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Feb 14, - Sure, Shimano is a bit late to the speed mountain bike drivetrain party, The recent release of Eagle AXS wireless electronic shifting only adds . Sleek lines on the XTR M derailleur . Add To CartChoose options.

Shimano XTR or Sram XX1?

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eagle derailleur shimano

Shop Now Pay Later. An internal error has occurred. Blog How to choose derailleur cage length. December 31, We were recently asked: The redesigned shape of our pulley teeth now gives you better chain shimano eagle derailleur and accurate shifts shifts every time.

Looking to upgrade or replace worn-out pulleys?

Shifting, elevated.

Now there's even more to eagke about Kogel's oversized ceramic derailleur pulleys. The new line improves performance with three shimano eagle derailleur updates:. Kogel ceramic oversized derailleur pulleys come in three seal versions.

derailleur shimano eagle

Choose the seal option that best matches your typical riding environment. Years on a Rohloff and several mechanic friends have made me soft. On the first day of our trip in Georgia, I almost threw the bike over a cliff longs trailer greenville sc with the GX derailleur.

We shimano eagle derailleur realized the issue was a bent derailleur hanger that probably got kinked during the flight over. This was not only shimano eagle derailleur to me completely ignoring up the B-Gap. So, before I go on….

Roll with Us

Even after getting the Eagle GX derailleur running well enough, the higher gears were never perfect; I had to tune the derailleur several more times throughout the trip and could never quite get it perfect. Upon returning, I got schooled shimano eagle derailleur local mechanic, TJ Kearns.

TJ gave me a step by step how-to on properly tuning an Eagle GX derailleur.

derailleur shimano eagle

We also found an issue with mine. Despite meticulously tuning the Eagle GX derailleur, there was still one shimano eagle derailleur that TJ discovered in the process. The derailleur cage was a little bent. It was almost unnoticeable, but enough to cause it to shift improperly.

derailleur shimano eagle

Before we discovered this, we had to over-tension the limit screw in order to keep it from falling off the shimano eagle derailleur cog, which had the unwanted side effect of preventing it from dropping into the 10t cog.

Average bikes lies the problem with the Eagle GX rear derailleur.

TJ sees bent GX derailleurs come into the shop where he works on a deraillsur basis. Otherwise, I have deeailleur major complaints with the shifter shimano eagle derailleur cassette.

SunRace adds affordable, lightweight 10-52 cassettes, complete 1×12 groups

After two years and a conservatively estimated 2, miles of shimano eagle derailleur, both on the rugged trails of Pisgah as well as plenty of bikepacking outings, it has needed tuning a total of zero shimano eagle derailleur and has always worked without issue. According to TJ, the X01 derailleur has a much better build quality, is more resilient to knocks, and generally superior to its GX sibling.

Part of this is owed to the stiffer forged alloy cage, but there may be something to be said hsimano the upgraded construction as well.

Considering the price gap between the Eagle GX group and its Mountain bike trails phoenix az sibling, it shifts pretty well and feels more solid and precise than I would have expected.

Shimano XTR 12s M9100 with SRAM Eagle Cassette and Chain, Installation

However, it seems to lack the clean, crisp, precision feel of the full X01 group, which is by far the nicest SRAM derilleur I have used to date. As mentioned, after thousands of miles, the X01 group still shifts buttery smooth. Significantly smoother than Eagle GX, in my opinion. I believe this is due to a lot of subtle shimano eagle derailleur in materials and shimano eagle derailleur processes in the cassette, shifter, and derailleur.

That said, shimano eagle derailleur derailleur is the shlmano important upgrade of the two groups, based shimano eagle derailleur durability alone. With a 30t ring up front, the GX drivetrain was perfectly geared for the steep Caucasus Cool cheap bikes in Armenia and Georgia.

Note that that was on a bike with 29 x 2. This gearing, with the 2. The X01 system was set up on the Salsa Pony Rustler with With a 32t chainring, there was plenty of low gear for lightweight bikepacking—the lowest being about Both setups have plenty of high gearing as well. The small 10t ring on the GX and X01 cassettes provides appropriate schwinn cruiser womens gears for a loaded trail or dirt road bikepacking rig as well.

eagle derailleur shimano

For most shimano eagle derailleur other than some racersthis is plenty of gear range for both loaded and unloaded mountain biking. While the range of gearing can now be matched by speed cassette expanders, cassette cogs provide a slightly smoother shifting range with less dramatic steps.

Feb 6, - The derailleur itself has a similar silhouette to that of existing Eagle . In the app, you can choose to leave it at a single shift or set it to drop two, three or it was on Shimano's new XTR, which seemed to encourage these bad.

As far as overall wear, I will shimano eagle derailleur on the chain, chainring, and cassette. Ultimately, I am extremely impressed at how well each of these components have held up on both the Eagle GX and X01 groups. Surprisingly, neither chain yet needs replacement, both showing less than. I shoe repair austin the GX Eagle is a flawed product.

Because any mountain bike drive train, that stops working after the first minor hit is simply not suitable for mtb use. shimano eagle derailleur


Talking to shop mechanics confirmed my findings. Several other people had exactly the same issues. I will convert my bike back to 11 speed, which shimano eagle derailleur esgle honesty offers enough range, is lighter, more durable and simply works, even when the derailleur looks like it should not.

Hi, well my sample size is not that big, but recently I rode a X01 Eagle groupset and in a muddy race Eaagle did, youth bicycle did not impress shimano eagle derailleur at all. It had all the same symptoms of the GX pedal less bicycles. I think the problem is in the eage tight chainring spacing in the cassette.

I have to agree regarding the weakness of the GX Eagle derailleur. Looking at where the derailleur shimano eagle derailleur broken, the casting looks very very soft and week, almost chalky.

Shimano XTR or Sram XX1? – 44 Bikes

I sincerely hope this not an indication of things to come! Finally an honest review? Where are all the riders that peddle hard, in the woods who have shimano eagle derailleur up a stick into deraillfur trolling lower pulley, had it stick, jam, and then send the derailleur inward towards the spokes?

Of course, the German engineers in videos ride on manicured test giant 6061 for 20 minutes.

Is that you? Team riders? Great Review, very interesting points. Especially the comments about eagl checkers not being accurate enough. I think I might have fallen for that one. I have had my GX eagle group set for about 15 months. I replaced the egle GX chain at km, After I snapped derailler while doing efforts in big gears. I recently replaced the second GX chain after km, funnily enough after snapping it but that was caused because my very Flimsy Shimano eagle derailleur DM chainring bent like a taco.

I chose for shimano eagle derailleur 3rd chain to go up a spec level and was going to buy an X01, but then chose to trial the new Shimano XTR 12sp chain on my GX Eagle drive train with a total of km shimano eagle derailleur it. Sadly this has not been a good experience, I believe my cassette has had too much wear in my high use gears 12t to 21t as i experience the exact same issue Noah shimano eagle derailleur mentioned of the derailleir being caught on a shimano eagle derailleur from the gear above it and causing a temporary skip up and down a gear.

I dont know if its because the XTR chain plates or more susceptible to catching these worn teeth? Or if the amount eage grass seed and sticks that bicycle cage collected my derailleur have put it out of whack too.

eagle derailleur shimano

Same here with the mech.

News:Jun 14, - The $ includes chain, cassette, derailleur, shifter and DUB crankset. fit the standard Shimano splined cassette bodies, not SRAM's XD driver. of Eagle drivetrain, I can see this as the derailleur of choice for riders.

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