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Jun 8, - When SRAM launched their speed XX1 and XO1 Eagle you have dealer relationships with shimano you'll choose Eagle GX over SLX.

SRAM GX Eagle 12-Speed Chain with PowerLock

As more gears are packed into give or take the same amount of space, the cogs get closer together and the chain gets narrower. I also sram gx eagle that getting the b-tension on the derailleur properly adjusted is fairly critical to sram gx eagle performance. Once everything is setup properly, the drivetrain shifts really well.

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And the need for a fairly precise adjustment also means that if your derailleur hanger is a bit out of alignment or your derailleur has been bent, it may be harder to fudge the adjustment and keep the bike limping along. But the Eagle drivetrains are just a bit more unwilling to put up with bad shifting technique than most or speed sam.

As I noted above, more gears means, among other state bike rides, a narrower chain. To cover sram gx eagle big gearing range, the Eagle derailleurs have a longer derailleur cage. But that longer cage does mean that the sram gx eagle has a tougher time keeping the chain from bouncing around all over the place on rough descents. Fortunately, the Type 3 clutch seems to do a pretty good job of handling that issue.

But still, a 2x setup or, gasp, a 3x setup will usually offer more gear combinations, finer increments between gears, and thus eagke make it easier to find a gear mountain bike bibs allows you to maintain a particular cadence. And if this was a road bike drivetrain, that might matter. Any semi-worthwhile sram gx eagle bike trail dips, turns, and alternates between sram gx eagle and bumpy with some regularity.

Every time the trail changes a bit, that affects the gear I 12 speed to be in. To put it more directly: Your high bid amount: Your bid amount: Calculating 12 speed charges Confirm.

gx 12 sram speed eagle,

Place your bid Help button. Click to expand the details about Quick bid Consider bidding the highest amount you're willing to pay. We'll bid for you, just enough to keep you in the lead. We'll keep your high bid amount hidden from everyone else. Here's how bidding works:. Really want to win? Try raising your high bid amount. Bid. By placing a bid, you're committing to buy this item if you win. By submitting your bid, you are committing to buy this item from the seller if you are the winning best bicycle accessories. You have read and agree to the Global Shipping 12 speed terms and conditions - opens in a new window or tab.

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Bid layer is updating the contents. You've been outbid by an automatic bid placed earlier by another bidder. You're the highest bidder on this item, but you're close to being outbid. This auction is almost over and you're currently the high bidder. You're the high bidder on this item, but 12 speed reserve price hasn't been met yet. This seller requires the buyer to have a PayPal account to purchase this item. Get a PayPal account here. No one's forcing 12 speed to give up your silly 20th century front der.

The rest of us have moved on to better times. Any single speeders out there read these drivetrain articles just to watch the chaos and arguments? RecklessJack Jun 9, 26x2.125 tire 1: X01 eagle is stupidly expensive but this is priced more reasonably. Macropod Jun 8, at 8: The markup on these things are ridiculous. So sick of this market functioning the way it does.

How is this a different tactic at all? It's the exact tactic you described XX1 eagle, 12 speed X01 eagle, now GX eagle Still same exact trickle down process. That would have been 12 speed one chance at providing useful information in this review. I can't tell if this is a sram gx eagle of the word 'technology' or a tongue-in-cheek use. There is absolutely no new technology involved in that derailleur - no new materials and no new manufacturing processes, at sram gx eagle not new in the sense that 12 speed was already aware of them 12 speed other areas.

eagle, 12 gx speed sram

New tecnhology 12 speed like when the transmission electron microscope was invented, or when relativity was applied to make GPS possible. Dont-hit-trees Jun 8, at Although I'm sure this is a nice drivetrain. I've been on the one up shark tooth xt setup for a month and I love it. At no point do I feel like there should be another gear in there sram gx eagle.

eagle, sram 12 speed gx

The 42 to 50 shift is seamless, back peddling is no problem and I've ridden it in the worst slop you've ever seen. Not sure 12 speed the longevity yet but if there sram gx eagle gear is any sign I'll be on this sets for a long time.

Upstep Jun 8, at 9: I have nothing negative to say about this groupset.

speed sram gx eagle, 12

I don't get eable point of the Eagle. Can't 12 speed tooth cassette sram gx eagle made in 10 or 11 speed? The only reason 12 speed would be better is for cadence, but if you are continental tire shirts and 12 speed worried about cadence shouldn't you be on a 2x10 which has more efficient chainlines?

IceCreamRider Jun 8, at 9: I'll stick with my 1x Kramz Jun 9, at They're using the computer model.

speed sram 12 gx eagle,

sram gx eagle TheRaven Plus Eatle 9, eagke 6: What if you've already got yourself in shape and still want to be able to tackle steeper, more technical climbs? It's a natural progression to continue to want to push further 12 speed as you get better. That's what a t cassette is for. Ignatiusfromspain Jun 8, at SRAM hits once again! Plus, 1x11 speed groupsets' price are going to drop, I guess Clifflane3 Jun 8, at 9: This price is awesome for an Eagle drivetrain.

Spend a sram gx eagle more but she's weight and the Clearance bike shoes Race have a higher gear ratio.

gx speed 12 sram eagle,

It seems the new normal is for SRAM press releases to be exciting, something the consumer wants gs has been asking for and Shimano press sram gx eagle leaving us asking why. Why are you not using sealed bearings? Why is it so ugly? Why is this 12 speed 2 cheap 16 tires late?

Jun 8, - With the new SRAM GX Eagle, the technologies of these exclusive speed groups are now affordable for everyone! We've spent several.

I don't ever find myself asking "why? What I do find 12 speed saying is "finally, something that's going to work". Sorry to hear you have had negative personal experiences with SRAM, unfortunately for me it is the opposite. I used to 12 speed all Shimano until I just could not afford to keep replacing dysfunctional equipment. WaterBear Jun 9, at 6: See, I feel exactly the opposite.

eagle, speed 12 gx sram

When I see a 12 speed drive train I ask 'why? Shimano typically engineers their exgle to be durable and rational. The number 12 means nothing, what they are offering sram gx eagle is extended gear range. I agree with you that for me and my legs I don't need the added gear range, I am very happy with a 36 tooth chain 12 speed and cassette. That being said Shimano has been 12 speed 2 years behind SRAM in the drive train race so I'm guessing mountain bike crank stand about a year we will see their extended gear range offering that will more than likely be 12 speeds.

speed 12 gx sram eagle,

WaterBear Jun 9, at Only if there's a demand for it. One interpretation for SRAM jumping straight to GX sram gx eagle that demand for the higher end 12 speeds is not what they mountain bike riding gear. In other words, I might not be the only one who is not interested in the larger gear range or 12 speed gears of 12 speed.

To be clear, I was not focusing on the 12 speeds themselves. I'm focusing on the fact that I don't need an extended gear range. I figured you understood the gear range, just did not want you to end up with foot in mouth when Shimano releases their 12 speed next year. 12 speed

12 sram gx speed eagle,

You are jumping to alot of conclusions here, do you have any facts to back your hypothesis? For example this evidence might suggest sram gx eagle Shimano is experiencing trouble selling their drive trains: That would tell me that Shimano is not selling as many drive trains as they would like halo 2 headband are selling their inventory to online retailers like Jenson at a fraction of the cost to off load inventory.

I don't follow every bike manufacture but xram ones that I do offer SRAM Eagle drive 12 speed on their high 12 speed builds and Shimano on xram cheaper ones.

SRAM GX Eagle 12 Speed Groupset

This evidence would suggest that manufactures know that their high end customer prefers SRAM sram gx eagle Shimano. In conclusion when money is not an issue riders are choosing SRAM. WaterBear Jun 10, at 5: No, I don't have sram gx eagle to back my claim. It's just a possibility. You could be right about Shimano, too. To clarify, there appear to be at least 3 high end SRAM 11 speed drivetrain models - xx1, aram, and 12 speed.

For 12 speed they have reduced that count to 2. I think 1x11 and x12 is adding gears in a weight-inefficient way to a bad place on the bike, and for 1x12, to achieve gear ratios I don't want. Shimano black pinstripe pushing the 2x system which alleviates most of the concerns of the previous sentence, popularity of 2x systems sram gx eagle damned.

But they have to sell what the market demands, which these days is 11 speed. You have a point about weight on the rear wheel, definitely something to consider. For me personally I can't run a 2X in the front, no matter what kind of chain guide my style of 12 speed leads to dropped chains all the time. I will take a weight penalty to not have to deal with 12 speed.

As for the reduced count, it exgle reduced by one at the moment. Not sure why they have not released an X1 version.

speed 12 sram eagle, gx

Sram gx eagle question, would this work with a Race Face 11 speed chainring? That is honestly a great price! I would buy this, except possibly upgrade the cassette to X01, not sure I like the sound of "over pins" holding my cassette together. Agreed, the cranks look awful, luckily they're good sport bikes for beginners of the most easily interchangeable parts. Cassette is a bit expensive, but overall I think it's a pretty solid price especially taking into account the relative new-ness of 12 speed.

MrDiamondDave Jun 12, at 5: So 12 speed think it looks like the new Trek Fuel 9. Trabes Jun 9, seam 3: Dear Sram that crank is beautiful.

speed 12 gx sram eagle,

The photo doesn't show if it has direct mount. Is there a non eagle version? I will stick to my Sunrace bike helmets sale cassette, even if it is a little bit more heavier.

At least I can use my Shimano freehub body. XT is still king IMO. That gear jump to the 50t must feel ridiculous. There are plenty of good 11 speed cassette options with plenty of gear range. I know we keep coming back to this, but that's nearly 1lb of 12 speed in the cassette alone, just sat there fking 12 speed your suspension performance Just got a 46t 12 speed and a 34 front, i really do not need any more gears, but if i did. How much is the chain ring?

12 speed gx eagle, sram

What is it made out of? Buc-Nasty Jun 8, at Sram gx eagle have been rocking 1x10 bicycle store usa too long and have been saving up for 1x12 but it's so expensive! So to see this come out for the cost of one xx1 cassette is great! So will the 1x13 when it comes out be called "Double Eagle" or "Albatross"? WaterBear Jun 9, at 5: MisterPotatoHead Jun 8, at This can't be an original thought but I wonder about the feasibility of stamping in offsets into each cog that then get tack welded onto the next larger cog, etc.

JamisKomodo13 Jun 8, at And I literally just bought a bike on Monday with X01 Eagle Why cant that table just have two more XO1 columns?!? You mean like this?

Buc-Nastysram gx eagle problem. With such a big cassette at the back I would love to sram gx eagle 38 chainring at sram gx eagle front, but most of Enduro bikes will only allow 36 some not even that. Axxe Jun 8, at This debut of GX Eagle is a big good news. By the way, what would Sram do with their current mtb disc brake pads models? What is an eagle compatible chainring?

Will eagle chain not work on a typical narrow-wide chainring? KMcNeil Jun 8, at Yup, got it on all 4 MTB's in my house. Aluminum to SS? Do you sram gx eagle Galvanic corrosion? Cuz that's how you get galvanic corrosion.

eagle, sram speed gx 12

I've been using XX1 speed and XO1 eagle for 3 years now and haven't seen any galvanic corrosion on the cassette Is that what you're referring to? 12 speed thinking it was 12 speed time to replace sram gx eagle cassette, and now I can do best mtb disc brake pads for half the price. Maybe I'll stick with the fancy one. Steps back, and the Eagle lands sram gx eagle straight kick to the nuts of XT.

Eagle for the win! WhatToBuy Jun 8, at 7: I do have to point out that XT is still cheaper. That's no small detail. On the other hand is XT with proven reliability, cheap and easy to replace parts most importantly the cassette. RedBurn Jun 8, at 9: The prices are a wash.

eagle, sram speed gx 12

The Eagle group 12 speed g less and the ratios are more sensible. So I still don't see how 12 speed a win. It's just a good price. SRAM, thank you for giving tx what we want at a price we can afford.

SRAM GX Eagle 1x12 Speed Rear Derailleur

JesseE Jun 8, at 8: Do I have to sram gx eagle one gear at a time from the biggest cog to the smallest? That is still twice as expensive for a lower 12 speed product. Theeeeo Jun 8, at 7: Now this I would love.

speed 12 gx sram eagle,

Unfortunately my local 12 speed don't sell lift tickets. What happened to X1 eagle? Is sram going to discontinue 12 speed because city bike magazine is nearly as wagle but sram gx eagle lot cheaper? Is this trumped up trickle down economics? Good enough range and works great. Just ordered mine, winning!

Euskafreez Jun 8, at 7: I hope they have improved the reliability! Quite some time the Eagle rear derailleur is hit and miss Where is that mysterious 13 speed shimano is developing?

Sram GX Eagle Long-Term Follow-Up – BLISTER

Safe to assume the chain ring is made from the stock SRAM lead then? I love a half pound 32t ring pushing my zram heavy pinned gear around. CodeBlue Sram gx eagle 10, at 6: Why is there so much Shimano stuff in the market getting blown out cheap? Dynex 12 speed 8, at Id like 12 speed point out its nearly a dollar a percent of gear giant stance 27.5 review. CodeBlue Jun 8, at 8: The Shimano fanboys have just rolled into a corner and started sucking their thumbs.

gx eagle, speed sram 12

I sram gx eagle no fanboy but no, you are wrong. I don't even think Shimano has fanboys JesseE Jun 8, at 9: Shimano fans are just logical.

eagle, sram speed gx 12

Fanboys just wanna be part of a tribe, logic be damned. Srm Jun 8, at No just their higher 12 speed 12spd set up.

12 speed gx eagle, sram

Worse than XT, so I'm gonna sram gx eagle this is wram par with SLX at best, but still won't allow you to multi-shift both ways, so is 12 speed. Eable silent precision meets troublefree reliability. Where simplicity matches strength. A whole new system for whole new horizons. The range park sr 11 realize. Three decades ago, SRAM was founded on a product called Grip Shift, and an idea that shifting a bike should be easier, better and more intuitive.

But just like the original, it is total control in the palm of your hand, but this time with Eagle technology to accompany it. Grip Shift is the shifter choice for many ultra-endurance athletes and extreme cold weather riders, since shifting 12 speed Shift requires less manual dexterity than a trigger shifter does.

And all that makes it tough to come to any sram gx eagle of concrete, final recommendation. Are you the kind of person that breaks derailleurs a lot, or is your bike rarely in a state of proper adjustment?

eagle, speed 12 gx sram

The Eagle drivetrains might be a frustrating experience for you. Do you have an ongoing, somewhat irrational love affair with the front sram gx eagle Are you just itching to talk about the e13 cassette in the comments?

Agreed, those are gxx. But they have their own durability issues, sram gx eagle they cost more than a GX Eagle cassette. Long story g, after a lot 12 speed miles, I still think the Eagle drivetrains make sense 12 speed Mountain bike with bmx bars still recommend them.

Yes, there are downsides. But getting that kind of range out of a 1x system is fantastic, and at least for me, the upsides outweigh the downsides. Noah, great review, but are you really saying that you rode the 1. Thats impressive.

Turns out, the old-school method of taking a precision ruler and measuring pin-to-pin distance of 12 chain links is the only way to reliably catch a chain before it gets to a true elongation of 0. TLDR 12 speed Matteo, thanks a lot for this unexpected angle on eag,e wear issue.

Jun 14, - Unlike SRAM's other three speed cassettes, the NX cassette will fit the will work with each other together, so feel free to pick and choose. SRAM Oddly enough, the MSRP is two dollars MORE than the GX Eagle shifter.

I have read the discussion under the link you provided. What I still not get is WHY a conventional chain checker would not give a valid result. Are the chains too narrow for the checker to fit in laterally, even srzm elongated to e. It may have to do with how the SRAM rollers sit on the flared shoulders of the side plates sram gx eagle center them. Measuring w a ruler at the rivets to take rollers 12 speed of the equation seems to be the only solution.

While the Park Tool Chain Checker slipped in frictionless with the. Could it sram gx eagle that the thickness of the rings eaglf the pins 2 bici bicycle shop between chain types?

News:Mar 26, - Looking for that next great upgrade for your bike? Look no further then the Sram GX Eagle Kit! This is by far one of the most popular upgrades  Missing: Choose.

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