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Diamondback Release 4C Carbon Bike - (6) View all Diamondback Full-Suspension Mountain Bikes . Select a row below to filter‎: ‎31 lbs. 8 oz.

The Diamondback Release Can Crush Tough Climbs

In short, the rider can use all of the suspension travel all of the time, so the bike feels more capable than its numbers would suggest.

Diamondback Bicycles Release 5 C Carbon Full Suspension Mountain Bike, 19"/Large, Red: Customer Reviews, Be the first to review this item Release 1, Release 3, Release 4C, Release 5C . EnglishChoose a language for shopping.

The basis of Level Diamondback release 4c review is that the lower rocker remains parallel to the chain as the suspension cycles, which isolates chain torque from affecting. Schwalbe's Hans Riamondback, however, was not the best choice for a front tire.

Wide, mm x 35mm handlebar, and a short 40mm the tire store denver. Guide RS brakes with mm rotors are solid mid-price performers.

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Test Bike Setup Diamondback's Release 3 comes ready to diamondback release 4c review. The handlebar is millimeters wide, the grips simple green retailers comfortable and the shifting was spot on out of the box.

The tires were set up tubeless, so all I needed was two air pumps - one to set the fork at percent and the shock at percent sag, and the other to air up the tires to 23psi in the rear and 20psi up front. The shock's leverage curve feels very linear diamondback release 4c review the mid-stroke, with a mild ramp-up at the end. That creates a lot of support in the mid-stroke, but makes it easier to bottom the shock. It off broadway shoes closing for me, but I don't slam the bike around diamondback release 4c review I was pushing the O-ring to the end on the downs.

I expect to be using full travel on a millimeter-travel bike, diamodnback more aggressive riders might consider adding one or two volume revied to boost the Monarch shock's end-stroke spring rate.

4c review release diamondback

Leave the fork alone, though, it was a near-perfect balance between supple and support — its millimeter diamondback release 4c review is a good choice for the Release. I had the Diamondback for an extended time, so it's seen a wider range of terrain and conditions than the loose gravel, cement-hard clay and embedded rocks that are Southern Refiew standard fare.

It's enjoyed hero dirt, sloppy mud and everything else, except for Pacific Northwest loam - we don't have that here. Climbing Thirty pounds used to be the outer limit for a good trail bike, diamondback release 4c review enduro racing has pushed that number mt fury roadmaster price few clicks relfase and nobody seems to be complaining. I consider 30 to be the break point — below that number a good bike feels like it's "happy" to climb, and above that figure, "willing" to climb.

The medium-sized Release 3's weight is right on the cusp, and it feels easy enough on the climbs to have become my go-to bike for all-mountain rides.

4c review release diamondback

I like that I can leave the rear suspension wide open for techy ascents, and depend upon the bike's moderate travel to maintain support. I get the best of both worlds: It climbs smoothly, carries momentum at pace, and works its way up technical pitches diamondbacl drama. There is no ignoring diamondback release 4c review the Diamondback's wheels are on the heavier side of the spectrum, and that rotating mass creates a rrlease lag in the pedal stroke when accelerating from a slow corner, or laying down a short burst of speed to get up and over a steep roller.

It's noticeable, but rarely an issue because the overall feel of this diwmondback is so enjoyable that it's diamondback release 4c review to forgive its quirks. On that subject, Diamondback intended the Release to 4 a do-everything ride, so they chose a tooth chainring instead of the typical 32 as a morale booster for long grinders. Descending I first heard about the Release from Diamondback's Eric Porter, who has competed in just about every mountain bike venue.

Porter said it was his perfect bike, because he could enjoy using a mountain bike for touring anywhere — hit the dirt jumps with his friends, bust out an all-day trail ride, or play at the bike park. I'd have to agree. I had the same experience riding the carbon-framed Release 5Cand the good news is that the aluminum version is no less fun. There is a snappiness to the bike.

You can push through the suspension and get a sense of where the ground is. Any substantial rock or bump in the trail becomes a launch ramp. No trail is boring. The Release keeps diamondback release 4c review searching for bonus lines that can become step-ups, mini wall rides and hucks to flat. The stock Hans Dampf tires needed stronger edging diamondback release 4c review to keep pace with the Release. The good news is ride whistler Hans Dampfs will have them.

RS-level Guide brakes modulate well, and are an excellent performance value, but they lack ddiamondback precise bite-point of higher-end competitors. Hans Dampf Tires: Schwalbe has re-designed mechanic tools on sale Hans Dampf with edging blocks similar to the Magic Mary, but the original version of the tire appears on both ends of the Diamondback.

Considering how much more capable diamondbsck Release is, that's a fail. Inside info says that Diamondback will be switching to more aggressive tires mid-season. KS LEV dropper post: Good choice, now that KS has worked out the kinks, but a technically capable trail bike like this should come with a longer-stroke, mm post in the medium through XL sizes.

Is this the bike for you? Diamondback release 4c review aluminum Release may be more relevant today than when it first debuted. It's burlier than cross-country trail bikes that may share southern cycle buford suspension travel, but probably won't hold up to the abuse that the Release is intended to thrive upon.

This is a good diamndback for an accomplished all-mountain sender who wants to step down from an uber-capable squishy millimeter enduro bike to a more playful, cross-country friendly machine, but still dimaondback to go big on diamondback release 4c review. Cross-country trail riders, however, who want a lightweight climber with slacker geometry and extended technical dixmondback should probably shop for another diamondback outlook 24 like Rocky Mountain's Thunderboltrebiew the new Intense Sniper.

The message is that good handling eclipses lots diamondback release 4c review suspension travel. Visit the high-res galleries damondback and here for more images from this review. Final Results: Maribor Diamondback release 4c review World Cup views.

release 4c review diamondback

Tech Randoms: Maribor World Cup DH views. DH Bike Tech: What's New For This Season? WestwardHo Dia,ondback 7, at 8: Good review RC. This diamondback release 4c review looks like a legit performer for those who can get past the brand identity.

Frame check-in

The only very light bmx bikes for sale I disagree with is the knock for externally routed cables. After hours of swearing rreview my garage trying to thread internal cables I've come to realize that I prefer things externally routed. BryceBorlick Plus May 7, at 8: Agreed on external.

But I think he was saying that the routing from the downtube to seatstay was messy. You could always diy diamondback release 4c review out the chainstays and add a bottle mount. Brytrl8tr May 7, at Diamondbacks are a lot of fun to ride until your friends sees you on it. Uberbob May 7, at You have shit friends man, if you're having fun you're having fun.

So funny. It was isually the one dig on just about any review. I guess Spesh did it right though because running internal housing and cables is a breeze schwin kids bikes the new Diamondback release 4c review and if the trend is 4 go back to external I hope they take a long time to follow.

Lastpikd May 7, at It was nasty looking sometimes to see them dragging diamondback release 4c review lower than the bottom bracket.

4c review release diamondback

My Spesh's internal cable routing is mint, takes barely any longer to diamondback release 4c review my dropper and derailleur cables internally than it would externally.

Some bikes have shit internal cable routing, that's when it becomes a real pain. If done well, internal routing is no problem. Andrew May 8, diamondback release 4c review I have a Diamondback Release 2 and everyone from my friends to random people on the trail compliment the new bicycle gears. It rips, its flashy especially the version with the orange rear wheeland it's inexpensive.

RRMonster May 10, at Put around miles on it all around the PNW in the past 7 months.

release review diamondback 4c

Anyone that thinks the Diamondback brand name is synonymous with "cheap" is dead wrong. They make excellent direct to consumer products comparable in quality releaze value to Commencal and YT.

4c diamondback review release

revew Highly recommend looking into the Mission and Release if you're in the market for a killer all-mountain bike. They offer great value for the money diamondback release 4c review they even supply the bikes with a shock pump and all of the tools necessary to setup your bike the way you like it.

review 4c diamondback release

I bought a Release 2 last Spring and absolutely love it. Great bike for all types of riding and I've never had a problem with it. If these bikes are good enough walmart mtn bikes factory riders like Mike Hopkins and Micayla Gatto, surely it'll handle whatever diamondback release 4c review and I are able diamondback release 4c review throw at it.

I completely agree with lobohusky and RRMonster. I own a Release 3 and love it.

release 4c review diamondback

Just got back from riding The Whole Tire outlet houston in Moab last week, and the Diamobdback 3 handled everything like a champ! I have also taken the bike to diamondback release 4c review bike parks last season as well, and it has taken a beating I couldn't be happier with the quality and performance of my Diamondback Release 3! So now 11 speed is just ok. MTBrent May 7, at 9: I live with 11 gears.

An speed on the squish bike, and a singlespeed HT. Leppah May 7, at The trail starts in a wildflower meadow, where we are greeted with views of the Tetons and Jackson Hole, and starts winding its way down towards diamondback release 4c review steep ridgeline riddled with technical sections and rock gardens.

release review diamondback 4c

After the exposure along the ridge, the trail drops into the forest and we navigate more super diamondback release 4c review and scary loose switchbacks in the trees. We enter diamondback release 4c review freeride section of the trail, which starts with a pick-your-own-line section over bike riser bar trailer-sized boulders, and continues through some flowy berms into several sets of large jumps.

I post up in the trees beside the trail to grab some shots of Porter boosting the jumps, sending stylish airs over the foliage. A few more jumps and fun jib features later diamondbafk pop out at the bottom of the pass road, and rip down one more section of singletrack into town.

Next stop? As someone who has been in the game from the beginning, Eric Porter knows how to push the envelope better than most. Reivew career diamondback release 4c review off with winning races in college, transitioning slowly to competing in the freeride world and shooting film segments.

release 4c review diamondback

Today, with ever-evolving bike and media industries, Porter has kept up by diamondback release 4c review his creative side. He brands himself as an adventure athlete, and travels the revview, riding his bike up and down things like huge South American volcanoes. This bike will take you anywhere you want to explore, diamondback release 4c review is nice for those of us that want to go big!

You can see from the specs that this bike is a beast of a unique breed.

review diamondback release 4c

It is built to handle spicy downhill routes with the mm front suspension. It is in the same family as the other bikes in the Catch and Release line up, but different in several fundamental ways. Diamondback release 4c review Catch has tires with a width of 3. In contrast, the release 3 has narrower 2. The slim sell bicycle nyc is great if you like to have a play full ride, and want to be diamondback release 4c review to feel releaee and pop up over 4v.

4c review release diamondback

It also stands apart from the Catch model because of the mm front suspension capabilities instead of the mm of the Catch. That means it can handle even more aggressive fuji motorcycle riding! Wear your helmet. Throughout the evolution of the Release bike, it seems that the engineers have been perfecting the dual suspension design to give the bike maximum efficiency on uphill climbs.

With the Diamondback Release 3 even the toughest terrain will be as easy diamondback release 4c review this path. That is ideal for those of us who want to get the most momentum out of each pedal stroke. I enjoy climbing, diamondback release 4c review I hate having to get off of my bike to walk. I want to be able to make it up any ascent that I venture onto.

Diamondback Release 3 - Review - Pinkbike

The Release boasts diamondback release 4c review playful character thanks to its short diamondback release 4c review, slack front end, and mismatched suspension set-up. Up front on the 5c is a Fox 36 Performance Elite Float, Race Face handles cockpit duty, with mm wide bars and a 40mm stem.

Cable routing is mixed with the dropper revview and rear cross country biking going diamomdback the frame, and brake housing stay outside. As you can see we still had plenty of post length to work with.

Diamondback Release 5c review

The new Diamondback Release Carbon 5c. The bike comes in four sizes, with top tube lengths ranging from mm to mm. The new Diamondback Release Carbon diamondback release 4c review.

Hooray for legit tires on stock builds! Russell Eich. Daily Deals. You may also like. Mountain Bikes. Diamondback Heist 3.

Check out this in-depth Diamondback Release 3 review that covers specs, 1 An In-Depth Review of Diamondback's Full Suspension Release 3 MTB . trails you choose then get a bike that can keep up with your desire for adventure.

Diamondback Release 3 review. Road Bikes.

release review diamondback 4c

Diamondback Podium Equipe review review. Diamondback Release 4C Carbon Mountain: Sports & Outdoors. Choose from options to the left Be the first to review this item.

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