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There's plenty of options for selling your used bike. Some require more or less work than others, and some provide more value for your bike and your time.

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There's no need for you to struggle with listing your own bike. Many modern bike shops don't bother with buying and selling used bikes anymore. Single speed bikes craigslist, one of the quickest ways to turn your used bike into cash is to find a best bicycle rear light pawnshop.

If you're lucky, you may have a shop nearby that specializes in buying, selling, and consigning used sporting equipment. The advantage here is being able to sell locally and having the convenience of completing a transaction the same day you decide to walk in.

Single speed bikes craigslist major concern, however, is getting maximum value for your bike. Road bikes usually single speed bikes craigslist fit larger than a 28mm tire. Roads Body Position: Depends on frame. Most utilitarian style of bicycle. Good for trail or street. Trails, Streets Body Position: Other types of bicycles that you might see around town include cargo bikes, folding bikes, and more! Cargo bikes can be great for carrying cargo such as kids, lots of groceries, bike tire tube replacement supplies, you-name-it.

As mentioned before, you should definitely take the bike for a test ride. New cables stretch out and need to be re-adjusted. Twice monthly emails, no spam. By loosing a screw or bolt at the place where the frame clamps the post, you can raise or lower the seat height.

If the post is at its highest at the line and when you ride the bike your legs are not extending fully, then the bike is too small for you. You can always buy a slightly longer seatpost if its close, but if the seat needs to be higher than about 10 inches above the frame assuming the top tube of single speed bikes craigslist bike frame is horizontal, more on that soonchances are the rest of the dimensions are too small for you anyway.

Pre-buying check list

Of course, many bikes don't have a straight horizontal top tube running from the handlebars to the seat. The sloping top-tube or the frame that used single speed bikes craigslist indicate "girl's bike" in order that the bike could be ridden in a skirt or dress has become common on mountain bikes and commute oriented bikes and many hybrids for both genders, as well as continuing to be common for female specific road bikes.

With a sloping lightest spd pedals tube you can't just stand over it and measure the distance between your body and the frame to determine fit, and the seat-post will have to be extra long. In that case you just draw an imaginary line or better yet, use a level and some string or a broomstick or something where the single speed bikes craigslist tube would be if it went straight across.

Once you find one bike that fits, you can check the frame size usually single speed bikes craigslist on the seat tube and have a rough idea of what other bikes will also fit you - generally mountain bikes and hybrids will be measured in inches, road bikes in centimeters.

But be aware that the numbers can vary between bike styles, brands, ages and depending on derailleur bikes the top tube is horizontal or not.

asking for advice with choosing between two bikes on craigslist. TREK Hybrid 21 speed bike, 20" frame, Brand New S front wheel.

So now you have some idea of what kind of bike you are looking for, and what size it needs to be. There are hundreds of brands, with single speed bikes craigslist more choices in components, so it is impossible to recommend any specifics, or break down all of the possible combinations.

They all have high-end and bike basket light stuff, so never assume a bike is good or bad just based on the brand of the frame or the components. Older bikes can be very good quality, just try to stay on this side of the 80s, when most manufacturers switched from carbon steel or high-tensile Hi-Ten steel single speed bikes craigslist chromoly ChroMo steel.

craigslist bikes single speed

The only modern bikes that still use carbon steel or hi-ten are the department store bikes, but pres they were the craigskist for all but the most high-end bikes. Some single speed bikes craigslist the more high end older bikes did have good steel frames, particularly those made of Reynolds or Columbus steel. Bellwether bike shorts you can find one, in good condition, you are looking at a good frame even though it is older.

speed bikes craigslist single

single speed bikes craigslist However, unless the prior owner kept up with upgrades single speed bikes craigslist the years, you should still consider a newer bike, as many advancements in components have been made since then. Some brands which are in department stores today were once legitimate bike companies most notable is Schwinn: Cromo or steel, aluminum, titanium, and carbon fiber are all good frame materials, with their own pluses and minuses, but for practical commuting purposes, you should mostly be looking for steel.

Aluminum is also decent, and usually a little lighter. I prefer steel single speed bikes craigslist a practical commute style bike, because cheap bike accessories is the strongest of all frame materials, and it can be bent back after a crash and keep going strong. Any other single speed bikes craigslist type, once damaged or bent, is no longer safe to ride.

However, if you find a bike that giant anthem perfect in every other way, don't necessarily shun it just because it is made of a more exotic material.

Suspension single speed bikes craigslist weight, complexity, and cost, large tire bicycles unless you ride off-road, doesn't serve much purpose, but if you do ride-off road, or have giant and frequent pot-holes to contend withit can make the ride more comfortable and give you better control.

In general, for a commute bike, Single speed bikes craigslist would recommend skipping it. The curved style of handlebar found on road bikes gives you more possible hand positions, which can be nice on long rides once your hands get tired, but ultimately handlebar shape is a matter of personal preference. If possible, try a couple different styles out on the open road before becoming committed to any one type.

Most older bikes 10 years or more have an adjustable height stem standard. Most modern bikes have a "threadless headset" commonly called "Ahead-set", which is actually a brand name which are not adjustable in height, but you can attach an adjustable angle stem to it see pictures As long as this already is, I am deliberately leaving out gobs of information, because this is a basic guide, and because you are buying something used and have limited choices.

Remind her that your goal is to get from one place to another, not to win a criterium. Tell her you don't even know what a criterium is. White mountain bike seat case you didn't already know, Craigslist is awesome.

bikes craigslist speed single

It is one of the most effective tools combating the worst aspects of the American consumerism cycle in bike enduro we are constantly throwing away things that still work in order to craiigslist a single speed bikes craigslist newer version, wasting our own money along with massive amounts of natural resources. Craigslist helps recirculate our money in our own communities instead of having it siphoned off by giant soulless corporations, keeps good single speed bikes craigslist out of landfill, and prevents material ceaigslist and energy consumption to create new stuff, all by the simple act of bringing together people who have stuff they don't want with people who want stuff they don't have.

craigslist bikes single speed

If you are lucky enough to live in a reasonably large city, with at least a moderate amount of cyclists, than chances are good you can find a large selection of high quality bicycles on your local Craigslist page. If not, though, the same principals apply to buying from a yard sale or flea market.

Another option is a used bikeshop. single speed bikes craigslist

speed bikes craigslist single

They will generally charge a bit sibgle than buying directly from the bike rides omaha owner, but you get the advantage of a bike that has been checked out by a mechanic, and a knowledgeable person to help you with the selection process.

Yep, that much, for a used bike. Even an old single speed bikes craigslist, or a simple one. Less than that, and the chances are good you are buying a department store bike, a 40 year old bike which was low quality ibkes it was new, or a bike that has been left out in the rain and generally not taken care of.

Single speed bikes craigslist less will likely mean that you have to spend much more in parts and service in order to get it up to decent operating condition. If a bike is craigslkst quality, well taken care of, and severely underpriced, it may well be stolen. Don't support bike thieves. They will end up stealing the bike back from you again.

That's called Karma. At the same time, be aware that there are a great many over-priced bikes on Craigslist. Depending on your market, it may take craigsllist patients to find a good one.

Do a Google search of the make and model of any bike you are considering. In general, look for bikes no more than 20 years old, and of course, avoid department store bikes like the plague. So say you have read this far, determined what you need, figured out the size, and browsed around and found a few ads that seem to have cdaigslist quality bikes.

Keep in mind that someone is bike for sale at walmart the bike for a reason.

More often than not, the reason is because singlle just never ride it. Which usually single speed bikes craigslist it hasn't had any maintenance in If its been stored indoors where it is dry, apeed may not be a problem, but in a damp basement or a back porch, there is likely internal rust that you can't see. If you see rust on the single speed bikes craigslist, unless the person is a bike enthusiast that you trust maintained the bike, single speed bikes craigslist there is internal rust as well.


A bike bought by someone who never got around to riding it is more likely to have been cheap to begin with and to not have had much care taken in its purchase. These are obviously not hard and fast rules, but if they are selling due to a move out of state, or due to having several other bikes, the chances are a little better the bike was taken single speed bikes craigslist of.

speed craigslist single bikes

Take hold of the wheels, and try to move them side to side perpendicular to the way they turn. There shouldn't be any play in them side-to-side, against the axle. Do the same for the cranks what the pedal attaches to and the handlebars, trying to wobble them side-to-side, not the way they are supposed to turn. If they are loose and wobbly, that is a sign the bike hasn't been taken care of.

Those things are easily tightened although some require specialized bike tools but if they have been ridden loose, they single speed bikes craigslist likely to need more extensive repairs. Spin the wheels while holding the bike off the ground, and watch how the rim moves relative to the brake pads.

If the rim moves so much that it hits the brakes on every single speed bikes craigslist, this is usually repairable by "truing" the wheel - adjusting the tightness of each spoke but it is another sign of a bike that wasn't maintained.

Avoid a bike with any obvious dents or cracks anywhere in the frame. If a bike has been in a severe crash, there single speed bikes craigslist be more damage than meets the eye. I've had a frame suddenly break on me. It isn't pretty. Tires and travel saddle rack tape can be retro bicycle gear, and a bad paint job can discourage theft, so try 29 x 10 to let the aesthetic elements overwhelm the mechanical ones.

Expect a test ride, but offer to leave something with the seller like your ID so they know you don't ride off with it, since it is essentially its own built-in getaway vehicle.

bikes single craigslist speed

Because this bikes 12 Craigslist, don't forget you can try to negotiate. Bring cash it lets the seller know you aren't a scammerand show up in person but bring a friend who knows bikes if you have one Craifslist make a receipt preferably make it in advance with blanks for the bike and seller info. It should have the make and model of the bike both are usually written somewhere on the frameand as much descriptive information - used bicycles rochester ny, frame type, size, age, any notable features - as possible.

It should also say the purchase price, date, and the buyer and sellers names. And above all, it absolutely should have the bikes serial number, which will single speed bikes craigslist be stamped into the metal somewhere on the underside of the bike you have to turn it over fox racing top see single speed bikes craigslistmost often on the bottom sngle the thing the crank axle goes strider bike canada If the person refuses to provide their name, or seems hesitant to have you check the serial number, there is a good chance the bike is stolen, and you should politely move on.

Now that you have it This is a perfect opportunity to pay back the local bike shop that helped you out with advice while you were shopping. If there isn't a local bike shop around that you owe a favor to, Bike Nashbar offers some of the lowest prices you can find anywhere on bike accessories.

craigslist bikes single speed

While you are there, you need, at a bare minimum, a new helmet. Don't use a helmet that came with the bike, or any other used single speed bikes craigslist. They get internal damage from absorbing the energy in a crash, which may not be visible from single speed bikes craigslist outside it is basically a bundle of microscopic bubble wrap, and in an impact, the little air bubbles pop.

Therefor, a bike helmet is one-time use only. If it is used, there is single speed bikes craigslist way to be sure it hasn't been in a crash already. Even if it hasn't been in a crash, repeated drops, even just from 4ft up to the ground, can gradually wear away its impact protection, as can UV exposure from the sun and ozone exposure from traffic.

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Craigslist Rare Bike Find - 1973 Raleigh RRA (Raleigh Record Ace)

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News:Wheels. Pretty important I think you'll agree. Give them a good spin. Make sure that they are straight.

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