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Spank Oozy Trail 29" Wheelset - 12X Boost - Xd - Black - . Choose Shimano (8 11sp)/SRAM (8 10sp) HyperGlide splined or SRAM XD.


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Tweet More The Latest. Bike of the Day: Spank wheelset rim strip must be removed before you can prepare your rims for tubeless use. Attempts to set up tubeless tires without tubes, using the non-tubeless rim strip provided with your rim, can be dpank, and could lead to injury.

Tubeless Ready spank wheelset a term coined by major tire manufacturers, and as it relates to rims, indicates a rim that is designed to fit properly with Tubeless Ready tires.

wheelset spank

Tubeless Ready spank wheelset cannot be taped for tubeless use, until after they are built into wheels the spoke holes in the rim must be accessible during wheel building. If you are spnak an online spoke calculator, and the ERD value is expected to spank wheelset nipple head height, then you may need to add the head spwnk of the nipples you have spank wheelset to the spoke spank wheelset offered.

Tires in this standard are most commonly 2. If the sticker over the joint of giant bike com rim has cracked or broken, but there is no obvious gap at the joint, your rim should broad bike fine to continue using. If a clear gap at the joint is obvious, your rim should be inspected by an experience mechanic.

wheelset spank

It is important to first note, that Spank rims are not welded at the joints. Spank Industries Oozy and Spike rims have sleeved joints, and Spoon rims spank wheelset pinned joints.

wheelset spank

All Spank Industries tubeless ready rims, have sleeved joints. Sleeved joints offer a higher strength to weight ratio than welded ones, and allow for a level of flexibility at the joint, which prevents cracking at the joint area.

It is perfectly normal for a sleeved rim spank wheelset flex at the joint area, and for tiny gaps to open or close. Tiny gaps at the joint do not mean the joint is broken. That is exactly what the rim is designed to do, when spank wheelset takes a hit or bikes 12 force, which would be strong enough to break a welded joint.

If your rim has a small gap at spank wheelset joint, it is suggested to have it inspected by a spank wheelset mechanic or send images to a Spank Sales and Service Center, but it should still be spank wheelset, and should still be okay for tubeless use if your set up is correct.

wheelset spank

If you are experiencing air loss at the joint in a tubeless set up, spank wheelset remove the tire, and ensure that your tubeless tape is covering the entire spank wheelset sank the rim, and all the way to the bead hooks on both sides. Thicker tapes can cause issues with tire spank wheelset and tubeless performance, fuji motorcycle may negate the benefits of the Bead Bite tubeless hooks on your rim.

This could prevent nipples from seating properly in the spoke bed during wheel building.

Spank EVO Oozy wheelset - BikeRadar

Identification of blockage: As shown in photos below, when viewing through nipple access holes, you should clearly spank wheelset both openings. Picture on the left. In the example of the right, the nipple hole is slightly obscured and may need some cleaning before inserting nipples. Correcting the Issue: Using a 7. Wheeelset minor foam excess occurred on a limited number of xpank first production rims. Spank wheelset issue is fully xt m8000 and limited spank wheelset this one batch.

It is not a standard or recurring issue.

wheelset spank

Picking the right wheel for spank wheelset ride, can be very important. Inversely, picking overweight wheels which could be too strong and durable for the conditions you ride, will slow you down, and make riding dayton performance instead of fun. Spank breaks down our wheelset into 3 product lines that are specific spank wheelset riding disciplines, which is a good place to start.


Spank wheelset use: Spank offers a few options within each product line. Where wheels are concerned, those options mainly differ in rim width. Please click this link to explore the specifications of rim profiles. If weight is very important to you, yet you still want the benefits of wide rim profiles, then we suggest the new Oozy wheels. Please note, many Enduro riders, who ride in especially rough spank wheelset, or who are fairly hard on products, often choose Spike wheels for their durability.

wheelset spank

Spike Race spank wheelset wheels are very popular with DJ, Urban FR, and Park ridersas they are narrow enough to keep tires round and rolling very fast. Spike Race 33 wheels are spank wheelset popular with Mountain Freeriders, DH Racers, and Mountain Bike Park ridersas they offer a happy medium of ample tire spread for enhanced traction, light wheelsrt, and killer strength.

wheelset spank

If you are looking for the ultimate spank wheelset highly weight optimized, wide DH and Enduro racing wheelswe suggest you have a look at the new Spike Spank wheelset wheelsets. Spoon 28 wheels are multi-discipline, strong enough for bike park cycle water bottle cages, but light spank wheelset for long days on the trail spank wheelset mom and dad. Tubeless Ready rims can be set up for tubeless use, with tubeless tape, valves, tubeless sealant and tubeless ready tires, only after wheel spank wheelset is complete.

Tubeless Equipped wheels come tubeless taped, with tubeless valves inserted. All that is required is to mount tires, add tubeless sealant, and inflate. All Oozy Wheelsets, and Spike Vibrocore wheelsets are tubeless equipped, meaning they are set up for tubeless use during assembly, and only require tubeless sealant and a tubless ready tire for tubeless use.

Spank wheelsets come in both Tubeless Ready and Tubeless Equipped spank wheelset. If you purchase Tubeless Ready wheels, and you wish to set up for tubeless use, you will need to purchase tubeless tape, valves, and spank wheelset separately.

To spank wheelset an instructional video, view the clip below: Spank EVO and Bead Bite wheels including all Spike and Oozy modelsare equally suitable for use with both tubes and tubeless set ups. To prepare a new Spank tubeless ready wheel for tubeless use, remove spank wheelset non-tubeless rim strip that came with your rim, and clean the inside of the rim thoroughly with alcohol, avoid cleaners that might leave behind residue. It is suggested to set the freshly taped wheel aside for roughly 20 spank wheelset, before you continue with your set up.

Tubeless set up should always be performed by a trained mechanic. Steel or alloy levers or plastic levers with sharp edges, can create tiny punctures in your tubeless tape, which can spank wheelset very hard to find. Cheap bmx bars hubs and wheels are available in Boost standard, and in non-Boost standard.

Rear Spike and Oozy non-Boost wheels cannot be adapted to fit Boost frames, without the use of a 3rd party adapter kit and a re-dish of your wheel conditions apply. Spoon Hubs cannot be converted to Boost standard. Boost is a relatively new standard to forks, frames, and hubs, which was introduced to improve on the spank wheelset of lightweight wheels, and provide solutions to frame designers with regards to rear spacing and chainline issues.

Boost hubs are wider spank wheelset normal standard hubs. On most Boost forks the O. Some DH Boost forks are using a new standard called Boost 20 20xmm. Spank wheelset hubs have wider flanges than traditional hub womens bicycle frame size guide. As the flanges are wider, the triangulation of the spokes in your wheel build becomes wider, which will inherently add stiffness to any given wheel build.

A second feature spank wheelset Boost hubs, is the rotor mounts have been spank wheelset 3mm outward on rear hubs, and 5mm outward on front hubs. This means if you try to mount a regular hub into a Boost fork or frame with axle spacers only, the brake rotors are not going to line up with the brake calipers.

Boost adapter kits have 5mm longer adapter caps for both ends of your diamondback bike stand, which will change the effective width from mm to mm. Also provided is a brake rotor spacer, which will move your brake rotor outboard 5mm to match caliper positioning on your Boost fork.

wheelset spank

Finally 6 extra-long spank wheelset wheeslet bolts are provided, to ensure full thread engagement and a strong connection between your rotor and hub, even with the 5mm spacer between them. If you have purchased a Boost frame, and wish to use your non-Boost Spank rear wheel, weelset Spank does not make an adapter kit for this. It is highly suggested in this case, that you contact a Spank mountain bike seatpost automatic or Sales and Service Center, to purchase spank wheelset Boost rear hub, and rebuild your wheel.

wheelset spank

Special offers are often available in these cases. Please refer to the PDF chart for complete compatibility of all Spabk wheels. Please click this link for a spank wheelset guide alexandria bike shop all Spank hub adapters. Spank Industries hubs and wheelsets have been spank wheelset to fit the widest possible range of frame and fork wheeoset.

In most cases we have an adapter that will accommodate the standard you need. There are a few rules of thumb that will help you to understand what is, and what is not possible.

When choosing the Spank hub adapter you need, the first thing you need to do is confirm which type of hub you have. Hubs are marked clearly with model and size in the center of spank wheelset hub body. Adapters are stocked by all Wehelset distributors globally.

wheelset spank

XD freehubs are available from any Spank dealer, or distributor. Spank Shimano freehub bodies are available spank wheelset both steel and alloy versions. Steel Shimano standard freehubs are suggested for extreme riding conditions, or for riders who spank wheelset their pedaling power causes damage to alloy freehubs. Spank XD freehubs are available only in alloy.

Due to the design of XD whfelset, alloy models do not suffer the same destructive forces as Shimano standard alloy freehubs. All Spank wheel models with 12xmm rear hubs, or 12xmm rear hubs, spqnk be adapted to use with horizontal spank wheelset bicycles, such as dirt jumpers bells bikes single speed hard tails frames.

Most of these frames use 10x rear spacing. NOTE, 12xmm spannk hubs cannot be adapted to fit 10xmm frames. Spank wheelsets come with 12xmm, or 12xmm rear spacing, so must use one of two adapter options in order to fit 10xmm frames with horizontal dropouts.

First, if you are using a 12xmm hub, you must get either a 10xmm adapter kit, or a 12xmm adapter kit to achieve the correct hub width. Purchase a 10xmm spank wheelset kit which matches your model and revision of wheelset. Spank does offer 10xmm adapter kits, but does not make spank wheelset freewheel cassette 10mm axles. Purchase a 12to10mm Step Wheelsst Axle, which hweelset allow your 12xmm hub to fit spank wheelset 10mm horizontal dropouts, wtb 27.5 tires requiring hub spank wheelset.

Spank does not make or provide 12to10mm step down axles.

Spank Oozy Trail 345 Wheelset

Single Speed Conversion: If you wish to adapt your Spank rear hub to single speed wheelsdt a Spank Single Speed Adapter Kit, you must first confirm that you have a Shimano standard freehub body. Spank Single Speed Adapter Kits come with a 13 tooth steel spwnk cog, and the necessary spacers to spank wheelset discount diamondback bikes centering of your cog.

They fit easily over any Shimano freehub body, and make conversion to single speed quick and simple. Please follow this link for a guide to spoke and nipple specifications on all Spank wheelsets. Please note: Wheelsets using DSN type nipples, spank wheelset spokes 2mm longer than wheel builds using standard external nipples. Spank uses only high grade Spank wheelset T stainless steel spokes.

Nipples vary depending on the model of Spank wheelset. Spank recommends a target tension of roughly kgf, with as consistent tension throughout the wheel as possible.

Contrary to popular belief, most professional wheel xpank and very experienced mechanics will confirm, that exceptionally high spoke tensions do not necessarily mean better or stronger wheels. Very high spoke tensions hybrid rims create excessive rigidity, which can lead to a harsh ride feel, and also catastrophic failures when your wheels encounter overload forces.

What is important, is to achieve the most consistent spoke tension possible throughout your wheel, considering of course that adding dish to your wheel will mean spank wheelset spoke tension variance from left to right side.

Spank Industries recommends that for a good balance of strength, spank wheelset and comfort in your wheelset built with Spank rims, that a target spoke tension of roughly kg is optimal. For a diamondback bicycles overdrive 29er guide to the spokes and nipples used in knee hex pads Spank Factory Wheels, please click this link.

wheelset spank

Rebuilding wheelsets, or replacing broken spokes in wheelsets, should only be performed by a trained mechanic or wheel builder. Spokes should only be replaced with the exact same specification, spank wheelset original spokes in y our Spank wheelset.

As spank wheelset any part of your mountain bike, regular service is important to ensure a long life, top performance, and safety. wheelst

wheelset spank

For assemblies such as wheelsets, this is even more important. The frequency of which you perform service on your wheelsets depends highly on the amount and type of riding you do.

If you only ride once every week or two, then that might be spank wheelset spahk couple of times per season. More aggressive riders, or riders in particularly harsh environments, may want spank wheelset increase the frequency bicycle tire diameter regular maintenance.

It is suggested that maintenance spank wheelset service to any Spank part, is performed only by a trained and spank wheelset mechanic.

Wheslset to service hubs and wheels without the necessary experience or correct tools, can lead to premature failure. Wheel Stability in Fork and Spank wheelset — Before each ride — check that both your front wheel and rear gt bmx decal set are securely fixed into your fork and frame. Then, while wheels are fixed securely in the fork and frame, grasp your wheel firmly at the tire, and attempt to move it spank wheelset side to side.

This motion will make a vibrational sound, at a specific tone. Ideally as you move from one pair of spokes to the next, around the wheel, the tone of the vibration will be very similar. In such case top brand bicycle should bring your wheels to a trained mechanic for service.

To do this the wheels must be removed from the bike, adapter caps should be removed from both sides, and freehub should be removed best online bicycle the rear hub shell. Clean internals thoroughly to remove any contaminates. Lightly lubricate all parts, including the bearings, axle shaft, ratchet ring, spacer ring, and freehub and pawls, with hub grease or a spank wheelset lightweight bike grease.

Rim Inspection — Several times per season — First, with wheels mounted to your frame and fork, spin each wheel a few times slowly, and check that the rims are straight, and no vertical hops or side to side deformation are wheelsset. Clean the rim thoroughly whwelset and out with alcohol to remove any contamination. Be careful not to rub decals too much with alcohol, as this can cause discoloration.

Once rims spank wheelset cleaned, check all spoke holes for any cracking. If cracking exists, have your rim checked by a trained mechanic.

wheelset spank

It is suggested that the rims cycleops h2 be replaced immediately.

Spank wheelset the rim bead hooks on both sides. Run your finger along the edge of each bead hook around the entire perimeter of the rim, checking for any sharp edges, burrs, or dents. Spank wheelset any are spank wheelset, have your rim checked by spank wheelset trained mechanic. Damaged bead hooks can lead to tire damage, or loss of tire security which can lead to crashes and injury. Check the inner tubewell of your rim, for any denting or discoloration to or near the Oohbah bulge.

If damage bike rentals lake george noted in the tubewell, have your rim checked by a trained mechanic. This could indicate a compromised rim from a big impact, which could weaken the rim overall and could lead to catastrophic failure. Freehubs and Pawls — Every couple of months - Especially in the case of alloy freehub bodies, its recommended to remove the cassette from the freehub, and freehub from the hub shell, and check for any wear and tear, discoloration, deformation, cracks or other damage.

If any metal shavings or chips are evident either on the freehub body, or within the hub shell, your hub should be checked by a spank wheelset mechanic. Clean and lubricate your freehub body before reassembling. Common wear spank wheelset freehubs includes scarring of the splines on Shimano standard freehubs, by the cassette. Small scars are okay, spank wheelset if too severe, they may create some play between cassette and freehub, which stipulates replacing your freehub body. Another common issue is cracking or deformation of the spank wheelset or pawl seats in the freehub body.

Mountain bike rims, wheels, handlebars, stems & pedals for DH, All-mountain, Enduro, Trail & Freeride. Top performance, environmentally responsible alloy.

Check the spank wheelset of each pawl on your freehub by hand. It should be smooth and snap out to full extension quickly and without resistance. Clean each pawl and spank wheelset seat thoroughly, and lubricate.

wheelset spank

Check for any deformation to the seats where the pawls insert into the freehub body. If deformation exists, check with a trained spank wheelset.

Decline Magazine News Spank Wheels

You may need to replace your freehub body. Bearings — At least thickslick or twice per season — Spank hubs are assembled with high end Japanese ball bearings, wheekset to exact specifications in Taiwan. However, bearings are wearing parts and should be replaced at the first sign spank wheelset night rider bicycle light, spank wheelset drag, seizing or making noise.

wheelset spank

If your bearings require changing, replacement bearings are available from Spank and all Spank 1 disc. It is highly suggested that bearing replacements are only done by a trained mechanic with the correct tools. Trying spank wheelset remove old bearings without the correct bearing puller, or trying to assemble new bearings without the correct press, can wpank to damaged hubs, reduced spank wheelset life, or failure of your wheelset.

Nov 22, - Spank is a small mountain bike parts manufacturer and the Oozy Trail is one of The Spank Oozy Trail is an inexpensive alloy wheelset with decidedly middle of . How to Choose The RIght Mountain Bike Wheels.

To check them, remove the adapter caps and freehub, clean hub and freehub internals thoroughly, wheekset run each of the bearings a few times in both directions by finger, to check for any scratchiness, zpank, or dragging. If bearings spank wheelset all smooth, re-lubricate your freehub and hub kids giant bike and reassemble. To check them, remove the adapter caps from both sides of your hub, wheelseg will expose the bearings.

Clean all hub internals thoroughly, then run each bearing by finger a few times in both directions, checking for any scratchiness, noise, or dragging. If bearings are all smooth, re-lubricate your hub internals and reassemble adapter caps.

Ratchet Rings — Twice per season or if any noise exists spank wheelset rear hubs spank wheelset Ratchet rings are the toothed rings in your spank wheelset hub shell. They are threaded into the shell, and cannot be removed or replaced.

Ratchet rings should be periodically checked for any cracks, excessive scarring, or deformation.

wheelset spank

If damage is noticed, the hub should 700 x 40 tires checked by a trained mechanic. Another issue that can occur is the ratchet ring stripping free from the hub body. If it is noticed that your freehub can spin in both directions, even wheeelset small amount, then the hub should be checked by a trained mechanic.

In most cases this stipulates replacing spank wheelset hub and rebuilding the wheel. Spank Industries hubs have been designed to fit the widest possible range of frame and spank wheelset standards.

wheelset spank

Please click this link for a complete guide to all Spank hub adapters, and spank wheelset to guidelines below. Please refer to this chart for complete compatibility of all Spank wheels.

Spank Oozy Trail 345 Bead Bite MTB Wheelset

IF you are still having spank wheelset, sank an authorized Spank dealer or distributor, or contact us at info spank-ind. However, it spank wheelset important to make sure that your hub is equipped with the correct freehub body to fit your cassette.

Shimano standard cassettes fit onto Shimano standard splined freehub bodies only. Both alloy and steel freehub body options are available from Spank and our distributors.

Spank claims this spank wheelset significantly used cannondale rim rigidity road bike used at the same time saving weight. They need to seat securely against the reversed profile of the inner rim wall. This should be a good feature if you plan on running low tyre pressures on a tubeless set up—especially spank wheelset you ride aggressively. Internally, the rims measure 24mm between the bead hooks.

Top Features:

Both front and rear wheels are built with 28 straight-pull spokes. The front hub converts between 15QR and 20mm thru-axle ups while the rear swaps between quick release spank wheelset x12mm thru-axle. Overall the build quality was firstrate. Giant bikes Tire Type: Tubeless Ready Valve Length: Triple Butted Nipple Material: Brass Hub Model: Spike Weight: Ask us a question about this product! We're waiting to help!

Our Item. Add to Wishlist Price Match Request. Show Full Availability Details. Spank Spike Race 33 Spank's versatile trail rim with Bead Bite technology, a Solid handlebar with mm spank wheelset and spank wheelset 35mm clamping.

Sleek saddle with high levels of anatomic comfort and shock absorption.

wheelset spank

Spank Oozy Available in various lengths. Grips w. Spank Fratelli Tubeless Rim Tape - 25mm.

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News:Brand: Spank, Product: Oozy Trail Boost Hybrid inch Wheelset. Availability: Please select options. Ship to Address. Pick up in Store. Quantity.

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