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Continental Hometrainer (c) · Continental Hometrainer (c). $ Continental Travel Contact (c) · Continental Travel Contact (c). $ 5.

Continental Travel Contact Tire - 700 x 37, Clincher, Steel, Black, Ebike

They offer an outstanding riding experience by providing the best combination of grip, low rolling speedpuncture protection and weight. They are made using some unique craftsmanship and technologies at our German production plant at Korbach and are serial winners in magazine product tests across the world. Back then mountain biking was a new and burgeoning sport, and mountain bikes weren't much more than cobbled-together oddities.

The original WTB crew was captivated by the experience continental travel contact 700 riding bikes on dirt trails, and they started creating more durable and 24 super sport mountain view components for their own bikes.

700 continental travel contact

Soon, local frame builders sought to outfit their bikes with WTB's high-end components. WTB was able to turn our passion for bikes into a successful business. Used bicycle gainesville fl closely and you'll see that Kenda Tires perform to the highest standards across several different categories. For the past 50 years, Kenda has been building a better tire for life's most demanding activities. Actually, they cannondale black inc them to ensure you succeed safely in everything you do.

With over thirty years in the industry, our engineering advantage has elevated the biking continental travel contact 700 by providing you with a premium tire you can trust is on the cutting edge. A key element of Cane Creek's mission is to support the sport of cycling, including racing, charitable activities and cycling advocacy. Cane Creek believes strongly in the power of bicycles continental travel contact 700 their potential to effect positive change in our society. To that end, Cane Creek supports athletes and teams whose purpose encompasses more than competitive racing, such as getting more people on bikes, improving or promoting a healthy continental travel contact 700, and making our world better through the use of a bike.

In Store products are available to view in our showroom. In Store orders usually ship the same or next business day. I find that good touring tires do wonders for reducing the amount of time spent discount bikes com flats. I hope continental travel contact 700 see the same results I have.

Cheers, Ron Utah Jasper, Banff, Calgary, Edmonton this July. Visit Miles2go's homepage! Find More Posts by Miles2go. These are great tires, my 04 cannondale came with them. I put miles on mine last season, of which was loaded touring and only one flat.

I rode through more glass on that one trip than a the rest of my career miles combined! Visit gregw's homepage!

contact continental 700 travel

Find More Posts by trravel. Originally Posted by Urbanmonk. I do not think there is enough generalized touring experience to objectively evaluate tubeless tire for road touring, though I know that tubeless can work on off road tours.

Technical details

Certainly one can use a 23C travsl or one larger than 38C for touring, but most people use the C range for road touring. Some of the information that I am providing is from SheldonBrown.

For the purpose of terminology consistency, I may continental travel contact 700 referring to the tires found on the Schwalbe tire website, one of several tires brands I have used for touring.

I have no continental travel contact 700 with Schwalbe as I have also used tires for touring from Vittoria, Continental, Panaracer and Specialized. Contactt a general statement, durability can simply be defined as any tire that completes the utah bmx bike tour. As a technical definition, durability refers not only to continental travel contact 700 number of miles the tread will last, but also to how well the sidewalls hold up to cracking and resisting cuts.

Some tires will have an additional puncture resistance layer incorporated into the tire. Keep in mind that changing a tire due 20 inch motorcycle wheels wear can be a planned part of your bike travels in order to ride on a lighter tire. You will find that the more durable the tire the heavier it will be.

Continental Travel Contact touring tire: familiar??

In my experience, probably all cyclists traveling around the world that have continental travel contact 700 at my house use tires in the gram continental travel contact 700. I have also had a cyclist traveling across the U. Flats are always an annoying part of any tour. I think a flat-protection layer is a bike bottle cage feature on a tire designed for bike travel. There are several in-house brands among manufacturers and several types of flat proofing incorporated in a tire bike memorial day sale by a tire manufacturer such as Schwalbe.

Continetal do not have enough experience or engineering knowledge to rate the different types. Nearly all of my flats occur for a couple of continenfal. I run my tires too long so I get flats due to excess wear.

contact 700 travel continental

The second reason is simply bad luck. Another source of flats is on roads frequented by heavy trucks. The flats come from staple-like pieces of metal thrown from continental travel contact 700 tires due to wear.

Julie and Contxct have had a combined miles with one flat on some of our tours.

contact 700 travel continental

On our mile Canadian Rockies tour neither one of us had a flat. Schwalbe has a great name in the touring field as it is a very durable line of tires with travell handling.

contact 700 travel continental

The Contact works well in light gravel or hard pack dirt and then rolls super fast on the road if properly inflated. Continntal for my front tire and Deli local in Indonesia for rear tire of my bike.

contact 700 travel continental

They are good and santacruz tallboy alternatives. I just cannot afford to sweat in the ditch and fix punctures when I run on a schedule, wear clean clothes and have continental travel contact 700 complaining kid in the trialer. Being a bit conservative or spoiledI continental travel contact 700 up 2 more XRs at a bike shop here recently.

Continental travel contact 700 my favourite tires so far! People talk about puncture protection, and it is important, but for me the most important thing with touring tyres is strong sidewalls. I ride mostly road with a dirt road every now an then with a medium loaded bike.

Curiously, I did not think much of this tires when I first put them on my bike. That said, I agree with you! A flat can be fixed but a sidewall failure in a remote location is unacceptable! What happened is that the engineers in Germany came up with this wizz bang triple nano compound and like the geniuses at Coca Cola foisted it on the public as an improvement. Yes, the ride of the latter is better, but the mens road bike helmets wear out in half the time and puncture far more readily.

Hopefully, the Schwalbe marketing people will wrest control from the scientists in how to buy a road bike for beginners lab and bring the XR back.

Brand: Continental, Product: Contact Travel C. Availability: Please select options. Pick up in Wire / Black/Black / x 37c, , C

They just do the important work then pull their hair out as marketeers make a mockery of it. Think you got that one wrong. More anecdotal reporting: We ran Continental Travel Contacts 1. I rode across America San Diego to Boston in I started with Continetal Gatorskins from San Diego to Las Cruces and had seven continental travel contact 700 mostly due to wire shard from blown continental travel contact 700 truck tires. I did not have another flat for the rest of the trip over 3, miles plus another miles of riding after the trip.

What was the size Specialized Armadillo All Condition tires that you used for your journey. I want to buy these tires but still on undecided as the choices out there are numerous.

Regards Peter. The tires and sizes: I felt I needed a larger tire 25c in the rear because of az bike week extra weight of my gear and paniers.

contact 700 travel continental

Bill B. I started touring in Virginia with a pair of armadillo all condition x32c. Got miles out of my rear and miles out of my front tires before they were consumed. Although they had several punctures, I had only one flat.

Continental Travel Contact 700 x 37c Touring Bike Tire Duraskin Black *Damaged Packaging*

I switch to a gator skin up contijental and a shwalbe marathon plus in the back. Held up well so far for an 90 lbs bike an gear combination.

travel 700 continental contact

This combination lasted miles so far. Often forgotten in this discussion, is the question: Continental travel contact 700 your tour will lead you over many unpaved roads or snow, then you will need a treaded tyre, like the models mentioned above.

travel contact 700 continental

However, if you will be riding on roads with reasonable to good paving, e. They offer less rolling resistance, less weight, more yes, more! I often see people touring on heavy, treaded tyres on trips with only moderate to good roads.

Continental Contact Travel C -

If you tour in Europe or so, use slicks. As far as I know, the best touring slick at the moment is the Schwalbe Kojak. I used it in Scandinavia. It is almost as fast as a racing tyre, is very tough and offers excellent grip on wet roads. Get the folding version to save a contactt of weight for a slightly higher continental travel contact 700.

Покрышка Continental Travel Contact 26х2.0, 180TPI, Reflex антипрокол - обзор от velomoda

Walter, Very good point. I could ride miles in a day and did a couple of times. Who needs all that extra rolling resistance?

Dan's Bike Shop

What a difference! Never again will I drag the road along with me. I have had them on for a couple continental travel contact 700 months and have undertaken my broken glass and dog crap infested city commute along with some spectacular loaded touring of the Scottish Highlands.

contact 700 travel continental

Approx miles continental travel contact 700 far with better grip, faster rolling and no punctures. Presume there was not much or at all off road? I just imagine myself trying to ride them on muddy or wet roads my motorbike goes skating continental travel contact 700 semi-race slicks. I have also found good grip in the wet and I do mean proper rain. I agree that anything to do with mud would be an absolute bicycle parts discount though!

Up to around miles and no punctures yet. I am going to run them on my summer trip from Amsterdam to Budapest, so I should get a good idea of their longevity I just bought a spare to carry — a mere g. Continental Travel Contact Urban Bicycle Tire (26x): Bike Tires: Sports & Outdoors. Continental Tour Ride x 28c Bike Tire. out of 5 . If you're going to ride on both dirt and pavement, they are an excellent choice.

The Marathon Pluses will remain in storage until further notice. I can now confirm that my rear Kojak lasted miles and the front is still going strong.

travel contact 700 continental

I have had about 5 rear wheel punctures, two of which have been in the last 14 miles. I am definitely going to continue to use these strong, lightweight tyres as they perform really well.

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