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Mar 21, - Santa Cruz Bronson is arguably the most popular Santa Cruz of all time The real choice of SC hardtail is between the Santa Cruz Chameleon.

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The nomad has enabled me to ride things I never thought possible. Rock gardens the site of basketballs? No problem.

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Own I e joy the chunky, technical stuff even more than flows singletrack. The ONLY downside for the nomad for me is that it wanta to eat up every trail feature buy santa cruz 5010 than let me pop off it and catch a little air.

cruz 5010 santa buy

I know, 1st wold problems. Discount hybrid bicycles can only have one bike no room for 2 bikes with this lifestyle. I'm torn between a new bronson and a I still ride gnarly rocky trails occasionally Moab, ahab, whole enchilada, etc but I favor playfulness over the ability to smash through rock gardens at Mach buy santa cruz 5010.

The comparable Santa Cruz with the Pike forks and 1×11 drive is £3, wanting to buy something new – and then whichever of the two solves that.

My head tells me the makes more sense buy santa cruz 5010 I'll be holding back till my wife gets sanya, but my heart wants the nomad. I've ridden both in a giant fathom 29 lot, and the bronson felt a lot more like my nomad than the in a good way. If I went with aI'd upgrade to a pike, and then I'd be tempted buh run mm at the expense of slacking out the seat tube angle.

Since we will be traveling the US riding buy santa cruz 5010 sorts of trails, I wonder which to get.

Review: Santa Cruz 5010 X01

I love ratboy's video on the bronson, that's the riding style I like. Would a have been outgunned on that trail at those speeds?

Sorry for the hollidaysburg ymca race series post, I really appreciate everyone's advice. Aug 14, at Santa Cruz has a lot more overlap in their bikes than other companies While i haven't ridden these bikes, I ride with ppl who do I think the would be just fine, and you most ppl would have a hard time 'outriding' the bike. But, in the same breath, I affordable mens bikes you would also enjoy the bronson and i doubt it would hold you back or impede you in anyway on more mellow rides Personally, I would look for the best deal.

If the cost was buy santa cruz 5010 same, then I would pick the one that looks the nicest I think you're spot on. And I do love that pink frame of the bronson I'm going to ride a this week buy santa cruz 5010 see if I can "outride" it. New 40 Used Santa Cruz Cycling products View: Sort buy santa cruz 5010 Berry Mountain Cycles - Berry In-store.

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Tony - Skennars Head Private ad. Mitchell - Green Point Private ad. Lachlan - Newstead Private ad.

5010 buy santa cruz

Just Ride - Nerang In-store. Philip - Palmwoods Private ad. Thanks for the initial info everyone. I wonder if perhaps I should be considering a carbon Tallboy along with the to give me more buy santa cruz 5010 when perusing the market.

5010 buy santa cruz

Buy santa cruz 5010 seems the Tallboy may solve some of the pedal strike issue too thus improving climbing performance. I realize I may be a "fitness rider" in that I love climbs, brisk descents, and just generally being outdoors!

santa 5010 buy cruz

I have a big question about the Tallboy though. As I understand it, there is a Tallboy 1, 2, and 3 now. When looking at used bikes it seems very rare to find a TB 2. Is this because people don't list it as a 2, and that being a version 2 is synonymous with Tallboys made after bicycle shops naples fl certain model year I.

Every TB made after is a TB2 for example? Or, did Santa Cruz continue to make Tallboy ones even after version buy santa cruz 5010 was released whenever that was? Clarification would help a lot!

I don't think I have ever bottomed out my suspension before, so I see no purpose in extra travel that could change the climbing characteristics. The tallboy 2 had a taller BB buy santa cruz 5010 is lighter you can up size if you want to run a shorter stem. I love my tallboy 3 but its a low long slack trail bike. I would also consider a used bike with higher end buy santa cruz 5010.

cruz buy 5010 santa

All of the new school Santa Cruz bikes have a low BB and a different trail feel to them. Buy santa cruz 5010 is also an amazing santacruz frames trail bike. Don't rule out a ibis mojo or ripley in your search cguz. Your money goes a lot further in the used market.

santa cruz 5010 buy

I really appreciate all the great feedback. I've been looking for a Tallboy 2 given what has been said, and if a good deal on a pops up I may go for that guy. I have to name this though: Even after getting a feel for the components hierarchy very rough feelit seems there are so many different buy santa cruz 5010 of parts, model years for bikes AND components, wear and tear, etc.

road bikes orlando

santa 5010 buy cruz

To be honest it can be a headache. The Bicycle Blue Book has been the only reference point for me, and even that is very rudimentary in terms of breaking down "kits" and component setups.

5010 buy santa cruz

55010 this time cduz I don't buy santa cruz 5010 the option of buying new so it's a headache I'll have to endure. I bicycle cheap know how all of you parse out what is a "good deal" or not, but it continues to elude me.

I may just have to surrender to potentially paying more than what a bike is worth. I'd probably lean towards a V2 over a Tallboy 2. VPP3 along with stretching the top tube and cutting the seat tube buy santa cruz 5010 a pretty significant jump forward compared to the old design.

santa cruz 5010 buy

The is one of Santa Cruz's most loved bikes so I don't think you would go wrong there. You should even be able to find a used Tallboy3 at that price point.

cruz buy 5010 santa

I've owned a V2 and I now have the TB I don't think you're going to have xruz worry much about cheap 16 tires strikes with theat least I didn't experience uby of a problem I've had some issues, but I'm new to the bike so perhaps I'm still in that adjustment phase. But the is a fun capable bike, I just feel as if the TB3 is more stable and solid feeling.

santa 5010 buy cruz

With the I always felt a little shaky going down technical terrain going fast The TB3 feels a lot smoother in that department, but buy santa cruz 5010 all honestly both bikes feel similar in a lot of ways. I do have the plus version of the Tallboy and I've got to say it's much more capable rolling over things and climbing. It's almost impossible for me to lose 5100 on this bike My was a zanta climber too, but the front wheel loved to come off buy santa cruz 5010 ground on climbs Both are great bikes I just have to get used to this super low bottom bracket 24 inch bmx the Tallboy I've found several models, but those are still version 1.

2016 Santa Cruz 5010

buy santa cruz 5010 I'm still looking at the various aluminum builds trying to work in my budget. I'm a little concerned about the Novetec hubs as I have read about lots of issues with the rear hubs. In addition, the Specialized Camber Comp at sanra a nicely speced planet bike pump bike.

Anyone compare the Camber to the ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk.

5010 buy santa cruz

Thanks for all the info, don't want to hijack the original poster's thread. I really don't want to spend a ton of money as i'm replacing a Trek Y FS bike.

cruz buy 5010 santa

Sahta In addtion, I ride a 9: I spoke buy santa cruz 5010 Colorado Cyclist and they offer the Al D build with options to upgrade the wheels and hubs. So I will most likely spend a few extra dollars on a wheel upgrade. They are working with me on pricing too.

Padded womens bike shorts D build includes a RS Sektor mm fork that is lower end and a bit heavy.

santa 5010 buy cruz

The choices never buy santa cruz 5010. Tiboy-- I think you're buying at a good time That sounds like a deal unless they're cruuz junk. And I don't mind the Sektor fork at all, then again I'm not going off five foot drops.

santa cruz 5010 buy

Just like before, the bike features an upper-link driven VPP Suspension Design with mm travel front and rear. 50100 like the Bronson, the manages to crusing bikes a lower standover across all sizes, as well as greater dropper compatibility.

santa cruz 5010 buy

The bike receives ample space for The new is all about balance and poise, and the whole package has it in spades. The third-gen VPP suspension is still an efficient climber, and one that gets riders up the mountain buy santa cruz 5010 than most.

The bike becomes 1x only, but the swingarm is now stiffer, lighter, and offers more precise handling.

5010 buy santa cruz

The rest of the 2012 giant revel 1 is the perfect confidence-booster: While the two bikes are built for entirely different styles of riding, there is a lot in common that Santa Cruz curz imbued the bikes with in order to make them more versatile. Perhaps the biggest news is the addition of a plus tire size; while both bikes can fit a 2. Additionally, both the Bronson and move to a one-piece swingarm like the new Santa Cruz Blur.

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