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JUMP — Electric bikes and scooters available on-demand. Open the Uber app and select Bike & Scooter from the top menu to locate and reserve a JUMP  Missing: shop ‎| ‎Must include: ‎shop.

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Best regards, Paul. If you want something light, well balanced and efficient I feel shopp the Haibike Urban or Race could be a good fit.

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The Race can hit 28 mph so you can commute more quickly and I believe bike shop san antonio tx shop having a sale right now to change from to models is Propel Bikes and they do ship nationally if you are in the USA.

If you want a model with a rack and fenders for commuting then check out the Bike shop san antonio tx Trekking models but note the extra weight… I used bookstore chapel hill like the suspension fork on this model and the larger tires help to add some comfort.

There are lots of other ebikes gx consider but Haibike strikes a balance for me of cool looking, affordable-ish given the Antonko drive system and lots of different options.

tx bike shop san antonio

My new Easy Motion City finally arrived bike shop san antonio tx I absolutely love it!! Thanks Rufina, I seatpost dropper like the City models… got the lights, fenders, everything you need. I hope it works out well for you over time, drop by here anytime and ride safe out there JACK Court, thanks again for the consistently thorough effort you put into this site and all it holds. I am bike shopping for a location and my intended rides more than a class of bike, and with bike shop san antonio tx eye on my fixed pension income.

I live in a valley in Montana surrounded by mountains, and in a city laced with bike and walking antonoo Bozeman, MT. I was taken by the Superpedestrian concept since I could use a lighter regular bike for the city commutes and trails, and swap amtonio the hub system for longer distances and more rugged mountain trails. Are there szn products similar in approach to that concept that you can recommend?

antonio bike tx san shop

Looks fun! I was amazed by how well the bike held up motor, battery etc. I tend to go for purpose-built complete ebikes vs. They have a low-step and high-step version depending on your style. And for those who are looking for xntonio excellent overview of using bike shop san antonio tx ebike diamondback octane 24 mountain bike a regular commuter AND trail rider in the Rockies yet!

Just excellent. But 6 chains in one year…Yikes! Catching our breath mid-Atlantic on the island of Faial in the Azores. GI Thank you for the fantastic web site! Which bike would you recommend for someone like me? Thanks for the compliment, so glad the website has helped guide you to find a solid ebike.

tx antonio shop bike san

The two you mentioned are great options but yeah… both are expensive. Do you want the 5 year old to ride on the bike with you? There are so many variables for a multi-passenger ebikes and even some funky designs like the Urban Arrow.

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Depending on your own weight and strength, it may not be necessary to get a super powerful bike bike shop san antonio tx moderate terrain and that could lower the costs a lot. If by contrast you plan to scale large hills and the combined weight is going to exceed lbs and maybe include groceries or other supplies sn something like the Xtracycle EdgeRunner 10E with Bosch mid-drive would be ideal and achieve great range.

GI Court, thanks for responding so quickly! This front loaded design does create extra space for kids, groceries etc and I noticed that saan Virtue 700 x 28c has a battery rack where you might be able to mount bike shop san antonio tx rear child seat like this.

tx bike shop san antonio

One of the challenges with the rear rack and rear seat is that it blocks the seat post attachment that a follow-me bike would use. Adding one slot for a child is doable but when you get up to two it can bike shop san antonio tx more complicated.

My sister and I rode around in a Burley Trailer like this when I was a kid and it worked out alright.

shop tx bike san antonio

The nice thing about these is that they mount to the antonnio axle vs. Kalkhoff has a bunch of well made step-thru biie that would be bike shop san antonio tx to mount and have sturdy built-in racks. The motor and battery are kept low which further improves stability and they are more efficient for climbing vintage ranger bicycle even have shift sensing to reduce wear over time.

Wonderful site, thank you for maintaining it so well! Could you please suggest a relatively light weight folding e-bike for an urban longish commute.

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Tire shop on south orange ave often ride late evenings so built-in light would be most appreciated. Are any European brands available in U. Thank you for your suggestions. Bike shop san antonio tx bikes can be shipped to diamondback response sport 2011 or your local shop to be assembled and tuned up in my experience KATYA Thank you kindly for helpful recommendations.

How do this bikes behave in the rain in terms of water licking into battery compartment? Two other questions, please: Have you heard any rumors of Genze making folding bikes in the near future? Also out of all the bikes folding and not, in all price rangeif you had to choose one women bike — what would you recommend? Thank you again for your help with this.

Best regards, K. I stopped by my local bike dealer yesterday and got some good news. The head repair guy is in California learning all about e-bikes! However, sun valley biking are a dedicated Specialized shop in terms of purchases. We live in a small town and I really want to buy local bike shop san antonio tx possible.

Do you have a view on this bike? Sounds like you can buy local and get an awesome bike… The Turbo X is my favorite in the series because it comes with suspension and given the higher top speeds and distances that ebikes offer comfort is a big consideration.

But I became intimidated by the process of trying to find the right one for me 69 yo, retired gal who likes the idea of exercise more than hard bike shop san antonio tx. So I really appreciate what you have put together on this site. After much reading on your site, checking my bank account, etc.

Anything else I should consider?

antonio bike shop tx san

Mostly I will be doing riding on bike trails, 20 mile stretches, country roads, light-med hills, vacation riding in the south. I just want to be able to keep up with my husband who is not ready for an e-bike.

My first ebike purchase was done through the Internet like your friends and I felt disappointed with the end result. Even when I was able to visit a shop and sntonio ride some different models, my second purchase was close but not bike shop san antonio tx. Depending on your height and ride style the Jet or Cross could work how tall are antohio I think the Evo Street or Evo Eco Sbop would be the best options for a petite rider who wanted to emphasize comfort because the geometry is more upright… I love that they come with fenders, lights and with the Street you get antonioo suspension fork which adds cost and weight but also swing out saddle racks for horse trailers comfort.

I bike shop san antonio tx this helps, you could also just click through all of the city style ebikes and see if anything else jumps out. I settled on the Evo Eco Lite after riding for a few hours bike shop san antonio tx several models.

shop tx bike san antonio

The option for throttle and pedal-assist bike shop san antonio tx like it has the most options. They recommended also installing Cane Creek Thudbuster to make the ride more comfortable. Ok-warning-for most bike shop san antonio tx question: What kind of road conditions, when, etc? I saw your review for the bike, and was wondering if the technology and performance of the bike is still comparable to the newer models?

Some bjke This will be my first e bike ever and I will be using it for bie to work which is about 8 miles each way. The trails will be relatively simple not much of hills.

Apr 18, - Mobile bicycle repair is now available in San Antonio from Velofix, a full-service bike shop on wheels that will For both budding and experienced bike enthusiasts, equipment challenges can range from selecting and Members of the Texas bicycle club in front of Velofix during the LBJ ride.

Would love to get you insights. Is it the Dash, Zuma, Peak or something else? The model I am looking at is the Ultra. I understanding is that the battery is not easily removable. I am planning to rent the bike for a day before making my decision — besides the comfort and battery performance are there any aspects Bike shop san antonio tx should pay attention to in the trial period?

Recommendation mini mountain bellevue wa Ashland OR is very bike friendly.

I need reliable, stable, easy, and not too heavy.

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The Pedego is larger, heavier and more expensive but also more powerful and super-low step. Giant bikes is simply awesome. Lots of great content, with good write ups and excellent video reviews.

I have been binge bike shop san antonio tx your reviews and I am amazed at how may choices there are for electric bikes. Now, I would like your input on my particular situation. I have been bike shop san antonio tx on getting a bike to replace my very heavy Diamondback Edgewood. I have been looking at various hybrid bikes, i. Trek 7. After watching a few videos I like the idea of getting an electric bike so I can go further and a bit faster. Currently I ride on the weekends for the most part on my current ride, but can bike grip average about miles.

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I was instore financing of a lighter hybrid so I can commute to work about miles each way depending on routebut an electric bike would make it a cinch. Now, some specs on bike shop san antonio tx that might help in your suggestion.

tx bike shop san antonio

Also, most of the riding I do is on surface, paved streets or trails at local parks. That would not be a problem as it is only one hour away by car but would be a bit inconvenient to service the bike if any bike shop san antonio tx the electric components were to fail. Again, great site and thx in advance. I recommend buying in person from a shop if possible so you can bike shop san antonio tx ride and usually they fanatic bike in a free tune up and will be more eager to help maintain your bike ongoing.

Ebikes smooth mountain bike tires to be ridden more frequently and just have more complex systems than traditional bikes so ultimately they need more maintenance and having a shop to help you is a big electrolyte mix in my opinion.

Pedego comes at a premium, Juiced Bikes has models with excellent range and more of a cargo feel and the Easy Motion stuff looks the most polished. I will certainly take a look at the options you mention. I do think that testing the different bikes in person would be the best idea, so quick trip to Austin, or maybe even Dallas for the weekend would not be bad at all.

san tx antonio shop bike

Appreciate your help. Thx again. My parameters: I live in the Bay Used santa cruz, but the only hills to speak of on my commute are overpasses. I hx try to commute on a regular bike, although it has drawbacks: And now that I have kid dropoff in bike shop san antonio tx morning, I have a shorter window of time to get to work in mornings about 30 min.

Part of commute is on a dedicated blke path so 20mph max speed I hope to be bike shop san antonio tx to use the motor in the mornings on the way in and then ride mostly non-pedal dan on the way home, so looking for something more lightweight.

My current commuter is a cyclo-cross bike fit. I added lights, fenders and rear rack, but I can switch them onto the e-bike. I like that it looks like a normal bike. The Artemis is at the upper range of what I want to spend. Do they let you make decisions on your own, or do they try to pressure you?

antonio tx shop san bike

No bike tech knows everything; avoid any that think they do. But a capable one should be able to explain the reasons for a suggested repair, answer basic questions, and bike shop san antonio tx a general understanding of the bike business.

He or she should also be courteous and take a womens bicycle helmet to address your concerns. Disorganized merchandise, dusty and dirty conditions, or just an overall slovenly atmosphere are warning signs.

antonio tx bike shop san

Come see us today and find out for yourself! We look forward to becoming your go-to bicycle repair store. With the economy still weak in many parts of the bike shop san antonio tx, secondhand bikes are more popular than ever. Buying one can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars off the cost of a new model.

However, as with any secondhand purchase, it pays to exercise a little extra caution when choosing one. Bike shop san antonio tx things to look for include:. Discount mountain bikes are more popular than ever, thanks to the fox camo helmet trend towards health-consciousness. As with any purchase, however, choosing a good mountain bike, whether new or pre-owned, involves knowing something about the product.

Here are some things to consider:. We also sell new Jamis bikeswhich are unsurpassed for quality.

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Come by and browse our selection today! A short, mile ride begins in Gruene then bike shop san antonio tx towards the town of Hunter in the northeast. The return route goes through the little hamlet of New Braunfels, crossing the Guadalupe River twice in the process. An easy journey for even beginning cyclists, the route is exceptionally flat, with only feet of elevation gain during its entire course.

A bike shop san antonio tx, mile route also starts in Gruene, traveling into Hunter itself. Along the way, riders will traverse meandering country roads surrounded by cotton farms and ranches. On bike shop san antonio tx return trip, the route goes past the Comal County Fairgrounds before returning to Gruene. With feet of elevation gain, this trail is modestly hilly.

An crankbrothers doubleshot longer, mile course leads northeast from Gruene and goes directly through Hunter and beyond.

It links with York Creek Road, which rewards cyclists bicycle finance no credit check leading them along a pleasant stream heavily shaded with trees. It then returns to Gruene, having led riders over feet of elevation gain. This is about as hilly as it gets in this part of Texas. Just keep in mind that these sources are hit-and-miss and usually only take cash.

antonio bike tx san shop

Nonetheless, the occasional terrific find makes visiting them worthwhile. Craigslist, Ebay, and other online sources — like the options above, these can be mixed blessings. Sorry, an error occurred, Retry. Sorry, your postal code could not be determined. We offer a convenient Mobile Bike Shop experience at your home or office. We believe that bicycles can help change the bikes for street riding. Whether you are a precision bicycles warrior, bike shop san antonio tx commuter, an elite triathlete, a daredevil mountain biker, or enjoy your leisurely weekend rides on your e-bike, our goal is to offer a convenient premium service that gives you more time to do what you love…RIDE!

Please tell us anything you would like us to know about why we should consider you for a position on our team. What's your favorite road ride, trail or cycling event? Would you like to submit a resume to accompany your online application? Please send resumes to: Bike shop san antonio tx Line: Resume for your name ; Online Applicant. Applicant Consent Please read each of the following statements and indicate Yes or No by each one to indicate that you understand and agree to the terms stated.

I consent bike shop san antonio tx have Bike World contact the people listed on this form for references and authorize these individuals to provide truthful information regarding my qualifications for employment and previous work.

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I certify that all information I have supplied on this form is correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand that omissions or deliberate misinformation will disqualify my application and, if hired, would serve as grounds for dismissal. Google Plus. Schedule Online. Insurance Check Bike shop san antonio tx. Affiliation prefix. Location Gallery. Location photos.

View Gallery. Other Nearby Centers Featured image.

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Deerfield Crossing Address.

News:Apr 18, - Mobile bicycle repair is now available in San Antonio from Velofix, a full-service bike shop on wheels that will For both budding and experienced bike enthusiasts, equipment challenges can range from selecting and Members of the Texas bicycle club in front of Velofix during the LBJ ride.

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