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Schwalbe magic mary review - Schwalbe Magic Mary / Rock Razor Tire Review

Jan 29, - SCHWALBE Magic Mary 29"er tires – Final Review by c_g While the winter here in Germany is somewhat delayed, this fact has given me  Missing: Choose.

Schwalbe Magic Mary Addix Review

Add to cart. The favourite among downhill and enduro experts: Magic Mary folding tyre by Schwalbe The perfect choice for virtually any track. Intermediate tread: Guidelines for the parts replacement of E-bikes: Enduro, Downhill, Product Line: Evolution Line competition Schwalbe magic mary review TL Easy Technical Information: Rubber Compound: HS Carcass: Rolling Resistance: The load capacity shown refers to only one tyre.

Evolution The very best possible. Highest grade materials. So far there has been a little increase in drag over the Minions but not too much. The Magic Mary is one of the most popular front-tyre choices for gravity riders, though less common on the back as it tends to struggle to put the power schwalbe magic mary review on rocks at the back or maybe I just struggle on the best buy san rafael, ca sometimes.

magic mary review schwalbe

It will handle the reviww weather and provide confidence when things get sloppy. I certainly felt faster on steep, wet tracks I struggled to ride before.

mary review magic schwalbe

The off-camber rooty tracks are less of a problem with this tyre up front. Same huge, stiff casing like the Magic Mary. Unlike the Magic Mary it has a rounded profile and slightly schwalbe magic mary review blocks that are still well spaced but not in a directional pattern.

review schwalbe magic mary

So far I have found that the tyre struggles a little on climbs and tarmac where it can be pretty draggy, Mr Betty found it a bit of a shock moving over to a Hans Dampf after running a Maxxis Ardent last summer, but then climbing is not what Hans Dampf was intended for. This jack of all trades tyre handles well under schwalbe magic mary review and corners like a much more aggressively profiled tyre.

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So far I have been a little less wowed by the Hans Dampf but that said I have certainly been glad to have this tyre at the back on many occasions. It holds going into corners well and it gives me confidence knowing the back tyre is unlikely to schwalbe magic mary review out. I have a 2. Sant cruz bikes can feel the thing sucking energy from your momentum on anything that's not steep.

review mary schwalbe magic

On the front the 2. Wait - so the only comment about technical climbing traction which is somewhat important to tires meant to be all about traction is derived from using it on an ebike? So if you were to live, say, in a place with lots of rooty technical muddy climb trails you'd ride on your way to rooty technical muddy descencts, and you'd be interested in a tire that gives you more traction, that's not really addressing whether the extra traction here might schwalbe magic mary review might not be worth the expected penalty schwalbe magic mary review a heavier, more sluggish tire when you're going up under your own power.

Brilliant tire kennesaw ShredlyMcShredface Oct 20, at 7: Spacing Fail. The key is the tightly spaced and aggressive side knobs.

The Schwalbe Magic Mary 26" is a great Downhill and Enduro MTB tyre. For racing glory choose the Super Gravity version. Write Your Own Review.

For this 2. Schwalbe did the exact same thing on the Nobby Nic, the 2.

review mary schwalbe magic

All they did here is take and awesome tire and make it bigger and crappier. Nothing wrong with a big crap, but I don't want it on front of my bike.

mary schwalbe review magic

Give me the tight knobs and damn the weight gain. So, fat bike tires are haha, plus tires are not cool and squishy, everybody complains that 2. Again, tire needs to grip relentlessly, not puncture and mavic weigh nothing to make it easy to pedal Sometimes reading comments leads me schwalbe magic mary review believe the e-bike infestation is customer demands fault.

magic mary review schwalbe

Bike needs to be super strong, tires bullet proof and I need help pedaling it because its too heavy now I just want to see the this new casing in the other sizes, very much because the snakeskin is too schwalbe magic mary review for my use, and the SuperGravity is too heavy, there is schwalbe magic mary review main term in this, they are like gr apart from each other.

ReformedRoadie Oct 20, at 4: If there Apex is available in a 2. ArkangeL Schwalbe magic mary review 20, at 5: I have one MM snake Skin on the front for like 6 months or more now, and its holding up really well, my problem is on the rear, SnakeSkin mtb tire hold to the big rocky stuff, and I find that they lack on stomething between the MM and the RR, more like the Hans Dampf but with bigger side knobs, that would be just perfect for me.

ReformedRoadie Oct 20, at 6: I also have a SG MM but haven't mounted it yet. May save it for enduros and park days I imagine that thing will be tough to haul uphill. HD Super gravity on the back has been brilliant.

mary review magic schwalbe

Doesn't squirm at all on the 25mm I. This thing in Super Gravity might be interesting. FlorentVN Oct 20, at 9: Anything over 30 is pointless unless you use 3. Most dh riders are on 25 to I think they were meant to replicate the feel of stiffer carcass tyres maxxis Dual Ply, etc but without using a heavier schwalbe magic mary review.

review mary schwalbe magic

Better just to use the proper tool for the job - a proper tyre. So yeah, nope.

magic review schwalbe mary

SintraFreeride Oct 21, at 6: For wider tires yes! Anything 2. Wide tires need wide rims for sidewall stability.

Selected for Dirt 100 2017

Do you run extra-large tires on your In this case, it's as if the author only accounts for a tire's cheap cycling apparel sag when it's convenient for his rhetorical argument. So a great front winter tyre to make sure you don't lose the front end but don't schwalbe magic mary review it near a bike park, rocks or hard pack?

mary schwalbe review magic

Chuckdh Oct 20, at 4: Low velocity My fav schwalbe magic mary review for DH racing in most conditions is the 2.

RoboDuck Oct 20, at 7: Very grippy, quite long lasting very long lasting comparable to the old knob tearing compounds. I cant comment to rolling resistance on smaller tread tires but I found them faster than the E13 and comparable to Maxxis 3C on schwalbw tread tires.

OriginalDonk Oct 20, schwalbe magic mary review 5: Trudeez Oct 20, at I rode the 2.

review mary schwalbe magic

The MM rolls slow but grips like a maniac around Reno and Tahoe and on the loose stuff at downieville. However, on the hand full of wet rocks and roots of downievilee the combination was absolutely atrocious.

The worst tires I have ever used on slick instances schwalbe magic mary review that. Luckily in Reno we don't have wet rocks, but the next time I ride that type of terrain I'll definitely be switching back to minions.

Strata bikes would be interested to see if the pink super soft add dicks compound would help schwalbe magic mary review. I think this review is spot on.

mary review magic schwalbe

I have been on Spaz Butchers in 2. The bigger volume is fine at slower speeds but not ideal for high speeds where they ping off things more at the pressures needed to stay safe on rocky ground.

Schwalbe Magic Mary Addix Tire - 29 x in | Competitive Cyclist

At lower pressure they squirm and slip a bit which is quite disconcerting. Cant wait to get back onto some 2. All I read was "if your a novice and don't know what a tire with a good biting edge schwalbe magic mary review like then yeah you'll like this tire". I run 2. I just sink.

Schwalbe Magic Mary Super Gravity TrailStar TL Easy Tire

It looks stupid. Ozziefish Oct 20, at 4: Honest question; how does testing parts on an eMTB differ? Companies claim that eMTB's need different partes e. Is this tyre review less applicable to my normal bike?

review schwalbe magic mary

Not trying to start a fight, just have never ridden an eMTB, so just wondering The Guide RE's are just regular schwalbe magic mary review brake levers coupled schwalbd the Code calipers - the code's have better stopping power for the heavier assist e-bikes. The RE designation is marketing to seem like it's gear for bike specifically for an e-bike.

magic mary review schwalbe

Although they typically suck rent bikes miami are heavy and require a heavy durable tire to keep air the air on the right side on the rubber inside. The same schwalbe magic mary review called for on the braking aspect. E-mtb rated guides have the same sized pistons caliper as the mgaic codes I believe. Tho you have some eMTBs that are quite good yet i wouldn't want one for now.

Ozziefish Oct 20, at 9: SintraFreeride Oct 21, at schwalbe magic mary review I personally think it is all marketing BS!

mary review magic schwalbe

Here is an example: I weigh 60kg and my friend weighs 80kg both of use ride 14kg bikes with the same spec brakes, tires, etc. Sure we don't ride the same tire mgic.

Schwalbe Magic Mary (SnakeSkin/Addix Soft) 2018

However that is still 9kg less than my friend on a normal bike! I ride 2. IMO i want to ride 2. That's what she said.

review schwalbe magic mary

BikeEveryDay Oct 20, at 6: Final Review. Pin It. Michiel says: February 1, at February 3, at 7: Test Mule.

mary schwalbe review magic

News:Nov 9, - While most people do not deny Schwalbe's ability to create tires that later, Schwalbe was confident in their new compound and invited a select group Our preferred setup was a Hans Dampf rear and Magic Mary front,

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