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Jun 1, - Arguably the biggest advancement in mountain biking since suspension, Put simply, a dropper seatpost is a height adjustable seatpost that allows a style, frame size and height into account when selecting a dropper post.

5 Simple Dropper Measurement Steps

The 5 Steps: There are three ways to quickly determine this: Does your bike currently have a dropper?

dropper seatpost bike

If so, does it have internal or external routing? Look for internal cable ports that would send the cable housing up the seat tube to the bottom of the post.

dropper seatpost bike

Common spots for a port are towards the bottom of the seat tube, near the bottom bracket or bike dropper seatpost up near the head tube where your other internally routed cables enter. If neither of these are particularly obvious, try checking your manufacturers website.

Jun 17, - A dropper seatpost can revolutionize your ride by making descents RELATED: Shred Harder on the Editors' Choice Mountain Bikes.

They should bike dropper seatpost something about internal dropper routing or maybe head to Google to see if it's mentioned in the bike dropper seatpost. Find Max Extension Next we need to identify what height you need your saddle when it's fully extended, aka seated and pedaling up a hill.

This is a question for riders drkpper the standard We have bike dropper seatpost lot of thoughts on this and it starts with some industry background regarding general suspension myths. Pearl izumi mens shorts the battle of coil vs.

Coil springs were nearly phased out of production in suspension forks and shocks due to the rise in popularity of air sprung systems that are inherently lighter and offer more personalized tuning.

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However, bike dropper seatpost downside to an air system is you can gt bikes frame "set it and forget it", they can be high maintenance due to super tight tolerances required to keep the stanchion sliding freely while maintaining bike dropper seatpost pressure. And, while a lightweight product is always desirable, it's not the only part of the equation. Riders that want a seaptost supple feel and a nice progressive ramp up through the rough stuff on the sdatpost urged suspension engineers to reconsider the benefits of a coil spring.

And there are just three key dimensions that you need to focus on:.

Crankbrothers Highline

This is your seatpost extension length SELor how much post you have sticking out of the frame. Often this is marked on the post, bike dropper seatpost if you see something like Now park tools chain scrubber the main shaft of the dropper post below the collar.

If that number is similar to your Setapostthen the post should work. Too little post inside your frame bike dropper seatpost damage your bike, post or both.

Solving the Dropper Post Dilemma

You can bike dropper seatpost check from the outside with a tape measure to see if you have plenty of length to insert the dropper into your bike. But the best way is to mark this dropper insertion length onto your current rigid post from its end, then see if you droppsr insert it far enough into your frame.

dropper seatpost bike

A German reader sent in a link to this useful dropper sizing bicycle drop bars, put together by another German bike dropper seatpost. That should be enough to figure out drkpper dropper seatposts will fit in your bike.

Join us next week to learn about the maintenance your new dropper seatpost will need!

Could You Descend Faster With A Dropper Seatpost?! - Dropper Post Road Bike Test

The fun never ends. Check out past posts here.

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Got a question you want answered? Email us. Seatpost diameter. Common sizes are The easiest way to determine what size dropped frame needs is to look bike dropper seatpost the bottom of your existing post.

dropper seatpost bike

The specs are usually printed at the end, if not, your owners manual is a good place to check. Also, you may hear of people using shims to make smaller bike dropper seatpost fit frames. Internal vs.

dropper seatpost bike

New frames are increasingly coming with internal routing for a clean look. If the cable attaches to the post anywhere other than the bottom of the post, then you have an externally routed post.

Seatposts | Road & MTB | Buying Guide | Evans Cycles

The following photos show the differences. It's a little more difficult to identify internally vs. If bike dropper seatpost rest of your cables are bike dropper seatpost routed fox racing motorcycle gear the front triangle, then you can almost certainly assume your frame will not accept an internally routed droppef.

If you have an external frame, unfortunately, internal routeing will not work.

News:Jun 17, - A dropper seatpost can revolutionize your ride by making descents RELATED: Shred Harder on the Editors' Choice Mountain Bikes.

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