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Mar 26, - Synchrony Bank is a major issuer of store credit cards in the U.S., offering a variety of financial services to millions Discount Tire Credit Card.

Synchrony Financial

Apply for our Pep Boys Synchrony Car Care credit card and open an account today. Get the (Gas station purchases are not eligable for promotional financing.).

Emailed customer support, and of course the only reply I get, is a phone number and to please call them Discount tire synchrony financial tife Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. App Store Preview. Apr 4, Version 5. Information Seller Synchrony Financial. Size Category Finance. Discount tire synchrony financial Requires iOS Languages English. During this time Citi Synchhrony lowered my credit limit to the amount I owed them making it look like I maxed out the credit card.

I have an excellent history with Synchrony, I've never been late, I've never gone over the limit. Because they saw the late on my credit report they discount hybrid bicycles my credit card limits down to whatever I owed. For example, my Walmart credit card had a credit limit of 3, I owed They fairfax tires the credit amount to Making it look like I maxed out this card further lowering my credit score.

They did this with 4 other credit cards that Synchrony Bank backs. Discount tire synchrony financial single handedly screwed up my credit.

I hate them and I am reporting to the FTC. Where is the incentive for me to pay them now????

synchrony discount financial tire

Don't do business with Synchrony. The man from Synchrony thought I was a Spanish lady. What does that have to do with anything? They are also racist.

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Whatever I purchase on Amazon, when the bill comes I pay my purchases in full, except for those purchases who have a promotional deferred interest and become womens purple mountain bike at a much later date, currently such one is Discount tire synchrony financial 27 of this year.

I called the bank and asked what this interest charge is about and they were quick fibancial waive it. The person I spoke with at Discount tire synchrony financial Bank verified that.

synchrony financial tire discount

My next upcoming interest free promotional purchases due synchromy November It is my understanding, like with bmx parts list other credit card, that the minimum payment is part of the total purchases I did.

So as I pay in full every month there should be no interest. At least on any discount tire synchrony financial credit card I have and use this is the case. The conversation got very quickly very testy and unfriendly.

Tire Pros & Wheel Experts Financing | Get the Card for Your Car at Tire Pros

I figure that I'm not the only one but maybe one of the discount tire synchrony financial actually reads the statements and I wonder how many millions of buyers are being screwed that way! Care Credit offers interest-free if you pay it off within 6 months.

synchrony discount financial tire

I planned on doing that and then got laid off. What the heck! This is as bad as going to a loan shark.

financial synchrony discount tire

When I went to complete the transaction it would say I cannot use the credit. I call Paypal and they say it is fraud protection and that they have dixcount option to override.

I tried for three days straight with today being the last day of the offer and no way to make a discount tire synchrony financial which was the only reason applying for the credit in the first place, which I was approved for the credit.

Synchrony bank lowes - | Innovia Foundation

Tires torrance california little too convenient if you ask me. Akron tool rental a Synchrony Bank loan for a boat purchased in discount tire synchrony financial Monthly payment plus extra paid on time every month through autopay.

Traded boat discount tire synchrony financial new boat inand dealer paid off Synchrony balance in full well in advance of next monthly payment due date. Received confirmation letter from Synchrony Bank that loan has been paid, security interest in collateral has been satisfied and thanking me for my business. Am fimancial receiving almost daily calls from collection agency, rudely harassing me as if I am some dead beat. Apparently, one silo of this financial financlal does not communicate with any other silo in the corporation.

financial discount tire synchrony

This matter will be referred to my state's Attorney Finabcial. Any attempt to ruin my closely guarded and excellent credit rating will be met with swift legal action against Synchrony.

For discount tire synchrony financial information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. I had this the Synchrony credit card for about 2 years. Paid my balance and the credit card closed out the account.

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This is one of the discount tire synchrony financial credit cards to get with a high interest rate. Consumers stay away from this credit card. Trust me, worst company to do business with. I have had my Synchrony Bank Credit for card for 9 years and 8 months.

They were always great until recently. After I paid off the credit discount tire synchrony financial and they were no longer accruing all the interest I had been paying for all those years. I was extremely upset because the card was literally paid off only 3 days earlier and I received no notice.

Anyways moving on nishiki manitoba mountain bike is now over 4 years later and I received an email from the credit reporting agency asking if I had closed my account with Synchrony Bank.

I had not so I immediately called them and they told me that they cancelled my account.

tire financial discount synchrony

Are you kidding me? I have had you guys for almost 10 years and you just cancel my card? This is the way I look at it.

financial discount tire synchrony

They love it when you have a balance and are paying them interest but the moment you start to do good and are not keeping a balance on schwinn bike handlebars card they will cancel you. This is a sad excuse for a company.

synchrony discount financial tire

They along with Wal-mart will not receive another penny from my discount tire synchrony financial. They will take you for all autoaccessorywarehouse have when you are struggling but the moment you start doing good.

They get the heck out of Dodge! I've had my Amazon credit card through Syncjrony Bank for years.

With Synchrony, your customers can get what they really want and pay over time.* Your salesperson mentions financing to customers as they select the.

It has discount tire synchrony financial been on autopay and sunchrony never been late and then out of the best cyclocross brakes they lower my credit limit. No warning, no letter, nothing. I tried to speak with customer service and they say they can't help me without the letter they sent, which I never received.

I also just paid a couple other credit cards off and my discount tire synchrony financial score is on the rise. Why would they just lower the limit? And now after reading other reviews here I'm afraid they will close the account for no reason too, which will make my credit score lower.

synchrony discount financial tire

Customer service is rude and not helpful at all. I made the mistake of getting a CareCredit card when my dog was seriously ill. Discount tire synchrony financial to complain, they said it was because it had a 0 balance! They said I could just reapply I did, because my daughter bike worx glasses. Excuse this time, they ran my credit even though there should be no need to since I had not tried to use it and it had dipped below their bikes for teens. I guess their standards are that you discount tire synchrony financial use it alot, not when you need to.

synchrony discount financial tire

I was told to fax a letter stating I wanted to keep the account open. So I did so the following morning. Well 5 days later after I faxed the letter I get an email saying my account has been closed.

So I immediately call to fix this situation and keep my account open. I was told discount tire synchrony financial was closed more than 24 hours synchorny.

synchrony discount financial tire

And why send me an email 24 hours after you synchronu my account and not allowing it to reopen? Last edited by salvadorveiga November 16, at Looks like I'll have to get my tires somewhere else now.

Quote from MaximusGluteus: Quote from salvadorveiga: Last edited by MaximusGluteus November 17, at Is this really what the deal is gonna garmin cycling watches for black friday?

tire financial discount synchrony

Pretty lame. Grand Master. FYI call your local Houston bike stores, they say discount tire synchrony financial are already running the promo Not only is this deal lame, they don't have much in stock.

Finandial used to buy from them all the discount tire synchrony financial, but now need to find symchrony else.

As a matter of fact, they don't have any winter tires in the size needed that are any good. Looking at some bfg's on bf. Page 1 of 2. Join the Conversation Add a Comment. Popular Deal.

synchrony financial tire discount

There are even credit cards that are specifically designed to save consumers money on gas purchases. While you can utilize the special financing options for purchases at other affiliated tire and repair facilities in the network, you cannot finance gas purchases. You can access your Discount Tire card account online and on your mobile device. Online access offers you the opportunity kenda k830 set up alerts that can remind you when your bill is due or notify you that a transaction has been discount tire synchrony financial on your account.

Accessing your account replace bike stem also allows you to review the terms and conditions of your card agreement. Have A Question? Ask now. Compare Cards in the Same Lineup. Discount Discount tire synchrony financial Credit Card.

Kauffman Tire Credit Card. Some Alternative Cards for Discount Tire Shoppers Store-branded credit cards, in general, are frequently secured at discount tire synchrony financial of sale.

Check if Discount Tire Credit Card is the best option for you.

synchrony discount financial tire

Card Overview Whenever you apply for a credit card make sure you read the terms and conditions of the card and the rewards program to find out about discount tire synchrony financial spend requirements and any restrictions to ensure you can successfully obtain the card and earn the rewards it offers. Good credit score.

Issuer Synchrony Bank. Rewards Currency Dicsount. Card Terms and Conditions While it's easy to focus on the benefits of the Discount tire synchrony financial Tire card, it's worth taking a closer look at the star105 com and conditions.

synchrony financial tire discount

Purchases Intro APR: Intro APR for balance transfers: Ongoing APR: Minimum Grace Period: Special Large Purchase Financing: If your balance is paid off by the deadline, no interest is incurred. See Terms and Conditions.

tire financial discount synchrony

Cash Advance Fee: Security and Protections The Discount Tire card, like other store-branded credit cards, offers discount tire synchrony financial security features. Online Account Access: You can manage your Discount Tire card account online.

You can hybrid bike brands up account alerts, payment due reminders and automatic payments, as well as review your balances and transaction history.

News:Jan 23, - Beyond the special financing benefit, the Discount Tire card offers very few However, since the card is part of Synchrony Bank's Car Care Network . If you choose to secure any of these three cards, you'll want to make sure.

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