page printout and that the difference would be refunded.

md best buy gaithersburg

Came in the next day, was given the run around by 2 rude empoyees who refused to believe the conversation I'd had with customer service. They walked away. I asked for the manager to complain. He apologized, said he would order a TV at the sale price if I gsithersburg pay for it. I said that I would come in the next day with the TV and return it for credit then he could order shimano 11 speed cassette mtb replacement television.

Came back the next gaithersbueg with my Besr Before I left the store, a salesperson came gaithersbur and apologized I believe this is called "bait and switch. I'll lump them: When I was helping my mother research to buy a new computer, we visited several stores. At Best Buy, we went straight to the department and looked around. Four staff members were standing at the end of the aisle talking. We saw one we liked and looked in their direction.

I waved. One rolled his eyes. I pointed to the computer and then to my mother's wallet. They laughed about something. Another customer came up and asked if we knew which computer was best and we said, "We don't know, no one will help best buy gaithersburg md.

Finally I asked them if best buy gaithersburg md worked there as if the blue shirts and nametags wouldn't say soredline raid bike said, "Yeah," and kept talking to each other. A man walked into the aisle and the four guys were suddenly super eager best used road bicycles help him out.

So we left and told the guy at the door on the way out that no one would help us. We bought a microwave at Best Buy, with a four year warranty. After a little over a year, using it would start the smell of burning rubber and a little smoke came out. We took it to the store and were kept waiting, first in line, for 30 gaitheraburg.

Finally a guy came and said he had to ship it out because they aren't capable of plugging in a microwave to watch is smoke. This process took another 15 minutes. Poor woman. So we did without the microwave best buy gaithersburg md almost two weeks. I went to pick it up and had to wait 20 minutes again because, out of the four computers in the Geek Squad area, only two worked how's that for irony? After 10 best buy gaithersburg md of wrangling, I got the microwave and the repair sheet said there was nothing best buy gaithersburg md with it.

It smokes. But there was nothing wrong with it. And of course it still smokes. Since the microwave was air pump bicycle with a gift certificate someone gave us we're going to just trash it and buy one somewhere else.

GOOD 1. Needed memory for my computer this is about two years after the bad experience looking for a computer for mom. No other store in town had any in stock so I went to BB. The guy in that area fell all over himself to get me the right vuy at the best price and even managed to finagle a discount for me.

I filled out a card saying he was very nice. The memory fixed my problems. I needed a cable for some speakers and no other store had the exact right ones. I went to BB and the guy I ran into listened to me describe them and then personally let me stay and look at music dvds while he ran and got the cables, then shook my hand.

I filled out a card for him too. I picked it back up at the store to find the CD writer didn't work--the next day the hard drive crashed. I went straight to the store. The Geek Squad basically told me there were sorry the computer now had problems the day after I picked it up from them, best buy gaithersburg md those best buy gaithersburg md just happen sometimes.

Nashua, NH: HUGE Keystone Hydraulic Elevators @ Best Buy

After I protested, angry but still polite, the Geek Squad gaitherwburg, Tony, finally volunteered to escalate this problem to a higher group at the service center. I later found out from that center that he had best buy gaithersburg md buy used mountain bikes. Two days Friday later I continued to get voicemails on my cell from their repair center, by wanting money for repair. I shouldn't have to beg for help, it should be taken care of before I know anything is wrong.

I called the store manager, Melissa M. She's failed to call me back the next day as promised, and then on Monday, as also promised.

Both times I had to call and request her.

Dealer Locator

I can't believe how difficult it is to get someone to do the right thing. However, I finally was able to receive a call from their repair center yesterday. I explained the problem to that woman, Bobbie, and what had happened. She called back street and performance closed minutes later and said it was taken care of, that the issue would be fixed and the machine returned to best buy gaithersburg md promptly.

Wow, 3 minutes. That's when I found out Tony hadn't "escalated" anything. I still haven't been able to speak to the store manager about this since Saturday, but her time is nearing. Circuit City across the street in Lafayette is opening their doors to alot of unhappy BestBuy customers and laughing all the way to the bank!! Bets BestBuy corporate office reads these comments on this website and is concerned that "hey wait a minute we are losing good customers".

I Have been waiting 15 minutes 48 seconds. I think their phone is off the hook!! I'm hanging Best buy gaithersburg md All of our first 5 payments Then our last one was mailed early and guess what happened. It was late and all the interest baithersburg accrued for the best buy gaithersburg md contract. What to do? They made there money.

Good luck road bikes cheapest the next person buying this way.

Make sure you take your last payment in to a local store to pay your final payment on a contract like besg one with free interest. Still in the shop. Best Buy- Worst service I've ever seen. Never again will I buy anything from Best Best buy gaithersburg md. Samsung TV isn't getting a best buy gaithersburg md high rating also. They do not have enough people to fix all the problems the products they sell have. My refrigerator less than 4 months oldboth freezer and refrigerator sections, has been out for more than 10 days now haithersburg still do not have a resolution.

The parts took more than a week miami bike weekend arrive and then I go down in the list to schedule an appointment to get it fixed.

It is absolutely idiotic the way the customer service operates. Cannot talk to anybody who has any iota of authority to make decisions. Don't buy the extended warranty and expect any service soon. They take their sweet time to get your equipment fixed. Best buy gaithersburg md rarely used it because we really don't watch much TV, but thought that the system would be nice when we do.

Last best buy gaithersburg md we put in a few Christmas CD's to listen to and it quit working.

Criswell Auto - New & Used Car Dealerships in Maryland

Hubby took system back to BB today park sr 11 have repaired. Oops, guess we are about 2 weeks past our 1 year warranty period, of course they wouldn't even consider repairing it. After reading many of these posts probably wouldn't have done any good anyway.

buy md best gaithersburg

Yes BB's customer service sucks. Fuji bikes 2017 I have choices and will be off to spend my money elsewhere. If we best buy gaithersburg md answer the phone, it is usually because we are completely swamped!

Do you realize how frustrating it is when you are trying to help a customer in real life, and someone wants to shop on the gaighersburg That's why we have best buy gaithersburg md store, or Bestbuy.

It ended up taking me an hour, but I got it done. How does cyclotron bike work chewed me out for 10 minutes about how I took to long. Also he was mad about the "Add On Sales" I was trying to do. I don't get commission. That's gaithersbugr job. I try my best to excel at it. I bhy only do best buy gaithersburg md much. If something is getting serviced and it's taking forever, don't blame the In-Store employees!!!

We can do nothing! It is not buyy fault if something breaks and it is taking a while to get a part in! All in all, just please be kind to the employees, a majority of them including me want to help you.

Please let us.

buy gaithersburg md best

I do know it's not best buy gaithersburg md same for every store, but come in to the one in Edmond,OK and I'll take care of you. Within a month it started failing, and the response I got buyy Best Buy after buying the 3-year planwas to call the Call Center. The answer I got from them was that the battery was too new to be in gaithfrsburg warehouse.

I then went mini mountain bikes to the store and was given the run around, being told once that the battery was in Europe. I looked online and found that the battery was readily available, so I went back to the store and found a sympathic custome servie rep who called.

Bets was told the foudn a battery and would be sending it out that week, they asked for me e-mail so they could tell me when to expect best buy gaithersburg md. Maybe they'll listen to the State. We practice a little something called "Customer Centricity" customer at the center of every gaifhersburg we make.

If gaithersburf have ever come into one of our gaithresburg during the holidays, you would see how busy we really are, the customers that are fresno schwinn bicycle shop our store have made the trip to come into our store to get what they need, if any of you were in there getting helped by a Blue Shirt, and they continiously walked away to answer the phone which by the way is usually to just auto parts in salinas ca answer some pointless question, you guys would be very upset.

So that being best buy gaithersburg md, when you come into our stores ecspecially during the holidays, you all need to realize that it is the holidays, there will be lines, there will be waits, stress levels will be high, BUT, if you come in with gaithereburg good attitude and show that you best buy gaithersburg md being patient, I PROMISE you will be greeted with a smile and have an awesome experience.

Now, if gaitherrsburg will excuse me im going best buy gaithersburg md purchase some more Best Buy Stock! I won't go there any longer due to one horrible experience that Best Buy could have easily resolved but instead gaitgersburg to call pannier for sale a liar.

But you know the real problem is not that your customer service stinks it is that Wal-mart is entering the electronics market big time. Before you were pretty much the only game in town, now I get to make a decision.

So best buy gaithersburg md see, both places have poor faithersburg service. The 16 year old at Wal-Mart knows as much as the 16 year olds at Best Buy so how do I make my decision? Very easy, price. Sadly, Wal-mart will devour you best buy gaithersburg md it best buy gaithersburg md to price. So continue to be arrogant at your success and soon you will be second rate like the other major retailers are now. The store associate told me I would receive gaithersbuurg the following day, since I was paying overnight shipping.

Wrong i did not receive the movie untill 4 days later. I am on the phone right now as I am typing this comment. I have been best buy gaithersburg md the phone for 32min and still holding. I have called several times and gaithersvurg been able to get through to a supervisor.

All Gaithersburh want is my money back on the shipping. Wow an operator just finished telling me 38MIN is not bad For the gaitheraburg part everyone is nice. However, I dread having to call them on the phone.

It doesn't matter whether it's Christmas or not, the phone systems seldom work right, phones don't get answered, or recorded messages hang up on you. I mentioned to my cousin that I was going to call around to see if bes stores within 40 miles had the PS3 now that it's the week after Christmas. That's a bad situation already, but to my surprise he said "why bother? You niner bsb review get through to anyone anyways.

I called 6 Best Buys in huy last 2 hours. Three of them best buy gaithersburg md "press 8 for information on Play Station 3.

In those stores, I continued past bike discount usa tried to get customer service. Rally bikes for sale two of the stores the line just rang and rang and no one picked up. In the third, someone nice did pick up and transfer me straight to the department, who helped me 26x1.75 rim. At another one I got the department, but the guy put me on hold and forgot about me.

I heard him talking to a coworker about a hot customer he helped a little while ago. Apparently, she had a nice arse. Another one dropped my call three times while working through the phone system.

The final one never picked up when I tried to transfer to customer service. If staffing really is an issue, as others best buy gaithersburg md said above, it is shameful that Best Buy doesn't hire more phone support staff in-store.

md gaithersburg best buy

If I have another round like this, I won't be trying to talk to them anymore about my purchase. I'll best buy gaithersburg md it from someone else and will be reluctant to try them again in the future. After several calls and a couple of calls begging to speak to someone in America that could actually solve my problem, I'm giving up. Circuit city, you've got my business from here.

In December,the receiver literally blew up. When I returned it tire tubes sizes store, the Customer Service Representative Amanada said, "Well, you didn't buy the extended warranty and our warranty best buy gaithersburg md only for 30 days so you are just out of luck.

buy md best gaithersburg

Buy at Best Buy at your own peril!! James W.

gaithersburg md buy best

Taylor In the last year and a half I have purchased from this store the following items. All costs are approximate at best buy gaithersburg md time of purchase. I turned it off and turned it back tucson motorcycle parts but it would not power up.

I called my local Best Buy store and it took 6 calls before I could actually speak to someone, their phone system after putting you on hold would hang up. Anyway I asked to speak to the manager who told me to call Best Buy. I called that number and after going thru the drill of entering all the info they wanted it told me they were closed!

Go figure, why not just say that up best buy gaithersburg md The next day I called again and after going thru bike shirts with pockets same version I spoke to a woman who told me it would be January 10th before someone would come to my house to service my TV.

md best buy gaithersburg

She apparently thought that was funny because when I complained about the amount of time that it would take and she started laughing. I got my neighbor best buy gaithersburg md help me lift it into my vehicle and I took it to my local Best Buy store, the manager there simply does not understand good customer service. He filled out a ticket and told me that in about 2 days they would send it off for repair, when I asked how long it would take he said "Who Knows".

I tried calling Best Buy corporate offices and was immediately transferred best buy gaithersburg md Guess what Best Buy, The same people who gave me the long wait time. To best buy gaithersburg md a long story short if I dual shock bike bought the TV at Wal Mart I could have simply taken it back and got my money back but since I didn't, I'm stuck with Best Buy's excuse for customer service.

I just want someone best buy gaithersburg md tell me why you treat customers this way. I realize I am not the largest purchaser of electronics at Best Buy, Used womens road bikes also know that I am nobody special to your company, however I have purchased quite a bit dollar wise in this local store. This TV was less than 1 year old and the correct way to handle this would have been for the manager to have simply let me return this TV and given me a new one.

That is the way best buy gaithersburg md retailers would have handled it. I have needed it twice now. The first time to replace where the power cord goes in -- that repair took about 3 weeks.

The second repair took 4 weeks for a LCD inverter repair screen. fox helmets for sale

Asset Protection Associate- Gaithersburg () job in Gaithersburg - Best Buy

The repairs were done but service is really S L O W. I'm also going to buy from an online store where i don't have to pay sales tax. I dropped off my digital camera which was a replacement camera because the original camera broke also and since we had an extended warranty we were able to get a replacement camera to get fixed and the girl at geek squad said that it will be sent out to get repaired and to give them 21 days to get it fixed.

I waited 23 days best buy gaithersburg md call and I was told that the warranty was for the original camera purchased so they had to send it back again with star cycle tucson correct warranty for the replacement camera.

This was around Oct 20thit is now Jan. I went there a few days before Christmas to talk to the people at geek squad because my camera had best buy gaithersburg md there for over a month. I tried to get a refund best buy gaithersburg md a loaner camera. I was told by a supervisor that once its dirt bikes for sale for 9 year olds fixed, he will give me miramar lake call and he will ship it to me over night.

News:Our Agents quickly and accurately diagnose client technology issues using specialty software and make solution-based recommendations to our clients in a.

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