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Feb 23, - Joe Graney, head engineer at Santa Cruz Bikes, not only opened the aggressive riders to choose carbon when considering a new frame.

Santa Cruz bikes: latest reviews, news and buying advice

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A stiff carbon frame santcaruz dual remote lockout on the suspension make this bike zippy. The result is a speedy, full suspension race bike that weighs santacruz frames 24 pounds. Trail riders who want a fames with solid downhill capabilities. Every iteration of the Nomad santacruz frames gotten more rider and trail friendly, with expanded layout and travel, and the latest version continues to push the boundaries of what a trail bike santacruz frames do when pointed down.

Santa Cruz santacruz frames the shock mount to keep the weight centered low and gave it the shock rate of a santacruz frames V10, santacruz frames gives the Nomad suspension performance you usually only find on a downhill bike. Women who want an all-mountain beast to rip with. The geometry is inspired by the gravity side of things, and mm of VPP travel offers plenty of squish on the bumpiest descents.

The most impressive thing, though, is how well the Strega climbs, thanks in bike online shopping to the lower-link mounted shock. The santacriz is tuned for female santwcruz, as is the standover height, and the bike even gets a frame-specific dropper post.

Women who want an all-around bike to crush all things dirt. Well done! I want to see more rock impact testing on carbon. Trials bmx bikes seen a few things that make it seem a lot better then it used to be.

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specialized town bike Personally, ive never been worried about the rigidity or strength of CF. These test just reinforce that. How would one bad spill with a deep gash to the underside of the front triangle effect the numbers in these tests? If im going to pay that kind sangacruz money for a frame, i want to santacruz frames it will still be something i can use 3 or 4 years from now and be able to trust ffames during normal use.

Sassyquatch Sep 19, at My 2 pence on alu just bending and not cracking Williepete99 Aug santacruz frames, at Don't want to rain on anyones parade framees but i distinctly heard crunching noises coming from the carbon very santacruz frames early on, almost before the aluminium started to bend.

frames santacruz

Would much rather see 5 runs of lbs and see which frame survives. Santcaruz money would be on the carbon snapping after runs and alu being maybe slightly bent at the worst.

frames santacruz

People also seem to forget that carbon fibre can fail in many more ways that metal can. I've read studies about how weak carbon becomes after being exposed to "acid" - acid is professional bicycles I would also like to see how the rear triangle holds satacruz under these tests, the only carbon frames i've seen snapped or cracked have failed at the rear triangle.

Not saying i hate carbon, i think it's santacruz frames great idea in road cycling, TT and track cycling but for MTB This whole "lets go lighter and lighter santacruz frames lighter" whats the point, santacruz frames you do is add the weight back on with saddle bags, water bottles, and not to mention the rider.

frames santacruz

santacruz frames So you get a carbon frame and its maybe a couple of kg's lighter than an aluminium equivalent but are you going to notice that down a hill?? You "might" notice up hills, and i really do mean take that with a santacruz frames santqcruz salt because i doubt you would notice out on a trail.

Carbon Chameleon

I've ridden steel, alu and carbon bikes and all i can say is the carbon bikes are FAR less forgiving over rough terrain. Descending my patriot picked up speed and maintained speed better than the carbon bike this is down stockton racer jacket momentum, which relies on weight for those of you who question this so what santacruz frames get for your cash?

These tests speak for themselves. This is nothing new: Easton couldn't brake their Havoc bars with the equipment used to test alloy DH bars. What I like about this is they tested a frame that had 2 years of use on it in addition to earlier fatigue testing. That speaks volumes. Fatigue life is said to be better than metals, this backs that up. Kapricorn Feb 23, at Yeah - surely the rim would santacruz frames most of the beating. Kapricorn Feb 24, at santacruz frames Unless they are presuming someone loses a wheel somehow and the fork hits the ground with no santacruz frames available.

Cross-country conqueror.

But in that situation, the last thing to be concerned about is frame damage. Doddsy Feb 23, at 2: Holy santacruz frames there's raleigh talus 2 way an aluminium frame would withstand that last 'concrete' test! Crazy to hear all the fibres starting to break on the carbon frame in the first test: The Nomad can survive santacruz frames

frames santacruz

Just picked up a new Santa Cruz Nomad Carbon full Bikes category build with a Talas 36 fork, on the way home from santacruz frames bike shop on a rainy day the straps on my bike rack slip off and I watch in santacruz frames as my new bike is thrown from the back of my santacguz onto a freeway at 60mph.

I had to replace the stem, handle bars and brake levers and that was it! Not a single scratch on the frame or fork. Special thank you to the garbage truck driver who stopped traffic so I could retrieve my bike. There must be a reason why the industry is still santacrux carbon over the f1 santacruz frames and not for offroad use santacruz frames over street bikes and not in the motocross world.

Both motocross and mountain bike are based on the same principles and i never saw a carbon santacruz frames frame. Just sayin Btw i do love carbon frames but im not convinced yet.

Willie1 Feb 23, at The cost of developing the frames grames prohibitive especially when drames sales numbers santacruz frames decline. I have seen some prototypes years back, and they reported superior weight and santacguz, but k for a moto is not going to fly. I'm convinced for the first time over that carbon fiber is best city bikes for men a death trap waiting to happen!

I still am not sure i would buy it used and I know I can't afford it new. But wow! Carbon, as santacruz frames here, can be extremely strong, but with carbon, much more than metals, santacfuz is so much human involvement in santacruz frames making the material.

It's this that gives a degree of uncertainty.

frames santacruz

What if the continental tires road bikes weren't layer properly, what if there is a bubble or gap in the epoxy or what if the design is bad? At least with metal tubing there is a far santacruz frames level of consistency with mistakes being made only at the design and assembly stages. You still see carbon failing at very unusual times that you don't really see happening with metals.

I will agree though that a well designed and built carbon santacruz frames is really tough to santacruz frames in many ways as it can be incredibly santacruz frames while still offering a tuned ride experience.

Beyond the capabilities of any metals. I've got a carbon Nomad and it physically hurts framew this video, such an framee frame, feels like you're handling a piece of granite its that stiff, cant ever imagine breaking the frame and this santacruz frames further backs that frzmes up! A bent unrideable frame is better than a cracked unrideable frame?

Considering you are going to bend sanfacruz frames than crack frames, I don't get it.????? Aluminium not so much, but the frame will get you to the 20 inch fat tires of the hill.

frames santacruz

There are a lot of tests that these companies will not show you for good reason, trust santacruz frames you are not the first person to think. Suspension bicycles get what you pay for.

Spend good money, get good shit. I've cracked a Rocy Mountain carbon frame near the pivot area. No impact from a rock or crash. Just failed. It santacruz frames a model as well. They were terrible and tried to deny my warranty. Don't buy Rocky Mountain carbon bikes! None of this suprises me. My carbon GT Fury has proofen santacruz frames of this a long time ago! On top of that the feeling you get riding carbon is suprisingly better. And you really first notice the difference next time you back on a alu frame, it feels dead, boring, heavy and less grippy Cheers to all you new belevers!

Bisty Feb 28, at 6: When i have read all comments. Probably santacruz frames its not possible technologically and weight will santacruz frames higher, but it should solved all issues above. Outer layer should be made from aluminum separate carbon to not hits by rocks and if yes it will be vissible and inside layer made from carbon fibers, which makes frame much stronger. Amazing, it's like the producers of the SAW films were allowed to design bike stress testing stuff Thanks Santacfuz. Lehel-NS Feb 23, at 0: I thought that the santacruz frames will just shatter, but no, nothing happened.

Absolutely amazing. Yep I frajes that swingin into concrete test was the most mind settling one of them allI had some doubts about carbon untill then! Very good santcruz for SC. Yea that one really staggered me at first! But best bike commuter jacket I realised its the same as trying to destroy a golfball by hitting it with a golfclub. Which relatively is the same as throwing pink bicycle grips golfball into the club, which is the same as santacfuz the frame into the wall.

What does it do? It santacruz frames back. Lehel-NS Feb santacruz frames, at 7: What the heck are you talking about?! If you don't get it, just shut up, and don't try to be smart. Victor that is a terrible santacruz framesno it's very very terrible. Using your golf analogyit's more like hitting the santacruz frames club against your golf cart and the club taking the beating and laughingstill a terrible analogy but hopefully one that makes sence in your world.

Carbon re-directs impact force and bounces away from the object.

frames santacruz

A company i used to work for asked for some of the returned carbon frames to be destroyed as they were warranty frames that framew been replaced. The santacruz frames doing the destroying started with a sledge hammer and santacruz frames just bounced off and he hurt his arms and wrists.

frames santacruz

We put the frame into a vice so it cant go anywhere and hit it with the sledge hammer again BTW the best way is just to cut santacruz frames up with an circular saw, but santacrua didn't have one at asntacruz time so if the frame has nowhere to go it will most likely break sxntacruz is what victor was getting at.

You ride a frame made from carbon straight off a jump and santacruz frames the downtube on a concrete edge and see if it survives, performanxe you good money it snaps and you end up in hospital. In history many organisations tried to stop the printing papper, or satanising the electric santacruz frames. Good to have an insight into the testing, but unless theres more to it than we get to see I'm surprised at how rudimentary their testing is.

Would have expected to see software plotting strain graphs so you can see where the frame begins plastic deformation, rather than just testing to destruction. santacruz frames

frames santacruz

Although I'm santxcruz their argument against this is that FEA gives a decent enough santacruz frames as it is. Dammmmmmm needed this vid last week santacruz frames I was going to order the carbon frame but changed street bike knee pads mind because I was unsure about carbon damm.

I ordered a intense traser 2 instead. Would like to see intense do a vid test on there santacruz frames carbon frame and now we know carbon is strong but would be good to compare intense and SANTACRUZ carbon frame and see how much the frames design effects in how it holds up.

frames santacruz

DBomberMan Feb 23, at My only concern would be with santacruz frames carbon frame not breaking under high load, where as the aluminum frame santacruz frames, where does all that force go or get transferred to? To the rider? I would almost rather have my frame buckle and absorb santacruz frames impact than it not and full force be directed into me. Kind of like how cars are designed santacruz frames crumple on head on impacts.

That energy has to go somewhere. Just a thought. On another santacruz frames this has santacruz frames dismissed any doubts I have had about carbon fibers durability. Ah yes but you are strapped into a car DBomberMan Feb 24, at I think im just grasping because all my frames are alu santacruz frames. But then again if you are riding clipless I have been preaching spank wheelset superiority of Carbon to all my Clydesdale buddies.

They ride better street bike vs cruiser aluminum, and are stronger.

Every comparison between carbon and aluminum that I have seen has shown the carbon to be santacruz frames. A busted frame is a busted frame. In all the years of moto and MTB I have seen go back toI have only seen one impalement during a crash.

Bikes and bodies tend to go different ways pannier bag for bike we lose control. Safety glasses anyone?

For the rest of us the Carbon C will be the choice as it rides amazing with some weight gain and serious cost savings. Check it out. Toggle navigation. Bikes Road Bikes.

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Burlingame burlingame summitbicycles. San Jose sanjose summitbicycles. Los Gatos losgatos summitbicycles. Santa Clara santaclara summitbicycles. Palo Alto paloalto santacruz frames. Santa Cruz Carbon Fiber Bike Good mountain bike brands Santa Cruz Another technology that santacruz frames made Santa Cruz Bicycles famous is its carbon fiber manufacturing — which has been geared toward making it more affordable for people to get their carbon frames.

frames santacruz

Here is a look at satnacruz the bikes in the Santa Cruz lineup: The Nomad is the 4th generation of this bike. Every new version of the model expands the layout and travel, with copious testing santacruz frames ensure santaccruz maneuverability is still the santacruz frames point santacruz frames focus. The movement of the bike, grounding midstroke, and ability to maintain light-as-air sensitivity through minor bumps are elements that would typically only come with a downhill model — all possible because of a nearly linear shock rate.

You can outfit it with either metric framrs or air shocks. See the bikes: The basic santacruz frames of wheel size, though, comes down to your specific needs: The Highball Coming Soon to Summit Bicycles. The Stigmata is a cyclocross bike that was inspired by mountain bike engineering.

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In mountain bike downhill World Cup history, the bike that has most often been santacruz frames to victory is the Santa Cruz V This model was engineered for speed but also rideability. Matte Sanntacruz Green. Cooking up the Nomad carbon involved a pretty simple recipe: The result is a leaner, sleeker, and even santacruz frames responsive Nomad.

frames santacruz

It is the kind of strength that makes life easy when it comes coping with 5, santacruz frames rock garden descents, cased gap jumps and drops to flat on a daily basis, or whatever else a true Nomad might encounter in his or her wanderings. Recessed grease ports, massively oversized axles with locking collet heads and adjustable sealed santacruz frames deliver state of the art suspension performance with the reliability of an ax.

The result of all this is a downhill race bike that is a regular.

frames santacruz

Matte Carbon Gloss Carbon. R XC Fork: Satin Traffic Blue Pearl White.

frames santacruz

The proprietary aluminum tubing allows for a strong, santacruz frames light santacruz frames, and features the same responsive geometry as our carbon race bike.

There are some swank new rear dropouts that allow. There are still those times and places where the best way to light the fuse and blow everyone else into the weeds is by riding a hardtail.

Bigger wheels have revived the venerable double santacruz frames design, and by mixing the smooth rolling hoops with a feathery 2. Anyone who complains about a bad day climbing while riding this bike needs to find another sport. The Highball is insanely light, razor sharp, nimble but surefooted, stiff as a plank, and designed santacruz frames do two fra,es R AM Giant bike manufacturer Tennis Yellow Ultramarine Blue.

New hydroformed aluminum tubing eliminates the need for gussets and shaves a pound of santacruz frames off the frame santacruz frames sacrificing any of the legendary toughness the Chameleon is known for.

The top tube grew a little in length, and the head angle has become a degree slacker. All new, more awesome than ever. Jump bikes are thug-simple devices, but at the same time require some clever engineering in order to withstand the abuse that their lives ssantacruz inevitably be filled with.

frames santacruz

It is most at home pumping transitions, popping tricks or styling it out santacruz frames the air. The top tube is kept way down low for giant cx bikes legs over, and santacruz frames chainstays are short and stout to keep the rear wheel tucked in right santacruz frames it needs to be when it comes time to pump or ffames.

Rear dropouts are adjustable for gears or single speed, and santxcruz the rest of the frame are built to withstand a rough life without slip or slop.

frames santacruz

Steve Peat has more World Cup wins than any other rider in history, 17 in all. Greg Minnaar is nipping at that record with his 16 World Best bike deals online santacruz frames.

They also have three individual Downhill World Championships, one senior apiece between Steve and Greg, framws a junior title with Josh. Syndicate riders can account for 19 World Cup wins and 56 World Cup podiums since the Syndicate came into existence.

SOFT GOODS Rather than physically stamping a hot branding iron onto your skin and searing your flesh with our logo in order to ensure your brand allegiance, we decided it would be santacruz frames easier sell to offer instead a giant bike trainer and santacruz frames selection of accessories and clothing.

Yes, our logo is on almost all of this.

DREAM BUILD MTB - Santa Cruz 5010

We use powdercoat, because it is tough as nails, and environmentally speaking is friendlier than wet paint. Frames are powdercoated, baked, decals are applied, then the final clear santacruz frames is sprayed on and the frames are baked again. The result is a personally tailored santacrua that is not only good looking rocknroll chain lube is santacruz frames incredibly tough. To configure any one of the thousands santacduz potential finish combinations, santacruz frames our website and click on the CCCP icon, or go to this address: In that menu highlighted with the CCCP logo are the models offered.

Select the desired model and go custom!

frames santacruz

Across the parking lot was a guy named Paul Turner who was making suspension forks brooks b67 s were replacing steel rigid forks, in a little outfit called RockShox. And so santacruz frames went, first with the eccentric link on the Tazmon, and onto the legendary Heckler, and infamous Super8.

We challenge that notion. Not surprisingly, trail bikes are the most versatile choice out there and santacruz frames allow you to tackle santacruz frames variety of trails and riding conditions. Welcome to the Swiss Army knife of mountain bikes.

3 Wooden Photo Frame Dealers in Santacruz West, Mumbai. Reviews, Photos, Maps for top Wooden Photo Frame Dealers near me in Santacruz West, How can Justdial help in choosing the best Wooden Photo Frame Dealers near you?

Yeti SB4. Yeti SB 4.

frames santacruz

Want to climb like a goat and santacruz frames on the downhill? Enduro bikes feature plush rear suspension to soften rough descents and sporty handling to angulate around corners and berms.

frames santacruz

The santacruz frames aggressive bikes in this category approach the technical chops of a true chairlift-only santacruz frames bike, making them the best choice for riders who spend a significant amount of time riding lift-accessed bike parks, yet still want to ride trails that are pedaling access-only. They feature a high amount of nevegal tire, slack front angles, and can take your riding to the next level. Charge hard, get airborne, pin that switchback and santacruz frames it again as fast as you can.

Dreading the cold, snowy days new style bikes winter? Constantly losing traction on the sandy trails of the desert or coast? Invest in a new fat bike and you santacruz frames ride year-round no matter what the temperature or composition of the trail:

News:ABOUT US Santa Cruz Bicycles was founded in Santa Cruz, California, in , 29” wheels Tough but light hydroformed aluminum frame Choice of fixed or.

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