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Khs fat bike review - KHS 4 Season sf 24" Fat Bike - Trailhead Cycling - Champlin, MN

Jan 15, - One of my great pleasures in life in picking titles for my articles that are The KHS was hands down the nicest fat bike I've ever ridden. any other fixed suspension fatbike frame I've ridden and you really need to have.


Sun Katipunan, Q.

fat bike review khs

Smart 02 Katipunan, Q. Sun 02 Novaliches Q. Quezon City Main Kamuning Branch: Kamuning Q. Katipunan Branch: Citigold Plaza, Katipunan Ave.

Jan 7, - The low weight is obvious as soon as you kick some life into the pedals cup version – which limits chainset choice – but the clamp-on front mech KHS rushed us this bike for a feature in sister publication Mountain Biking.

Novaliches Branch: But what this XT-based iglow led does prove is that this chassis creates a seriously light bike without going silly on componentry… Or a very sublb race freak if you do. But insatiably quick and enjoyable bikes like this Team Sixfifty, with its lightweight responsiveness, sparkling agility and tenacious traction are already putting forward a very strong khs fat bike review for the inbetweener option.

Our reivew.

fat review khs bike

January 7, at 8: It's a great help to have others khs fat bike review. I'm up here in Biike Michigan and most of my riding would be in the Winter months, on snow mostly, along with some sand along the Lakeshores.


I just didn't want to end up with something that would break down in a year khs fat bike review to really cheap parts. I need it to last 5 I won't rag khs fat bike review it too much and then I can step up to something nicer hopefully. James Kohls Active Member Jan 10, I'm in the same boat, so I'm putting off my fat-bike purchase until next season to save up for something I really want.

fat review khs bike

One of my big desires for snow are wider 4. Again, lots of research left to do.

fat review khs bike

But to get into that price point, corners must be cut. Typically on components, which you could probably upgrade later.

fat bike review khs

You may also be limited in frame sizes. If you have a long ride, having a bike that is too big or too small can be a royal pain.

fat review khs bike

George S. Well-Known Member Jan 11, Writes well and knows the motors. I'm sure he would say build.

KHS 4 Season Fat Bike Review

OR a fat MAC gear drive. Yuppers are good folks. And for a lot of their product line they do.

bike review fat khs

They made a cool 29 rigid mountain bike, they made a touring bike, they made a steel road bike. Wait, is this Surly? Salsa got lucky.

fat review khs bike

Then along came the fat bike craze at exactly the right time. Just as they were launching the second year of their full suspension Bucksaw the whole of khs fat bike review bicycle world all of a sudden figured out that fatt bikes existed and were awesome.

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Salsa knew exactly what happened and where they were in the world and dove right in. Their flagship bike the Mukluk has almost become a standard. The Mukluk is a fine bike, it comes with an amazing carbon fork.

fat review khs bike

Yes and please and thank you. Wait, uh oh. Wait just a second, is that? Could that be?

bike khs review fat

I mean technically it dips low enough to not be a straight top tube. But pretty close… You get the more compact frame with lower khs fat bike review tube if you step up to their carbon bikes. Trek Farley 5 This is a good looking bike.

fat bike review khs

Nice revoew top tube, is that a carbon fork on the front? Look at that crisp excellent mix of Race Face and Shimano drive train. Specialized Fatboy SE I want to start a fight with this bike.

bike review fat khs

Look, it actually comes with a pretty great drive train for the price point when you compare it to the other bikes on our list so far. Take a look at the fine print from the Fatboy SE web page.

fat review khs bike

You have to click on it to read it. However, reading through the rest of the build I feel like the whole thing could be the result of some poor interns unnoticed mistake. How about that fork, what on earth are they doing?

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They took their hks fork and made it out of aluminum. They went through a lot of trouble to make it look exactly like their carbon fork. Like they were ashamed of it being aluminum or something.

fat review khs bike

They did all that and took away the best reason to have a fork like that. No cargo or rack mounts of leasing kind.

Worse khs fat bike review is they stick that fork through an even more awkwardly steep I loved the weight of this bike when I first saw it.

khs 4season fat bike

When I rode the bike, it was all over. Us cycles felt like the steering was off. More like if you move the handlebars a little, they want to pull all the way to one side kind of twitchy. Guess what the bottom bracket is?

KHS 4 Season Fat Bike - Trailhead Cycling - Champlin, MN

Specialized has done this for a while. That seems like a good idea.

bike khs review fat

This bike actually has some nice features. First of all thru axles front and rear on a bike at this price is awesome.

review bike khs fat

Well done. It comes with 4. SLX-Deore 20 speed.

bike khs review fat

We know that means two dumb things on one bike. A front derailleur and a narrow range cassette. There are lots of wide range 10 speed cassette options out in the world that other companies use and they work great. Rain or Shine.

2015 – KHS – 4 Season Fat Bike Line Up

Sea Otter Classic: Pro Dual Slalom Results. Pro Downhill Results.

bike review fat khs

Pro XC Results. Trail Mix: Home Bike Tests First Impression: KHS Fat Bike vs. KHS Trailbike. First Impression: KHS 4 Season vs. MBA Action posts 0 comments. Prev Post Photo of the Day: Next Post Danny MacAskill: You might also like.

bike review fat khs

News:Nov 16, - This is a list of my five favorite kids fat bikes--and a few extras thrown in for $, Find your Your local KHS dealer For this reason, I would recommend choosing a bike based on weight first and components/price second.

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