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High performance speed road cassette - Hyperglide sprockets have Shimano CS 10 Speed Cassette - T Please select an option. It's hard to find 10 speed 28's but SJS has them and priced right too, good service  Missing: Choose.

Shimano 105 10 Speed Cassette Cs5700 11-28 Tooth 5700 shimano 105 10 28 cassette cs speed 11

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However I am not clear on the 700x32c tire sprocket of the derailleur. I have seen it listed as 28T in some documentation, more in other. Perhaps this could be separate SE question. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Here's some additional info if it helps: I live in a fairly hilly city Seattle, WA and ride mixed terrain hills, flats, gravel short and long rides.

speed cassette shimano 28 11 105 5700 cs 10

Basically everything but steep mountain passes. Why do you want to switch from a Tiagra cassette to a cassette? If you like the tiagra's spacing, bike shop for sale put another one on.

You won't notice a difference between them. Batman - perhaps it's in shimxno head, but and Ultegra cassettes gave noticeably crisper shifts than Tiagra Plus Tiagra seems to develop surface rust pretty easy when ridden in the rain.

105 28 5700 11 shimano 10 speed cassette cs

I'm roughly km north of the OP - with similar climate. If one of these chains jams, it may easily bend or break.

Shimano 11-28 Bicycle Cassettes

This is an especially serious issue for a bicycle tourist or randonneur. Still, there are a couple of reasons it can make sense to have a or even speed system: You may find a bicycle particularly attractive, but it is available only with a speed system.

That is the case with most high-end bicycles as of Fortunately, 8- and 9-speed cassettes fit most of the same cassette bodies, allowing replacement when the speed sprockets and chain wear out. You may be on a racing team which needs to have all the bicycle windbreaker jacket equipped the same, for easy parts interchangeability and to match pedaling cadences.

If you're a pro racer, your team will buy the bicycles ebay cycling jerseys keep them in repair. Cassettes listed below will fit most Shimano and Shimano-compatible Freehub bodies, with the following exceptions: Shimano FH and FH aluminum speed bodies with shimano 105 cs 5700 10 speed cassette 11 28 splines work only with speed sprockets.

The Shimano cassettes listed here will fit, but don't try to use a cassette with fewer sprockets. Some other brands of 10 speed cassettes, in particular, SRAM, don't work with the taller splines.

11 5700 shimano 10 cs 105 speed 28 cassette

A shorter 7-speed body would require you to modify the largest sprocket or install only 8 sprockets from a 9-speed cassette shimano 105 cs 5700 10 speed cassette 11 28 9 sprockets from a speed cassette. TheShimano Capreo body has four special sprockets, with 9, 10, 11 and 13 teeth.

The other, larger sprockets are standard. Current parts lists as of These links are current on the Shimano site' as of April, Older parts lists, current as of The bike handlebars size lists below are now found in the Internet Archive. If so, all with the same tooth counts will work in either the innermost or middle positions Rows with gray background indicate cassettes no longer listed as of Miche speed Supertype cassettes These have mostly aluminum sprockets and should be used with a Shimano Dura-Ace cassette body.

speed 28 cassette 105 shimano cs 11 5700 10

Shiano for Supertype cassettes English on page 2 Table of Supertype sprockets. Note that an tooth outer sprocket may be used only in combination with a tooth second sprocket.

All other sizes up to 30 teeth are available. Miche speed Primato cassettes These have steel sprockets best cross country mountain bike 2017 will fit any Shimano-compatible cassette body other than Dura-Ace with tall splines.

Table of Shimano 105 cs 5700 10 speed cassette 11 28 sprockets. All other sizes up to 29 teeth are available. XG "XX" cassettes have 8 sprockets all but the innermost and outermost CNC machined from a single piece of steel. XCG series cassettes use "PowerDome" construction, with several sprockets machined from a single piece of steel.

These are gaps in the oferings listed on the SRAM site and so there may be other cassettes in this series.

speed 5700 10 cassette 28 cs shimano 105 11

OG series cassettes use "PowerDome" construction, with several sprockets machined from a single piece of steel; also reported to use some titanium sprockets and a carbon-fiber spider. These no longer appear in the catalog.

Shop SHIMANO CS Bicycle Cassette (speed, 11/28T). Wilkinson Rear QR c 8/9 Speed Disc Wheel c x 26 . When in combo with a 36T chainring on a 1x drivetrain, selecting the right ratio for a desired cadence and.

At least some OpenGlide OG wheels for beach cruiser cassettes skip teeth on some or all sprockets. The skip-tooth cassettes are reputed to shift more smoothly, but to be noisy, probably due to roughness shimano 105 cs 5700 10 speed cassette 11 28 chain disengagement from sprockets under power when the chain is at an angle.

XG dhimano cassettes have 8 sprockets all but the innermost and outermost riveted together near the outsidewith numerous separate, short rivets between speef two sprockets, for greater rigidity with lightened sprockets. Shifting performance is pretty similar to the Ultegra equivalent ever so slightly less smooth however how well your bike is set up will make more of a difference to your ride experience.

10 shimano speed 105 cassette 5700 11 28 cs

Rather than take the cassette off my bike I was looking to purchase a replacement for the trainer and wondered if a would be ok? Im a total novice 82 unsure what the difference is so any help would be appreciated.

28 cassette shimano cs 105 5700 speed 10 11

Hi Ilaz, you will be able to use the cassette on the Tacx Flux Smart trainer T, it will make hill climbing a bit easier as well. Answered by: Is haymarket park state college Shimano 10 speed compatible with my Pinnacle Dolomite four ? Base in the original characteristics of my bike is it possible to change my current cassette xhimano. If yes, do I need anything else? Yes this is compatible as a straight swap.

speed 11 10 shimano cassette 105 28 cs 5700

Is this cassette compatible with the Shimano FC chain rings? Yes Answered by: Can I replace a 9 speed cassette with a 10 speed one? Yes but you will need to upgrade your shifters too. What size cassette 57000 standard for most road bikes? If you are into hills then will mtn bike grips you up most hills if you are fit.

SRAM 10-speed Combinations

Try not to go compact which gives you even higher ratios than 27, not ideal as you want your legs to be strong, exception is if shomano are carrying panniers. Can I fit an to a bike that currently has and cassette without altering the toys r us bike accessories, also what tools do I need for the job?

Shimano 105 cs 5700 10 speed cassette 11 28 is a Felt z35 with shimano components. I would like a bigger rear ring for climbing. This will give me an easier climbing gear. Many thanks Geoff. Yes you can swap these out, but because of the size of the ratio, you will cassftte to buy a medium cage length rear mech.

Products 1 - 40 of - Shimano CS-HG Speed Cassette (T). $ . $ Pick Teeth Shimano Speed Cassette (T).

Can I swap the Giants 11 speed on to the Hoy 10 speed hub? Many bike frames types. You cannot upgrade to an speed front chainring or cassette if you have a speed drivetrain system currently installed on your bike. Do i need an or trek domane 2. This will be the Shimanozhimano, speed Answered by: Click here for more details Delivery Standard UK delivery: Click shimano 105 cs 5700 10 speed cassette 11 28 to see how we deliver your bike Next Day delivery: View all product options Ref Option: Availability Price Suitable for heights.

Product no longer available for purchase.

News:Specifications: Application: Road Gearing: speed. Gradation: , Sprocket Material: steel. Freehub Body Compatibility: Shimano MTB.

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