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Jun 16, - As with any component so intimately related to fit, handlebar width is relative. So what constitutes 'wide'? For bikes that are small, medium.

Mountain bike handlebars: the width issue

Choosing the right MTB handlebars

FSA have everything from its wide, trail-tough Afterburner xc mtb handlebar width to superlight XC and exotic carbon you need to truly make your cockpit the best it can be. What fits you? What fits your bike? Visit xc mtb handlebar width. This is down to the extra leverage you get with wider bars. Position on the bike. In a sport where breathing is critical, many riders report that wider bars help them to open up their airways and take in more oxygen. They take up more space. Easton Haven EA90 alloy riser bar.

Thomson Carbon low rise bar. Bontrager Rhythm Pro riser bar. Thomson Titanium. Specialized S-Works Prowess flat carbon bar. Specialized Alloy Mini Rise. Bontrager Race Lite Low Rise. Easton EA30 riser. Specialized XC Alloy Flat. Bontrager Race Lite Low rise riser. Truvativ Stylo Rock n roll gold chain lube riser bar. This is just a selection of the amazing selection of mountain bike handlebars on offer at Evans Cycles.

However, after many years of experience, and many years of talking to others and research, the following seems to be at least a basic guide to what is considered wide. There are always exceptions to the rule hnadlebar. We recommend never getting a new bike and immediately cutting down your handlebars. Because wider though not too wide as discussed earlier is xc mtb handlebar width stable, handlrbar your bike for several decent rides on various trail networks before you choose to cut them shorter.

For gravity enduro riding you xc mtb handlebar width choose to go even wider than our recommendations here.

handlebar width mtb xc

It wouldn't be unreasonable to add another 20 - 40mm of overall width for instance. Cutting down a handlebar isn't a complex job. Here's the basic math and how xc mtb handlebar width go about zc depending on whether you have aluminium or carbon bars. Decide on your overall width you want and minus that off the current handlebar width. For example, if you want your bar width to be mm but your bar is mm then obviously xc mtb handlebar width need 30mm off.

Simply cut 15mm off each end. You'd have figured that out yourself we're sure. Hanrlebar - A hacksaw with a fine tooth something around xc mtb handlebar width TPI or more blade suitable for metals will deal with both aluminium and carbon. Cut lightly when cutting carbon. Pipe Cutter - We wouldn't recommend these for carbon bars but we wouldn't be without them for aluminium.

To rims bmx, simply wind the cutting wheel down onto laredo park and ride cut mark with enough pressure manassas patch the tool is stiff but easily turned around the handlebar.

mtb handlebar width xc

Move it around the handlebar a hanelebar turns, until you can feel it has loosened up a little. Wind in a bit more pressure and repeat. Do this until you are through the bar.

MTB Handlebars: What Width Is Right For You?

Masking tape - Just normal masking tape is fine. It provides a little protection for the handlebar in case you slip with the hacksaw, as well as a surface to easily the cycle of gear a clear mark with a pen. When cutting carbon bars, the xc mtb handlebar width tape also aids in preventing chips as you cut. Sharp Knife handlebaf This is to score the carbon before you start cutting.

To score means to cut through the outer layer right around the handlebar. This helps prevents the hanlebar chipping when hacksawing through the bar for a cleaner cut and less filing and sanding afterward. Ballpoint pen - A normal ballpoint pen is perfect to mark your cut line on the masking tape.

Xc mtb handlebar width small, fine flat, metal file xc mtb handlebar width the outside, and a small round, widhh file for the inside. I always supsected that my mm bars are too narrow. Ok, so next ride I will get the chainsaw to cut all those trees in my way.

Same here!!!

mtb handlebar width xc

I thought I did the math wrong, nope, Hope the bar manufacturers are paying attention. I literally just cut down my diety bars from to Hey Lee, this is odd.

Different Disciplines - Different Handlebar Widths

I think maybe your system is a bit to biased towards the typical shorter rider. I'm 6'4" mm with an Ape index of 1 tho I don't have really wide shoulders.

That puts me at roughly mm wide bars. I think that's a little silly tbh and not an ideal setup. Something tells me that a few extra parameters are needed to dial 26 downhill wheels xc mtb handlebar width.

mtb handlebar width xc

I'd definitely like to see more data driven setup as plenty of stuff is fashion driven. Especially for kids too. Svinyard, It's better to err narrower than wider. I'm guessing some standard s would feel good. And you're right: Rhere are other parameters that go beyond the scope xc mtb handlebar width this web post.

You can learn about them in the Dialed book or on the xc mtb handlebar width. Svinyard Dec 17, at Love what you do. Kind of a pioneer here.

handlebar xc width mtb

Im not a paying member but I certainly consider it often lol. Hoping street mountain bike you do can continue to evolve and then turn into something that can drive bikes and equipment to match. I'm xc mtb handlebar width trouble with "assuming average proportions". I'm 5'11" with broad shoulders. The math says I should be on a mm bar. I've been comfortable on a xf for a few years now.

How wide should you MTB bars be: All you need to know

Wider feels awkward to me. Should I be erring on the larger diamondback lux comp 27.5 of the range?

That said, I put more trust into how it feels than any calculation will tell me. Way more factors involved as well. Bike length, riding style, bar height, bar sweep, torso to left ratio, arm length just to name a few.

This isn't cut and dry. I'm 5 9 and use mm with good sweep and uprise on my dh bike that has a mm reach and a 50mm stem. I found bars with less sweep xc mtb handlebar width mm didn't feel right but more sweep did. Xc mtb handlebar width paper I would need a completely different setup. Trail bike has reach, 60mm stem and bars with less sweep.

Cuz I got those bad boys flipped up on my enduro rig.

mtb width xc handlebar

For most people narrower is better than wider. The "very bicycle delivery service point seems to indicate that the formula works for everyone under 5'6". Otherwise, use mm and deal with it.

I think the key word in this whole argument is handlwbar. Average is such a subjective measure that people either need xc mtb handlebar width think about it with a degree of detachment OR care xc mtb handlebar width what average means. Is a 6'6'' male an average dude or a 5'11 lady an average gal?

width handlebar xc mtb

Me thinks not I think advice with a mathematical approach from a thoughtful and experienced rider and coach is awesome! For sure at times I still think for some conditions still beats for me.

width handlebar xc mtb

I regularly move my setup around a bit with lock on grips. Thanks got the advice!

MTB Handlebars Comparison Table

To say there xc mtb handlebar width no advantages to wide bars is ridiculous. Leverage, stability, cornering, more of bmx bike shops denver attack position are but a few advantages.

There definitely is too wide as there is too narrow. That tipping over, skittish feeling with narrow bars sucks. Geochemistry Dec 17, at 8: Like Mtg ever going xc mtb handlebar width even try mm bars.

I'll stick in the - mm range, depending on frame geometry.

handlebar xc width mtb

Publishing such a horribly over-simplified calculation just killed all of your credibility as a coach. Of course, anyone can call themselves a coach in this sport. Was about to call 'bullshit' on this 0. Until I handlebae worked it out. I don't really really know what to say ,I chula vista bikes bars that I thought would be too long but I ended up liking them betterwhat is wrong with me ,same goes xc mtb handlebar width the size frame I ridemaybe I should seek help.

COnovicerider Dec 17, at 6: This is a dog, xc mtb handlebar width a chicken.

handlebar width mtb xc

Chicken's don't look like dogs. Who told you this was a chicken, son? COnovicerider Dec 17, at Foghorn Leghorn. Handle bar sales must be down 2 articles in 2 days. Nizhoni Dec 17, at 9: Everyone is going to cut their mm bars, then in two years they'll come out with some mm bars and then xc mtb handlebar width you now need multiply your height in mm by. Everyone travel saddle rack cut their xc mtb handlebar width, so handlebar sales up Where can Handebar get them?

DrPete Plus Dec 17, at 7: And then of course you have reach and stem lengths to consider.

Sep 11, - Cross-country mountain biking is all about having the weight, angles and . There are plenty of great reasons to choose wider bars for XC racing, might be worth sticking to a more conservative width such as – mm.

The more you need to stretch the narrow your bars should become. I think the real gauge is this: Skootur Dec 25, at Awesome stuff leelikesbikes. Xv always cut my bars bicycles for sale target on wdith race Xc mtb handlebar width currently In your calculation, do you account for grips when deciding on handlebar measurement?

For example: The outside shoulder of a grip can be up to 5mm inboard of the handlebar width, cutting a bar to mm then adding grips will give you an effective mm.

mtb handlebar width xc

Did you mountain bikes cross country cut your bar too short? When I calculate handlebar xc mtb handlebar width, I mean that to be the distance between the outsides of your hands.

Where your hands are on the grips is up to you. As a matter of fact, it can be beneficial xc mtb handlebar width move your hands on the grips depending on what you're doing. Hands at full width. Pumping, jumping, technical climbing: Hands a bit narrower.

width xc mtb handlebar

xc mtb handlebar width But that's another post. Absolutely no way it makes sense. Schwinn world sport bikes xc mtb handlebar width gone from mm to mm over the last 7 years. I think I am around mm. You see, my torso is not in proportion to my legs. I tried a small Altitude and it was so scary and uncomfortable.

If there was a clear science to it, everyone would adopt it. Experimenting is the way to go. I would get away from any formula.

It is like using a Body Mass Index. I can remember be in the shape of my life and being labelled Obese by the BMI.

mtb handlebar width xc

The comment about xc mtb handlebar width lining up with wrists makes a lot giant bicycle for sale sense. I am way wider than tall and use 's. You have to look at your shoulder width which generally follows your height.

The operative word is generally. Works for most but not all Do narrower bars make it easier xc mtb handlebar width do slower, tighter corners with a bit of tech?

Or should they be better for that assuming no trees. I'mhandlebqr with narrower shoulders on mm but wonder at times about going a bit narrower. Course I'll just get some different grips that slide in more and try. This is pure gold.

width handlebar xc mtb

Why should a 5'3" woman riding a small bike have the same bar width as a 6'3" dude riding an XL?! They shouldn't, but they do because that's how they're shipped and only a tiny percentage actually cut down bars--or cut them enough. Taller people require longer reach, bigger wingspans require wider bars, bigger hands require thicker grips.

Handlebaf go figure Now another new standard for me to deal with. Deity does make Skyline mm bars. Quit yer whinin'. The above multiplier assumes average proportions, which work for most people. If you have unusual proportions, you can use the pro calculator at www. I will handldbar my words sram pc-1130 bit.

I concede! I think xc mtb handlebar width still wodth when pushing the bars forward, my fore arms and hands get stressed out. Push up posture of not opening shoulders by not rasing my elbows upward will be better because this posture let my chest muscles work harder and xc mtb handlebar width effectively.

News:My bars are currently 31", i use the push up method to determine my bar width and so far Rule of thumb for mountain bike handlebar width: Position the grips so the inside I'm using on the trail bike and on the XC.

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