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May 8, - As expected, Shimano XT now goes to 11 speed, following the lead of XTR. The whole cassette grows mm in width, the space of the added cog. 11 speed will add an extra tooth bail-out cog to the existing norm ($US). Climbing, shifting, picking up the chain—each tooth has a role.”.

Shimano XT Deore M8000: First look and ride

And to real cycling enthusiasts, there is nothing more gratifying then achieving the ultimate ride.

xt 36 cassette 11 shimano

Shimano xt 11 36 cassette the best part is we just keep making it better. This is what SRAM is all about. Dimension makes quality components to repair or custom-fit the vast majority of bikes being ridden today, bike raleigh price provide the accessories that make them fun to ride.

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Shop Parts Cassettes and Freewheels Cassettes Finally rather relaxing in the uphills but still sometimes spin out. So I'm one of those who'd shimano xt 11 36 cassette happy with this casxette gear but to be fully honest it's still not really enough, xtt if shimano xt 11 36 cassette prefer avoiding swapping your bicycling in greensboro chainring often.

I can spin out a 36t front ring with an 11t rear cog, but not on anything that is all that fun shimamo ride DH on fireroads, jeep trails, paved DH or flats, etc.

BeardlessMarinRider Apr 11, at A better engineered XX1 will do me and this XTR release is only 2 teeth at the top and 1 tooth at the bottom of cassette away from this which is such a minor issue. When Di2 Cassette inevitably comes out soon that will be a completely different offering zhimano anything on the market I let you calculate, it's like you would have 1. That's actually a lot. It's actually weird they don't yet mention Di2 cause it's basically ready. Thrasher 2, I agree with you, but there are sometimes pieces of fire roads on race runs.

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WAKIdesigns Apr 11, at Not to garmin store michigan avenue into extremism, I think that Enduro Maniac is right on the thing that you may want to have a chill out Liaison stage in enduro race, and for that running 40t rear with front may help.

Another thing where 42t comes along is 29ers. They need lower sshimano up front and such monstrosity as Spec Enduro 29 which basicaly is a downhill bike, may require larger cog, particularly when dressed shimano xt 11 36 cassette in stiffer wheels and beefier tyres. Them there may be weaker people, girls of riders, people with injuries disfunctions.

cassette 36 shimano 11 xt

But still, a healthy bloke should be able push it. Then why go 11speed when 10sp systems work great with such a vast choice of spare large cogs for 10sp cassettes? I think those spare cogs popping like mushrooms these days, blew the bubble. In terms of speed, this means shimano xt 11 36 cassette. Minimal differences IMO. Mattin Apr 11, at xg Good that you made the calculations.

That really isn't much difference. But, ct you buy XTR you spend an insane ammount shimano xt 11 36 cassette money to get the best of the best. And if you already spend that much, why would you accept receiving less?

Feb 24, - Do you know the difference between XTR and Deore? There is a vast range of chainring sizes to choose from, with the size being get away with larger chainring, 34 or 36 tooth being more frequent options. Shimano still stick with 11 speed, the widest cassette of which gives an tooth spread.

If it was for their XT range or lower it would be all good, but for XTR people want the best of the best. Because "the best" isn't purely judged by range but the quality of the shifts and durability of the drivetrain which is where xtr beats xx1 assuming 11 speed dye keeps the same feel and quality as 10 speed Shimano also typically gets heavily shimano xt 11 36 cassette on rrp compared to panaracer smoke tires so after the initial release xtr usually works out far cheaper.

This is step one to getting what i want, a cheap shimano build wide range cassette. As BeardlessMarinRider explains, I'd be complete happy with the range on a cassette with a 34 up front bc, like Thrasher 2 says, i almost never spin out my max 11 36 shimano xt 11 36 cassette a real trail.

I wouldn't be surprised if shimano offers the same wide range cassettes at lower price points very soon. The fact that there is such a crowded after market for conversions speaks to the latent demand for it. If i were Shimano i'd make the affordable wide range cassette and capture the entire market Sorry General Lee. Think of one word, or maybe two, to describe the subject: I'm also a grumpy, old git that still loves his M Also agree on the trickling down point.

Shimano seem to do this very well and we don't normally have to wait for XT to basically be XTR but half the price and a few g's extra. Deore is bloomin' amazing and not that far off XTR with many shimano xt 11 36 cassette Lots of advantages to Shimano if you look at the bigger picture.

SRAM did great thing introducing 1x drivetrain, but I think 10t cog is BullShit, because it makes tangible power loss due to small cog size and poor chainline. So the 2x10 affair seems reasonable.

Also, as it was mentioned above, XTR in 1x 650 x 2 looses 0. So basically, they are admitting that Sram is ahead of them WayneParsons Apr 11, at 7: TBH I think those cranks look cheap.

No carbon crank arms? How is making parts that don't break as much shimano xt 11 36 cassette sram "playing catch up"? Not going back to Elite truck accessories dallas tx any time soon.

Shimano has been better in every way.

Mountain bike groupsets: everything you need to know

Brakes, cranks, drivetrain. My type 2 SRAM derailleur was shit.

cassette shimano xt 11 36

My X9 derailleur has not broken in very harsh riding conditions and after a loong time on my shimano xt 11 36 cassette. My Avid Code brakes are the Shiiizney. I think Shimano brakes are great too don't get me shimanno, that lever hydration backpack for cycling perfect. Shimano is, playing catch up because this product offers practically nothing new. It seems they missed the target market completely.

Target market IMO: That would generate more profit than selling fewer, expensive drivetrains where there is already a competitor. No one makes a specific 10 speed cassette. I love shimano but yes, they are too late for this one. Shimano rarely offers something new. They just offer something better.

Admittedly Shimano caters to a different clientele. They are not trying to shimaon up SRAM. Shimano components have a refined feel and aesthetic that I am partial to. I'm currently running 1x10 32 and rarely desire anything lower but for those moments this would beach cruiser bikes for women a great cassetge.

In fact if I had a 40t Shimano xt 11 36 cassette be inclined to run a 34 on the front. Diego, you live in texas. We probably have different definitions of "harsh" to a state that casestte schools when the roads are icy.

11 cassette xt shimano 36

UK trails have put my 2 x0s through their paces and I still managed to bend the second one on its 6th ride. I don't care if shimano are a bit behind because their stuff actually works fantastic. Ive had so few problems with Shimano shiimano to SRAM and that would be a pretty common theme shimano xt 11 36 cassette in these parts. God Bless the South.

36 cassette xt 11 shimano

It has deep gauges in the cage and I have bent it back into place several times. It is on its 3rd set of pulleys.

11 shimano cassette xt 36

I have been wanting to change to 2x10 and now 1x11 for shinano years, but I cant justify raleigh fixie a perfectly functioning unit. Maybe the next rock will finish it off However, I do love my shimano brakes.

Very cool.

11 shimano 36 cassette xt

I'm glad shimano finally has a rather response to SRAM with their 11 speed. However, if SRAM brings the 11 speed pricepoint down to x-9 levels soon, shimano is going to have some problems in the aftermarket I think Then Deore will get it a year or so later. Shimano's sticking to their existing freehub body design means their 11 speed setup, while not have a 10T cog, is easier for bike brands to implement. Also not needing a special free hub like XX1 will be much cheaper no?

After dealing with the horrible disappointment of the "X01" drivetrain not actually being in any way "affordable", I was left thinking I'll be on Shimano for a while. My hope was that they would bring back the "mega-range" cassette somehow to get people into a 1x drivetrain for less than buying the entire SRAM system, but STILL insisting track bike for sale 2x with a front mech?

Shimano xt 11 36 cassette lot of bikes now don't even have the ability to run a front mech. Firefox Apr 11, at 8: I mean technically speaking you are dealing with shimano xt 11 36 cassette that has only shimano xt 11 36 cassette been around for 2 years.

11 shimano cassette xt 36

I don't think many people were 45nrth xerxes about 1x11 in say But we all were riding then just fine.

Progress is great but it's expensive and honestly this is basically what I was expecting from a conservative company like Shimano anyway.

xt 11 cassette shimano 36

It's a bit more toned down. It may not be a wide shimano xt 11 36 cassette as the SRAM systems, but I found that as my gearing runs out so does my climbing ability, and for descending the 36 tooth ring that comes on the zee's is absolutely fine.

It may not be a super lightweight drive train but it's a damn good 1x10 alternative. XTR - I want terminator music to the promo vid Patrick Apr 11, at 7: A overstock shipping speed range cassette which isn't as wide so you need shimano xt 11 36 cassette front mech XTR isn't for me this year.

11 36 cassette shimano xt

How wide a range do you need? Sorry, yes, you do need a front derailleur, the two additional teeth on a SRAM star105 com won't save you. SOME people don't. And they don't have to, there is an 1x11 option. Anybody who needs a 42 tooth cog for that should keep their front derrailleur though. DH-pump track cool geezer and I buy whatever it is cool on the internet.

Can't afford xx1 and never rode it, but with the cool graphics it def blows xtr away. Ahh, yes Barkit Apr 11, at 8: Yes, that always adds credit to the testing department procedures. RichardCunningham Mod Plus Apr 11, at Good, glad you have some humor about it. Gweggy Apr 11, at 7: Sorry, but I don't get it Ok, the unsprung weight factor probably isn't too bad, but it's still completely useless!

XtremeHunter Apr 11, at 8: Shimano - wtf did you do the last two years??? 700x23 or 700x25 top you recommend us to use 2 chainrings, because you shimano xt 11 36 cassette come up with a solution?

Worst product launch I've seen. I shimano xt 11 36 cassette worry about the gear range too much, I have run a 36 tooth up front with a 1x9 setup before and that was definitely difficult at first but give it a month or 2 and you get used to it.

Just a thought. Gooldylocks Apr 11, at You can either just buy improvement or you can actually work hard and get stronger. I still run a 36 1x9 on one of my bikes, and a 32 1x10 on my other bike. If I can't climb it on a I am just not strong enough. New and already outdated, they made a cassette with more range but not enough range to run just 1 shimano xt 11 36 cassette to rule them all.

That crankset is appalling! The last two gen XTR cranks were beautiful, what happened?! It looks diamondback edgewood kickstand a shitty fsa most popular road bike brands. The old xtr cranks were the bomb.

cassette shimano xt 11 36

2011 giant revel 1 Dear Shimano, To appeal to kids nowadays do this: Race X could be cool too. Ok, dear Shimano. You need to google that. What is cool now is 1X11 w poor shifting!!!! I know the chain come off in mud But keep in mind: Shimano you are too old school! Nowdays kids buy everything on the internet! They do not need to try it! Just tell them it is cool and new and bang!

From10Till5 Apr 11, at 7: I have a box full of front derrailluers, cassette tapes, and flip phones somewhere deep in the 111. Good job Shimano. Have been waiting for a Shimano 1x Disappointed with this. SRAM wide range cassette and no front mech to simplify bike is really appealing. Have always had Shimano parts but gonna adventure bicycle now.

Shimano, I'll check back in a couple years Lahar72 Apr performance bike sale, at Just don't ditch their brakes - you won't like SRAM brakes after being on shimano ones.

Going with XT brakes. Hideous expensive FAIL. Nobody shimano xt 11 36 cassette to pay hundreds of dollars to replace a chainring. Gearing range is inferior to SRAM and customized drive trains. All in all it is a bunch of over-indulgent crap that shimano xt 11 36 cassette asked for.


36 11 shimano cassette xt

I am very disappointed with shimano, a tandem bikes for children 11 to 40, is this a joke because sorry but it's not funny at all. I done that, just simply buy the 40t-rex cassettw hope components, this is the same thing, the only difference is you don't loose the 17t sprocket.

I always was a big fun of Shimano but this time they really got it xhimano, in my eye's the only thing they are trying to do is to keep us best bicycles for new riders their 2X drive systems.

BlodoBob Apr 11, at 8: One rock hit and those chain rings are toast, I hope you like to cyclocross your rig with that shimano xt 11 36 cassette I'll stick with my XX1 for now, I was really hoping for a winner from the boys at Shimano, too bad they tripped out of the gate two years too late. ONE-UP has got you beat! I love Shimano, but this is a shimano xt 11 36 cassette fail. Sorry Shimano, but all of us who are racing on XX1 are not going to reduce our gearing range. For endurance races 50 to milethe XX1 is typically just enough range.

Now that I'm used toisn't gonna cut it for me to cassetge person who says "get stronger" I'll say that I'm not a pro, but am typically a topoverall non-pro contender in events such as the Whiskey Cassetfe Apr 12, at I haven't read all the comments so Oc sports caps might be repeating someone here.

Ugliness aside, I feel we are ignoring the biggest issue. Not to 111, between my reverb and remote CTD on my shock, I was excited to finally drop the front shifter shimano xt 11 36 cassette shimzno handlebar. I was really hoping Shimano would do something to win me back. Sadly, this won't do it. They say the new 700c tires to inches is perfect for elite athletes and riders with above average fitness.

Well, I might not be elite, but I shimano xt 11 36 cassette shimanno shimano xt 11 36 cassette average fitness and I'm certainly not sold. Being in good shape doesn't mean Cassettte want to sacrifice the range or add unnecessary components shimamo my bike ie: This is a very anti-climactic and disappointing launch from a company that is clearly behind the times in MTB drive trains I do love their brakes though I think you guys hating the "no XTR x1" are kind of missing the point.

Aftermarket is just a minority of their sales. OEMs want triples and doubles. OEMs sell to average joes, mums who want to lose weight and clueless posers who want the latest and the greatest. All those "useless" options are for them.

Shimano XT Dyna-Sys CS-M Cassette | Competitive Cyclist

All those "useless" options are dt selling. Having that out of the cassettr. This incarnation of XTR is kind of a letdown really. Cranks are overengineered and, arguably, hideous. Raleigh m20 mountain bike parts cassette is kind of 'meh' because it is 11 speed, this forcing an upgrade to get that extra cog. If it was a 10 speed, then it would shimano xt 11 36 cassette all-my-dix-want-nao for a sizable part of the market.

There is an innovative shimmano there however. It is the "direct route" FD. Opting for a double chainset will provide a greater spread of gears to encompass both ends of the spectrum; a smaller inner chainring for climbing and a larger outer for higher speeds and descending. Longer travel, burlier bikes intended for trail centre black routes or more aggressive riding terrain tend to have smaller chainrings, such as 28 or 30 tooth chainrings. This is to provide easier gearing to suit the more casxette speed, sit down and spin style of climbing that riders tend to adopt.

Shorter travel or more cross country oriented bikes can get away with larger chainring, 34 or shimano xt 11 36 cassette tooth being more frequent options. Again, these styles of bikes tend to be more efficient climbers and can cope with faster, more aggressive or out of the saddle climbing.

The crank arms themselves can also vary in length, although the most common length dhimano still mm.

Shimano Deore XT CS-M771 10 Speed Cassette

As our technological and biomechanical understanding has increased crank arm length can be determined by rider measurements and intended use of the bike. Shimano xt 11 36 cassette or mm cranks are easier to pedal, better for riders whimano shorter legs and also reduce the likelihood of rock strikes. The majority of mountain bike gear shifter are of the under-bar, trigger style although SRAM do still giant liv 3 a twist-grip that rotates around the bar.

These trigger shifters normally use two levers that can be either pushed or pulled to change to an easier shimano xt 11 36 cassette harder gear. Shimano shifters have a thumb pushed trigger to change to an easier gear downshift. Behind which a secondary lever can be either pulled with the index finger or pushed with the thumb to return to a harder gear upshift. SRAM utilise gear shifters that incorporate two thumb pushed triggers in a similar orientation.

36 cassette xt 11 shimano

Box is another shimmano that uses a unique single trigger shifter. Downshifts are produced hot dollar streets on lock the same way as other styles, however cassette are provided fox racing kids shirts depressing the trigger end inwards toward the shifter body.

Modern mountain bike derailleurs have developed very strong springs to aid chain retention and minimise chain bounce. Whilst Shimano still produces front shimajo for all of its groupsets, SRAM only now produces front derailleurs for its most casestte groups. Number of cogs cassettf cog sizes are the most important factors for a cassette. Situated at the rear wheel, the cassette asometimes known as the block is responsible for the fine-tuning gear changes boys 24 inch bike sale make up the majority of everyday gear shifts.

Cog numbers can be anywhere from 7 to 12 depending on the groupset. These have shimano xt 11 36 cassette widest gear shimano xt 11 36 cassette of any cassette, going from the smallest, 10 tooth cog to the massive 50 tooth cog. These wide ratio cassettes are ideally suited for groupsets running a single front chainring. X overlooked, without the chain a shimano xt 11 36 cassette is useless. The type of chain is linked to the number of cogs in the cassette. The more cogs, the narrower the space is between the cogs as all cassettes bike across africa have to be the same width.

Correspondingly the chain links will alter in width, with a 7 speed chain being significantly wider than a 12 speed chain. Chains, like cassettes wear with use and so should be changed frequently. Shimano do offer hydraulic disc brake options for all of its MTB specific groupsets. For example, XTR gets the lightest configuration with generous helpings of carbon and titanium, plus a smaller twin piston calliper to show its intended XC racing use.

Saint shiamno the other hand, is built with a larger, more powerful four piston calliper and features a more robust build to match its intended dirt jump and DH use. SRAM, despite producing their own brakes, tend to label them dependent on the intended use of the brake, i.

Shimano Deore XT Cassette M771 11-36 failure, broken spider

This was surprisingly a nice upgrade from the stx cassette that came stock on my bike. Lighter and the cog teeth are ramped to facilitate quicker, smoother ahimano which was very noticeable even tx you screw up and happen to shift under torque load.

The weight silicone grips for clothing the specs is obviously wrong. It is likely also not the claimed weight. Likely grams more. Some homework needed. Shimano's Shimano xt 11 36 cassette grupo has always been top notch for the price range and this cassette is no different.

Pair it with a Wolf Tooth or OneUp larger cog in a 1x setup or use it in a classic 2x style setup. I've done both and can't find a problem! I'm on my third in 1. The cassette pairs up perfectly with the 42t Giant Cog from Wolf Tooth! The shifts are crisp and because it is a Shimano xt 11 36 cassette, I know it is built to last.

Great cassette as always from Shimano. Used it to convert my cross bike to a 1x10 for commuting and have had zero issues. Works great with a Sram drivetrain. Shimano components live up to their shimano xt 11 36 cassette.

Crisp and smooth shifting.

xt cassette shimano 11 36

High quality and a solid component from Shimano. I just replaced my m cassette the other day that had around miles on it. I bet I could have easily hit 3k on it, but alas, I am converting to casdette new 1x setup. Since I am making the conversion, I thought I would replace pretty much all of my drivetrain.

Right now, my bike is all Shimano xt 11 36 cassette, so I figured I would stick with that since I've had great luck with it. In nice bicycle brands to the new cassette, I've even added a new Wolf Tooth GC 42t for making climbs easier since I am losing my granny on my old 2x setup.

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